6 Best Barrington Foosball Tables — Quality That Lasts for Long!

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There are multiple brands of foosball tables out there, so it’s hard to choose a good one. Luckily, Barrington is one of the top brands when it comes to home entertainment, with a wide range of foosball tables to pick from. Of course, they are not identical, so you still need to figure out which is the right one for you. We’ve made this process easier by researching the best Barrington foosball table options on the market.

To help you select your new Barrington model, we’ve chosen 6 options, focusing on a few key features for this process. There are a few different sizes on the list, so you can get the right one for the space you have available. We even added a coffee table model for those who want a more functional, versatile piece. All of the tables in our reviews are of high quality, with sturdy materials and excellent construction that should last for years. If you’re in the market for the best Barrington foosball table, check out our reviews and buying guide below.

Top 6 Barrington Foosball Tables Review 2024


Barrington TahomaEditor's Choice

  • Dimensions: 58 x 30 x 35 inches
  • Playfield dimensions: 46.8 x 26.8 inches
  • Weight: 149
  • Players: 13 green, 13 blue
  • Rods: 5/8″ chrome plated with octagonal solid wood handles

More features: quadrant legs with bronze finish; side ball return

If you’re in the market for a quality Barrington foosball table, the Tahoma is a great option. Not only does it look fantastic, but it is also made using quality materials, so it is durable enough to last for years, even when you’re using it every day.

This table is made hardwood, with reinforced aprons and a wood grain PVC laminate on the body. The legs have a sturdy quadrant construction, which adds stability. Bronze finish and trim are located on all the edges to add strength and protection. The leg levelers ensure an even playing surface.

The playing area is well-made, with ramped edges to keep the ball rolling. The weighted players are hand-painted, with chrome-plated rods and octagonal wooden handgrips. A bead scoring rack gives the table a more traditional look. Side ball returns make it easy to retrieve the 2 included soccer balls.

Why is it special? With high-quality materials and exceptional detailing, there is very little we didn’t like about the table. The handcrafted, weighted players make each game more fast-paced and challenging. The curved apron corners add a furniture look for a better fit with your other pieces. The leg levelers mean no slanting, and the traditional beads and side ball return add to the aesthetic appeal.

What are the flaws? The only downside to this gorgeous foosball table is the assembly time. There are a lot of pieces included, so it may take several hours to put it together. Using electric tools instead of manual ones can speed this process up, but you should still expect a few hours of work.

  • Dimensions: 54 x 30 x 34 inches
  • Weight: 117 lbs.
  • Players: 13 black, 13 grey
  • Rods: chrome-plated steel with ergonomic handles

More features: reinforced 1-inch thick side apron with 5-inch oversized legs

The Barrington 54-inch arcade foosball soccer table is relatively cheap when it comes to games like this. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t a quality table, though. This model is built well, with a sleek, modern look that fits into any game room, entertaining the entire family.

This piece includes reinforced aprons, sturdy square legs, and oversized 5-inch legs with levelers. The premium steel rods are chrome-plated, with robot-style players that are colored gray and black. These colors are repeated on the rest of the table for a uniform look.

The playing field is bright blue, so you can see the included soccer balls clearly, even during high-speed games. Ramps on the sides of the field keep the ball moving, so you don’t need to struggle to get it back in the game. On the ends of the play area are traditional bead scorers and built-in ball returns.

What are its best features? The Barrington Arcade Foosball Soccer Table is built well, with sturdy parts and solid construction. It looks great in your game room, living room, or anywhere else you have space for it. The blue playing field adds a touch of color in the otherwise gray and black table. The best part is the price, which fits into any budget.

What could be improved? Though the instructions are clear and relatively easy to follow, there are a lot of pieces to put together. The entire process takes several hours, even for those who are used to assembling their purchased products.


Barrington AllendalePremium Choice

  • Dimensions: 56 x 29 x 34 inches
  • Weight: 126.5 lbs.
  • Players: 13 black, 13 grey
  • Rods: solid steel with varnished ergonomic handles

More features: oak wood veneer top rails and aprons; A-style metal leg design

This Barrington 56-inch foosball soccer table has several classic design features that work well with the modern upgrades included with this piece, so it will fit nicely wherever you place it. The components are all high quality as well, so it won’t fall apart on you like some cheaper pieces.

The legs have an A-style design and are made of metal, with hidden levelers that allow you to adjust the table and preventing it from wobbling on uneven surfaces, without ruining the table’s sleek look. The oak wood veneer on the top rails and the aprons add durability to the playing area, with a stylish appeal that catches the eye.

The playing surface has a slick finish, so your ball doesn’t drag as you’re trying to score on your opponent. The rods are steel and easy to spin for those powerful shots, with grey or black robot-style players that are sturdy and tough. Traditional bead scorers and bronze fixtures add some style to this piece.

Why are we impressed? The Barrington Allendale model is built well, with quality pieces and stylish enhancements that give it a vintage look with some modern appeal. Features like the finished playing surface and hidden levelers make this a table worth trying out.

What negatives must you be aware of? The instructions included with this foosball table are a bit confusing for some people. They include mostly pictures, with minimal text, and they aren’t always clear, so it can be tricky to figure out the proper assembly procedure.

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Barrington Foosball Coffee Game Wood 42" TableBest Foosball Coffee Table

  • Dimensions: 42 x 28 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 101.9 lbs.
  • Players: 8 yellow, 8 red
  • Rods: chrome-plated, with wooden handles

More features: tempered glass tabletop

If you’re interested in a foosball table but don’t have room for a full-sized one, the Barrington foosball coffee table may be a good option. This table is compact, so you can place it in a small game room, your living room, or anywhere else you can fit it.

The foosball table is 42 inches across, with 3 chrome-plated steel rods on each side. The rods include hand-painted players in red and yellow and traditional wood hand grips. There are solid wood scoring beads on the ends and some soccer balls included to get you started.

As well as a foosball table, this is also a coffee table. The top is 3/8-inch heat-treated tempered glass, which is durable and thick, and the table legs are sturdy and strong. Underneath the playing area is a bottom shelf for some additional storage space.

What are our favorite features? This table is a great combination of furniture and game, with well-constructed pieces and some extra storage space for multi-purpose use. It is easy to assemble in very little time, plus it has a decent price, especially when you consider how versatile this model is.

What could be better? The only issue with this gorgeous foosball coffee table is that you can’t always see the ball if it is close to your side of the table. The wood around the glass prevents you from seeing the edge of the playing area, so you need to lean forward to find the ball again.

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Barrington RichmondBest Classic Foosball Table

  • Dimensions: 58 x 30 x 35 inches
  • Weight: 100.3 lbs.
  • Players: 13 black, 13 red
  • Rods: solid steel with varnished ergonomic handles

More features: robot-style players; 2 soccer balls included

The Barrington Richmond foosball table has a classic look with some modern upgrades that make it a great addition to any game room. The construction of the pieces is of high quality, ensuring that this table will give you years of enjoyment.

This foosball table includes reinforced aprons and top rails around the playing field to increase the durability in this area. On the legs are oversized 5-inch levelers, so you can adjust these as needed to keep the table surface level and the games fair.

The playing surface has a slick finish, keeping the ball moving quickly for a more intense and challenging game. There are also steel rods that spin easily and solid, ergonomic handles that are comfortable to grip, even when playing multiple games in a row. The robot-style players add a modern touch.

Why are we impressed? The classic look of this game combined with modern touches, like the steel rods and robot-style players, make this one of the best-looking foosball tables available. Of course, these details wouldn’t be so wonderful on a poorly constructed table. Luckily, this table is built well, using quality components that can handle regular gameplay, even if you’re a bit rough with it at times.

What negatives must you be aware of? There are a lot of parts to put together when you buy this table. The instructions are easy to follow, but you will need to put aside a few hours to get it fully assembled.


Barrington WebsterBest Wood Foosball Table

  • Dimensions: 56 x 29 x 34 inches
  • Weight: 162 lbs.
  • Players: 13 black, 13 red
  • Rods: chrome-plated steel with solid wood hand grips

More features: aged finish aprons; cedarwood veneer

If you’re interested in a Barrington 56-inch furniture foosball table, the Webster is a great model to check out. This model is made of durable materials, like the furniture-quality cedar wood veneer on the body and legs and the reinforced aprons. The wood also has an aged finish for a vintage look.

The rods are chrome-plated steel, with ball bearings inside to give you the smooth glide needed for defending your goal and taking shots on your opponent and wooden handgrips that can handle aggressive gameplay. The boxed legs add stability, with leg levelers to ensure a sturdy, even playing field.

Speaking of the playing field, this area is smooth, with ramped sides to keep the ball moving. The goal has a metal frame to prevent dings and scuffs when trying to score. The balanced robot-styled players are colored black and red, plus are easy to assemble with no tools needed.

Why is it special? This Barrington foosball table is made of high-quality materials that add stability and durability to this model, plus they look fantastic. The easy-assemble players, built-in drawer-style ball return, and vintage scoring beads add a touch of class to your games.

What are the flaws? The Barrington Webster foosball table is a bit more expensive than some other models by this brand, plus it is quite heavy at about 162 pounds, so you’ll likely need help when assembling it and moving it into position.

Things to Consider

Barrington is a well-known name in the home entertainment field. They have billiard tables, shuffleboard tables, dart boards, and of course, foosball tables. There are several models to choose from, including traditional or modern designs, as well as some furniture pieces. If you’re unsure which one is right for you, keep reading for all the features these pieces have to offer.

Features to consider when choosing a Barrington foosball table

Though the basics of Barrington foosball tables seem the same, there are a few specific features you may want to consider to be sure you’re getting the perfect table for your home.

Dimensions and weight

6 Best Barrington Foosball Tables — Quality That Lasts for Long!

The dimensions of the Barrington foosball table that you choose are one of the most important features since these determine how much space the table will take up. The bigger it is, the more room you need, especially when you consider that the players need room to stand on the sides to play. If you have lots of room to spare, any table will work well for you. Smaller spaces need smaller tables, so if you have limited space, a versatile model like the Barrington Foosball Coffee Game Table is a great option.

You may also want to check out the weight of the foosball table. Heavy tables won’t shift during gameplay, but they are also difficult to move, especially during the assembly process. If you’re considering a heavy model, be sure to have an extra person or two on hand to put it together and get it positioned where you want it.

Goalie configuration

The goalie configuration is another thing to consider. The old style was one goalie in the middle of the end rod, which would need to block the opponent’s shots. The issue with this configuration is that this middle player couldn’t reach the ball if it was on the sides of the playing field.

A new configuration with three players spread out over the goalie rod fixed this issue, making it easier to goaltend and take shots from this end whenever needed. All of the models in our reviews have this configuration for added convenience.


There are 2 types of player options to choose from. One is the robot-style players, like the ones on the Barrington Allendale model. There are also the players that look like actual soccer-playing people, like those on the Barrington Foosball Coffee Game Table. Both are great options, with equal abilities when it comes to blocking and shooting the ball. The only difference is the way they look. If you have a preference, you can buy the table that offers the players you like.

Rods and handles

The rods and handles take a lot of abuse, so they need to be durable enough to handle some aggressive gameplay. The handles need to be strong, so they don’t bend or break during use. Steel with chrome plating, like the rods on the Barrington Tahoma, is a great choice for durability and smooth gliding. Wood handles are the traditional choice, plus are durable, resisting wear, but if you want something softer, you can choose plastic or rubber instead.

Playing surface

When it comes to foosball, the playing surface is one of the most important features. It should be smooth and slick, to keep the ball rolling well. Ramps on the sides keep the ball from getting trapped against the side or in a corner. The color varies in this area as well, from the classic green of the Barrington Richmond to a bright blue on the Barrington Arcade Foosball Soccer Table. You can also go for a brown surface to match the wood of the table if you like, giving you a wide variety of surface options. You can pick the vintage options or a stylish modern one to suit your tastes or match the other items in your game room.

Legs and leg levelers

Though you may not pay much attention to them, the legs on a Barrington foosball table are one of the most important parts. As you work the rods to play your game, you move the table, which also moves the legs. If they are not made of strong materials and well built, they will come loose from the table or crack under the pressure. Eventually, they could even collapse, destroying your foosball table. Luckily, all of the models in our reviews have sturdy legs that are built to last through years of gameplay.

Leg levelers are a must on these tables. Not every floor or carpet is completely level, and trying to play on an uneven surface can have the ball rolling funny or the table wobbling as you play. Leg levelers allow you to adjust the table to ensure that it is perfectly level for fair games and no excessive table movement.


The warranty for any product you buy is an extremely important feature to look into. There is a very good reason for this. Though you expect the products you buy to arrive in perfect condition, this isn’t always the case. Some items you receive could contain faulty parts that don’t work properly or they could be damaged long before they reach your doorstep.

A good warranty will cover you for these occurrences, so you don’t have to pay extra for repairs, replacement parts, or a whole new foosball table. All of the Barrington tables in our reviews have a 90-day limited warranty, which gives you a few months to test out the foosball table. This way, you can make sure there are no missing or broken parts before the warranty is up.


None of the Barrington foosball tables in our reviews come fully assembled. Most of them have multiple pieces that need to be put together, which can take several hours. The Barrington Foosball Coffee Game Table is the easiest one for this process since it doesn’t have as many parts to assemble, so it takes the least amount of time, but it still will take an hour or so to put it together.

Though replacement Barrington soccer balls may be hard to find on their own, there are a variety of other soccer balls available to purchase. You do need to make sure you’re getting the right size to fit the serving hole, goal, and ball return. You can also choose traditional soccer balls or colored ones, so you can get whichever ones suit your preferences.

The best way to clean the inside and playing area of the foosball table is by using rubbing alcohol and a clean, soft cloth. Use a small amount of the alcohol and wipe down the surface of the table, using extra coats on stubborn stains. For the rods, use foosball silicone and a cloth. Be sure to remove the rods before you wipe them down to prevent spillage on the table’s surface. Wipe off any excess before replacing them in the table.

Wrapping It Up

Barrington foosball tables are high-quality pieces that fit well into any game room. If you’re considering one of these models but aren’t sure which to choose, we do have a few that we’d recommend.

Our top choice is the Barrington Tahoma. This hardwood table includes reinforced aprons, PVC laminate, quadrant legs with levelers, and brass finishings. The chrome-plated steel rods have solid wood handles and hand-painted weighted players.

The Barrington Arcade Foosball Soccer Table is a 54-inch table with solid construction and a decent price. It features reinforced side aprons, oversized legs, chrome-plated steel rods, ergonomic handles, and robot-style players. The blue playing field adds a modern touch, while the bead scorers maintain the traditional look.

The Barrington Allendale is a vintage model, with A-style metal legs and oak wood veneer rails and aprons. The playing field has a slick finish, with side ramps, and robot-style players. Other features include the hidden levelers, bronze finishes, and durable rods with varnished handles.

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