5 Perfect Poker Chips for Pro-League Gambling Nights at Home

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Poker night is more fun when you have a superb set of poker chips facilitating the game. But how do you pick the ideal poker set when there is such a huge variety of them? That’s what we’re here for. We’re determined to make your game nights memorable, and will help you choose the best poker chips, whether you want a set for 5 players or one for 20 players.

We’ve reviewed 28 products, and in the process, analyzed the pros, cons, and the not-so-obvious value and flaws in each product. It’s through this process that we’ve identified our Editor’s Choice, Versa Games JPC Crown Casino, as the must-buy poker set for home use. Its careful design, sturdy ceramic construction, and balanced denomination combination are some of the features that make it a splendid choice. Discover more about it and see how other sets compare in our Product Descriptions section.

To come up with our results, we looked at important features like the weight of the chips, material, design, and quantity, which differ greatly among poker sets. In the Buying Guide, we’ll tell you why these features matter and what to consider when evaluating them. We’ve included plenty of details and information, but not to worry because we’ve presented it all in easy-to-read segments that include a comparison table, in-detail reviews of each product, a buying guide, and FAQs. By the end of it all, you’ll be able to choose the most suitable poker chips for your lifestyle.

Top 5 Poker Chips Review 2022


Versa Games JPC Crown CasinoEditor’s Choice

  • Weight: 13.5 grams per chip
  • Material: clay
  • Quantity: 500
  • Combination: 100 white, 100 red, 100 green, 50 blue, 50 black, 50 purple, 50 yellow

More features: denominations printed, aluminum carrying case included, 2 card decks and dice included

If you like the thought of playing what feels like a professional casino game with friends and family, this is the best clay poker chips set you can invest in. The Versa Games JPC Crown Casino is a 500-piece set with the following color and quantity combination, 100s: white ($1), red ($5), and green ($25); and 50s: blue ($50), black ($100), purple ($500), and yellow ($1000). The chips are well-designed and come in the standard professional poker chip size, with each weighing 13.2g. You can tell they’re solid because they feel heavy in your hand, the edges are uniformly smooth, and they stack well. They are made from composite clay and are safe to use. Lots of folks are concerned about the presence of lead in poker chips, but with this set, such fears don’t apply. They also come with the denominations clearly printed.

These chips are obviously designed to last. While the center containing the denominations label is decal, it is held in place using a strong adhesive and is recessed deep into the chip; it doesn’t look like it will be peeling off at all.

You get a few extras when you buy this set, namely 2 decks of playing cards, 5 red dice, a dealer button, and an aluminum carrying case which you should probably replace because it’s cheap and won’t hold the weight of the chips very long.

What makes it stand out?

  • Standard size
  • Made from clay composite
  • Denominations embossed
  • Good quantity of denominations
  • Comes with dealer button, 5 dice, and playing cards
  • Carry case

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Cheap carrying case

DA VINCI Set Casino Del SolBest for Home

  • Weight: 11.5 gram per chip
  • Material: plastic
  • Quantity: 750
  • Combination: 150 blue, 200 red, 150 green, 100 black, 50 gray, 50 orange, 50 yellow

More features: aluminum case and 2 card decks included, dollar denominations printed

The DA VINCI Set Casino Del Sol poker set comes with 750 chips, which is considerably more than you get in rival sets within the same price range. The extra chips make these the best poker chips for home games, as you can have more players than the average 5-8 that a set with fewer chips allows. You get 150 blue chips ($1), 200 red chips ($5), 150 green chips ($25), 100 black chips ($100), 50 gray chips ($500), 50 yellow chips ($1000), and 50 orange chips ($5000).

The chips are made from clay composite, with each weighing 11.5g and measuring 39mm in diameter, which are the dimensions you get in casino quality chips. They may be lighter than is desirable for most people, but the chips feel thick and solid in your hands, and they stack well. So they earn some points for their good quality.

The denomination labels are printed on vinyl laminated stickers, which are then etched into the chips to keep them from peeling off.

It comes with 3 dealer buttons (Big Blind, Small Blind, and Dealer), 2 decks of playing cards, and 2 cut cards, and an aluminum carrying case. Now, the case isn’t strong enough for the weight of these chips, so plan to replace it with a better quality case if you intend to transport the chips a lot.

Why are we impressed?

  • Heavy
  • Made from clay composite
  • Large quantity of chips
  • Includes 3 dealer buttons, 2 playing card decks, 2 cut cards
  • Carry case

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Set does not include dice

Brybelly Ultimate Poker SetBest Value

  • Weight: 14 gram per chip
  • Material: composite clay
  • Quantity: 500
  • Combination: 150 white, 100 red, 100 green, 100 black, 25 purple, 25 yellow

More features: aluminum case included, 2 card decks

The Brybelly Ultimate Poker Set is among the more popular cheap poker chips. It comes with 500 poker chips thus combined: 150 white, 100 red, 100 green, 100 black, 25 purple, and 25 yellow. All chips are made from clay composite and weigh 14g each. They are solidly built and feel heavy, which shows that the manufacturer put in the effort needed to make these some of the best ceramic poker chips at their price point.

The denominations are well distributed, and the standard breakout amount makes these chips appropriate for any poker game. Denominations are printed on stickers. The textured inlay is highly legible and makes it easy to identify the value on the chips. It also makes the chips stackable. However, the adhesive does not hold well, and the stickers come off a lot. Prepare to reglue all the stickers if you’re to give your players an enjoyable experience where they don’t have to keep asking what denomination each color represents.

The set comes with 2 decks of playing cards and a dealer button, allowing you to play a wide range of casino games. Also included is an aluminum carrying case. The case is large enough and holds all the chips well, and the thickly padded foam interior protects the chips from chipping around the edges.

Why is it special?

  • Clay composite chips
  • Solid and heavy
  • Excellent denomination distribution
  • Includes 2 cards decks and a dealer button
  • Carry case

What are the flaws?

  • Stickers come off easily
  • Chips slightly rough around the edges

Claysmith Gaming The Mint Poker Chip SetBest for Large Gatherings

  • Weight: 13.5 gram per chip
  • Material: composite clay
  • Quantity: 1,000
  • Combination: 300 white, 200 red, 200 green, 200 black, 50 purple, 50 yellow

More features: acrylic carrier included, printed denominations, triangular edge spots with markings

If you’re looking to impress your friends with your good taste in poker kits, get the Claysmith Gaming The Mint Poker Chip Set. This is arguably one of the best quality poker chips on offer today. The chips, made from clay composite, feel like real casino chips and stack very well. They weigh a hefty 13.5g each, feel very solid in your hand, and are easy to shuffle. And with a total of 1000 chips, this is a tournament-level set that allows up to 20 players or more to play comfortably.

The denominations breakout is carefully considered, with a high number of lower denomination chips making it possible to lineup up to 30 players if you like, a great option to have when you’re hosting large parties. You get 300 white chips, 200 red poker chips, 200 green chips, 200 black chips, 50 purple chips, and 50 orange chips. All colors are noticeably vibrant, so it’s to distinguish the chips by value.

Denominations are printed on an inlay sticker which is then etched on a custom Claysmith gear-wheel mold. Each chip is designed with 4 triangular edge spots surrounded by stick and edge markings. It’s a design that is at once catchy and unique.

It comes with a high quality acrylic carrying case. And while the case is of considerably good quality, it is not snug enough, and the chip racks move around as a result, creating a mess.

What are its best features?

  • Solid, clay composite chips
  • Large number of chips
  • Vibrant colors
  • Acrylic carry case

What could be improved?

  • Chip racks move around
  • Expensive

Mrc Poker Ultimate Laser Poker Chips SetBest Customizable Set

  • Weight: 13.5 gram per chip
  • Material: composite clay
  • Quantity: 1,000
  • Combination: 300 white, 200 red, 200 green, 100 blue, 100 black, 50 purple, 50 yellow

More features: acrylic case, dealer button and 2 card decks included, printed denominations

The Mrc Poker Ultimate Laser Poker Chips Set comes with 1000 chips in a combination of 300 whites, 200 red chips, 200 green chips, 100 blue chips, 100 black chips, 50 purple chips, and 50 yellow chips. This combination makes it possible to have up to 10 or more players if you like. Even better, the manufacturer allows you to change the chip quantities if you prefer. To do so, contact the company with your preferred denomination quantities when you make your order, and they will customize it for you at no extra cost. Choose from 10 denominations that include $10, $5000, and $10000. This is in addition to the 7 standard poker chip denominations.

The chips are made from clay composite, and each weighs 13.5g. They feel solid, are nothing like plastic poker chips, and stack quite well. Denominations are printed on a sticker, which is recessed into the chip to ensure it doesn’t come off.

The set comes with 2 card decks, 1 Dealer button, and an acrylic carrying case which is shipped separately-probably because, with a cumulative weight of 30 pounds, the chips are quite heavy and the case may suffer damage if shipped with the chips packed inside. Nonetheless, it’s a good enough case with 10 acrylic racks inside and makes for a great storage unit.

What stands out?

  • Excellent quality clay composite chips
  • Large quantity of chips
  • Customizable
  • Includes 2 card decks, 1 Dealer button
  • Acrylic carry case

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Price on the higher side

Things to Consider

As you can see from the reviews, poker chips come in all quality standards, from the average to the exceptional. This next section is all about learning what goes into making quality poker chips and what to consider when buying a set. We also throw in a few poker chips tricks you can use, and we answer common FAQs about poker chips.

Why you should own a poker chip set

Having an own poker chip set means you can enjoy a game of poker in your own house whenever you have some free time and company that is into poker games.

It also means you can have as many players as you like, as many as the set of chip you have can support.

You can also choose your preferred games and whether to include mixed games or not. And you may also customize the game rules if need be, as agreed amongst your group of players.

With your own set of poker chips, you can practice whenever you want and improve your game steadily for a more rewarding experience when you play in a poker room or with friends.

Poker chips tricks to amuse your friends with

Knowing a few chip tricks can help you feel more confident about playing and give the impression that you know your way around the poker room, which can earn you invites to all kinds of games. Some clever tricks you can practice include:

The knuckle roll – The trick is to slide a chip across the back of your fingers, from the index finger to the pinkie, in a motion that imitates how a slinky moves. To do so, position the chip between your thumb and your index finger, and then slide it over to the top of the index finger. You have to place it in such a way that when it slides over, it goes between your knuckles. Repeat the movement across all 4 fingers.

The flick – This involves holding a minimum of 3 chips between 4 fingers, and using your thumb to flick the one at the front to the back over and over.

This video teaches you some cool tricks that’ll make you look like a pro:

Features to consider while buying the best poker chips

Let’s now look at the features you need to pay attention to when choosing a set of poker chips.


You can buy poker sets for less than $50, though a majority of these will have less than 500 chips, which is enough for a maximum of 3-4 players. For games with 5 or more players, budget for a set that costs approximately $50, and which gives you at least 500 chips. Prices for this type of set fall within the $50-200 range, with those close to the $200 mark, such as Claysmith Gaming The Mint Poker Chip Set, being of a perceivably better quality.

Materials used

The three common poker chip materials are metal, clay or ceramic, and plastic. Of the three, clay is considered to give the best user experience, especially for home games.

Chips made from clay are in actual sense made from clay composites, not 100% pure clay. They are heavy, which is what you want in a game, and sound great when clanking against each other. These are commonly used in casinos and other professional poker game settings.

Metal chips have a metallic core that is surrounded by plastic. This variety is extremely durable. and gives a good feel of what playing poker professionally is like.

Plastic chips are the cheapest of the lot. They are not considered as ‘pro-leaning’ as the other two materials by folks who are invested in the game. Rather, they are the option you choose for home use when you’re getting started with learning the ropes of playing poker.

5 Perfect Poker Chips for Pro-League Gambling Nights at Home


Poker chips weigh between 7.5g and 14.0g, with the common weight options between the two extremes being 8.0g, 9.0g, 11.5g, 13.0g, and 13.5g. Casino chips weigh between 8.0g and 11.5g, so you can use this to determine how heavy the chips you use in your home games are going to be. Generally though, the heavier the chips the more they cost.

Number of chips in set

The number of chips in each set will determine how many players can play at any one time. On average, you can have 5-6 players if you have a 500-chip set. If you’re hoping to host games with 10 or more players, buy a set with a bigger number of chips, such as Claysmith Gaming The Mint Poker Chip Set or Mrc Poker Ultimate Laser Poker Chips Set.


Most poker chip sets come with a carrying case. Admittedly, the quality is not always desirable, in which case you should use the case to store the chips, and buy a separate one that you can use to transport the chips. That said, sets like Brybelly Ultimate Poker Set and Claysmith Gaming The Mint Poker Chip Set come with good quality cases that are strong and portable.


For that professional poker game feel, many chips have a diameter of 39mm, which is the standard casino chip diameter. In some sets, the higher value chips are larger than the rest of the chips to help set the distinction so players can easily tell them apart.

Color quality

To reduce confusion and help players distinguish chips of different values, some manufacturers make their chips in rich and vibrant colors. This way, it’s easy to differentiate between gray and black, for example. Claysmith Gaming The Mint Poker Chip Set is one such set.

5 Perfect Poker Chips for Pro-League Gambling Nights at HomeBrands

There are well-known brands that have been producing poker chips for years. Opt for one of these where possible because then you can count on their longstanding good reputation and proven ability to make chips that are durable.


When buying non-custom chips, the most common design is to have labels printed on a sticker, which is then glued onto the chip. Some manufacturers offer printed labels, and some design the chip in such a way that the label is printed on a sticker, which is then recessed into the chip, making the chips harder to duplicate. Most sets offer this last option, from Versa Games JPC Crown Casino to Brybelly Ultimate Poker Set.


The standard basic color-coded values for poker chips are: white for $1, red for $5, blue for $10, green for $25, and black for $100. Additional values are purple for $500, yellow for $1000, light blue for $2000, and brown for $5000. These color codes may represent different values in some casinos and private games, even regions. For example, in California, blue chips have a value of $1, green chips have a value of $2, yellow chips represent $5, black represents $20, purple represents $25, white represents $100, and brown or gray represent $500. The DA VINCI Set Casino Del Sol is an example of a poker chip set that deviates from the standard color-coded values.

The first step is sorting the chips you just won. Start with the highest value chips. Collect these and stack them in a pile, and then do the same for all the values. Confirm that you’ve sorted the chips correctly and that each pile contains only chips of a similar value. Then break down each pile into full stacks (20 chips per stack), and place any extras right next to the stacks.

An easy way to build up a stack fast is stacking the chips in 5s at first, then stacking 4 sets of 5s to form a full stack, and then sizing up the rest of the chips against this first full stack.

If your chips add up to 5 stacks of 20, that’s 1 rack (100 chips), and you can put in the plastic rack provided.

Poker chips should be stored in a case. Such cases resemble a briefcase and come with closing hinges and a handle. Choose a case that is strong enough to transport the chips in if need be. Inside, it should be soft and padded to protect the chips from damage. It should also have racks or slots to contain the chips so they are not moving around and getting chipped around the edges.

Wrapping It Up

Seldom do you feel like you just hit gold when you buy a set of poker chips, but the Versa Games JPC Crown Casino certainly makes you feel that way. Little wonder it’s our top choice. The sturdy chips, the extra care taken to etch the stickers into the chips so they don’t come off, and the thoughtful denomination distribution all make it a top choice.

Our second choice is the DA VINCI Set Casino Del Sol, which stands out for its large quantity of chips. It’s well-constructed, feels solid in the hand, and the edges are smoothly finished. It also comes with plenty of extras.

Our third best poker chips set is the Brybelly Ultimate Poker Set. Its sturdy clay composition, stackability, and ease in shuffling make it a good choice for home use. Additionally, it has excellent denomination breakout, a good quality carry case, and a highly attractive price.

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