6 Most Incredible Star Wars Board Games — May the Fun Be with You

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Without a doubt, Star Wars is one of the most popular franchises around. Apart from the movies, it has spawned tons of toys, shows, and video games. If you have a Star Wars fan in the family that already has everything else, then you might want to consider getting them the best Star Wars board game around. These immersive games will make you and your friends feel like you have been transported to a Galaxy Far, Far Away, and provide hours (or even days) worth of fun!

For our review, we found the top six Star Wars board games on the market today. Of all the different versions out there, we like Star Wars: Imperial Assault the most. This game is perfect for a more mature audience, which means it can get a lot more involved than those games designed for kids. Imperial Assault is also a great game to play with lots of friends since it allows for 2-5 players to play as the Empire or a crack team of Rebel operatives. Of course, if you are not sure which game will work best for you or your friends, don’t worry, since there are five other games in our review to choose from.

In choosing the games for our list, we first looked at the recommended age and number of players for each game. This will give you an idea of the content of the game and how intricate the rules are. We also looked at the gameplay time for each version, as this is a good indicator of how in-depth the game goes. If you are just beginning your search, be sure to read through our all-encompassing buying guide. Otherwise, feel free to read through our comprehensive reviews to find the right game for you.

Top 6 Star Wars Board Games Review 2022


Star Wars: Imperial AssaultEditor’s Choice

  • Type: strategy
  • Recommended age: 14+
  • Number of players: 2-5
  • Gameplay time: 1-2 hours

More features: sculpted, plastic figures

If you are in the market for the best overall Star Wars board game that has the most replay value, then this just might be the right choice for you and your friends. For starters, this game is one of the most intricately designed options on the market today. It can be played in two different ways, which helps to keep each game feeling fresh and new. The first game mode follows the fight between the Rebels and the Empire after the fall of the Death Star. You can choose to operate as the Empire or a tough team of Rebels for each machine, making for a fascinating playing experience each and every time.

The other way that you can play this game is by challenging your friends in a skirmish mode. In this mode, you and your friends will get to set up your forces for an all-out battle to determine who should rule over the galaxy. The cool thing about this version of the game is that it can be set up in pretty much any way that you and your friends want to try out and can vary from time to time.

If you do decide to purchase this game, you will need to make sure that you have plenty of time to set aside for setting it up. Since the missions are heavily involved, and the game uses lots of different figures to represent either side, part of the fun of this game is making sure to set it up correctly. As long as you don’t mind the extensive setup, this is an amazing game that will provide hours and hours of entertainment.

What makes it stand out?

  • Comes with sculpted figures
  • Can be played two ways
  • Allows players to choose between good and evil

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Time-consuming setup

Star Wars: RebellionPremium Pick

  • Type: strategy
  • Recommended age: 14+
  • Number of players: 2-4
  • Gameplay time: 3-4 hours

More features: more than 150 plastic miniatures

This game is very similar to the previous one in that you can choose to operate on behalf of the evil Empire or the Rebels. The difference, however, is that, unlike the previous entry, this game is centered around the very beginning of the Rebellion, which makes for a different playing experience. If you choose to operate as the Empire, you will have limitless power at your disposal to crush the Rebellion. The Rebels, on the other hand, have minimal resources, which makes their campaign that much more difficult.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this game is just detailed it is. It comes with over 150 plastic miniatures to represent the various forces involved on the galactic battlefield. This high level of detail will help to transport you into the Star Wars Universe, which will help to make the gaming experience that much more enjoyable.

The one thing that you need to keep in mind with a game this involved is exactly that. The rules for this game are not very easy to keep straight when you just get started, so be prepared to keep the playing manual handy at all times, at least in the beginning. That way, you will be able to make sure that you are playing it correctly until you get the hang of the rules.

The good thing to come out of these complex rules, of course, is that there is a lot of variety in how the game can be played. No two missions will ever end in the exact same manner, which will only add to the replay value for the game. The fact that it involves classic characters and scenes will also only add to the value.

Why did it make our list?

  • Detailed figures
  • Complex missions with limitless outcomes
  • Play as classic Star Wars heroes or villains
  • Play as the Empire or Rebels

What is not ideal about it?

  • Difficult to follow rules

Star Wars The Black Series RiskBest Star Wars Game for Two Players

  • Type: strategy
  • Recommended age: 10+
  • Number of players: 2/4
  • Gameplay time: not specified

More features: includes X-wing, Y-wing, and TIE fighters for attacks

Unlike the classic game of Risk, the purpose of this game is not to conquer the entire world or, as you might have assumed, the entire galaxy. Instead, you can either play as the Empire to defend the Death Star or as the Rebels to try and blow it up. Otherwise, this game is very similar in design to classic Risk in that you need to conquer different areas and overtake your opponent until you have either successfully defended the Death Star or destroyed it.

Even if you are unfamiliar with classic Risk rules, this game is not overly difficult. This shouldn’t be too terribly surprising, especially when you consider the fact that it is designed for anyone ten and older. This game also comes with lots of figures to represent the different forces but doesn’t take a ton of time to set up, which is always a plus with any board game.

One thing that you will need to keep in mind with this game is that, even though it claims that it is made for 2 or 4 players, this isn’t actually the case. In actuality, this game works best for two players, as there isn’t enough space to go around for four independent players. Instead, if you are going to play with four players, you need to work on teams with two players on each.

This is a large departure from standard Risk, where everyone is working independently. Due to the strict team guidelines of this game, however, this is how it needs to be played, so bear that in mind before you make your final decision.

What do we love it for?

  • Easy to follow rules
  • Comes with lots of figures
  • Involves classic Star Wars Characters
  • Easy to setup

What were we disappointed with?

  • Only works well with two players
  • Type: strategy
  • Recommended age: 8+
  • Number of players: 2-6
  • Gameplay time: 1.5-2 hours

More features: inspired by all three trilogies

If you have ever played a regular version of Monopoly, then this version shouldn’t be too difficult for you to get into. It operates in very much the same way. The big differences, however, have to do with the items you can purchase and the currency system. Instead of buying hotels or houses, in this game, you can buy Tie Fighters or X-Wings. The money is also replaced by credits, which take the form of cardboard chips that come in denominations of 10s and 50s.

One of the cooler parts about this game is that it features characters and references to all 9 of the Star Wars main films. This means that you can play as characters from the original trilogies, prequels, or the newer films. This includes such classic characters like Darth Vader, Luke, Padme, Darth Maul, Rey, or Kylo Ren. This variety of characters is sure to please both new and old fans alike, making this a great option for anyone that likes Star Wars.

Another key feature of this game is that it can be played by lots of folks all at once. While many of the other games on our list can only be played by a limited number of people, this game can be used by 2-6 players at once, which makes it a great option for larger gatherings.
The only drawback of this game is that the currency system is somewhat hard to follow. Some of the prices don’t really line up very well to how much money you are able to collect, which could lead to some players running out of money very quickly if they are not very careful.

What are its best features?

  • Detailed background
  • High player limit
  • Easy to follow rules
  • Based on all three trilogies

What could be improved?

  • Currency system is hard to follow

Clue Game: Star Wars EditionBest Star Wars Mystery Game

  • Type: mystery
  • Recommended age: 8+
  • Number of players: 2-6
  • Gameplay time: 1 hour

More features: 3D gameboard

Much like the previous entry, this game is a Star Wars twist on a classic game. In this version of Clue, you won’t be tasked with solving any murders. Instead, you will need to figure out which planet Darth Vader wants to destroy next with the Death Star, where the plans to the Death Star are hidden, and which is the correct escape vehicle. Once you have solved all three of these different puzzles, you are the winner of the game.

If you are looking for a quick and easy Star Wars board game to set up, then this is the game for you. It doesn’t have a ton of pieces to worry about, which makes it a lot more accessible for a casual gamer. This game also features plenty of classic characters, which makes it a great option for anyone that is a fan of the original trilogy. This game can be played by up to 6 players, which is always a plus when you are looking for a good game to play at game night.

One of the best things about this game is that it doesn’t take a ton of time to set up or play, though the directions are not written very well and might take a bit longer to decipher. Even if you only have two players, this game shouldn’t take more than an hour or so to play, which helps to keep the game moving and makes it feel a lot more fast-paced. The two-level, 3D gameboard is another nice touch that adds to the unique feel of this game.

What stands out?

  • Quick gameplay
  • Easy setup
  • 3D two-level gameboard
  • High player limit

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Difficult to understand instructions

Star Wars R2-D2 is in TroubleBest Star Wars Game for Kids

  • Type: simple strategy
  • Recommended age: 5+
  • Number of players: 2/4
  • Gameplay time: not specified

More features: R2-D2 electronic sounds, automatic dice tumbler

Many of Star Wars’ biggest fans are very young children. Unfortunately, many of the board games out there are not really designed with younger children in mind. The difficult setup, intricate rules, and long campaigns are tough for some older players to grasp fully, so getting a 5-year-old to play them is completely impossible. Thankfully, this game is not very involved at all. The rules are very easy to follow, which makes it a great option for younger players.

This game is almost the exact same as classic Trouble, except in one distinct way. While classic Trouble has two dice in its popper, this model has one dice and a statue of R2-D2. If R2 is standing after the dice have been rolled, he counts as a 6, which will help to move the game along at a much faster pace, which is ideal when playing with younger children.

This game is set up in a colorful and engaging fashion that makes it appealing to younger players. It also features R2’s classic beeps and other noises to help enhance the action as you try to move your forces to save the little droid.

The only thing to keep in mind with this game is that, as you might expect, it is not very durable. The background and board are made with thin cardboard, and the popper and pawns are all made of plastic. Since you are going to be playing this game with younger kids, you need to be sure that they play with it correctly, or it won’t last too long.

What makes it special?

  • Simplistic gameplay for younger players
  • Colorful design
  • Quick gameplay

What cons did we find?

  • Flimsy parts

Things to Consider

In this section, we will guide you through all of the different factors that you should take into consideration before you make your decision. We have also answered several frequently asked questions, so be sure to read through those as well before you make your final choice as to which game you want to get.

Features to consider when choosing a Star Wars board game

As you can imagine, Star Wars board games are as unique as all of the different characters within the Star Wars Universe. In this section, we will guide you through all of the different aspects of these games that you will need to carefully consider before you make your final purchase.

The plot

The very first thing that you need to consider when you are looking for a Star Wars board game is the kind of plot that you are looking for. The plot for these types of games can come in lots of different forms, which might include:

  • One battle – Star Wars, as one can surmise from the name, is full of battles. Some of the games on the market, such as the Star Wars: Imperial Assault, are designed to guide players through some of the more pivotal battles in the Star Wars Universe. These might include the Battle of Endor or Hoth from the original trilogy or even the Battle for Naboo from the prequels. These games are usually two-sided affairs that rely on strategy and planning to see which side will be victorious.
  • A series of battles or missions – Another variation that you can choose from is a board game that involves a series of battles or missions for players to go through. The big benefit of this style of game is that it usually takes a bit longer to finish. Of course, this complexity also means that this style of game is better suited for older players. The Star Wars: Rebellion is a thrilling game with this type of plot.
  • A Star Wars version of another game – Most of the different Star Wars games on the market usually fall into this plot grouping. The good thing about this type of game is that they have a very broad appeal, making it easier to find other people to play with you, even if they are not big-time fans of the Star Wars franchise. These games also come in varying levels of difficulty, from kid-friendly games like the Star Wars R2-D2 is in Trouble to more difficult ones like the Star Wars The Black Series Risk. Since these games are made out based on other games, they are also much more accessible because the rules are more familiar.

6 Most Incredible Star Wars Board Games — May the Fun Be with You


After you have settled on the type of plot that you want in your game, the next thing that you need to figure out is the genre or type of game that you desire. The Star Wars games on our list come in several different types, which include the following:

  • Strategy – As you can probably guess by the name of this genre, there is a lot of thinking, figuring, and planning that goes into playing this genre of game. As such, strategy games do take a lot longer than any other type, especially if you play with lots of friends. Each player is allowed to take a lot longer with their turn. Some games, like Star Wars: Rebellion, might take more than one day to complete, so be sure to plan accordingly.
  • Simple Strategy – Simple strategy games are much better suited for younger players. These games don’t take nearly as long to complete, which is perfect for smaller kids. The rules are also much easier to understand, making this genre a perfect way to integrate your kid’s Star Wars obsession into a board game.
  • Mystery – If you enjoy a bit of strategy mixed with having to solve some puzzles, then a mystery game is perfect for you. In the Clue Game: Star Wars Edition, you and your friends need to help your favorite Star Wars characters figure out Darth Vader’s next target and steal the plans to the Death Star to save the galaxy.

Recommended age

Once you have settled on your plot and genre, the next thing you need to figure out is what age of player you are looking to have play the game. Games are not usually set up by age, but rather age range. The games on our list fall into the following ranges:

  • 5+ – Games at this age range can be enjoyed by anyone that is older than five years old. As you would expect, these are not going to be overly complex or intricate games. They will focus more on simple rules that younger players can easily follow, while still having plenty of Star Wars fun to make them enjoyable for all ages. Games that are in this range are also great for families.
  • 8+ – This next age grouping is a bit of a step-up from the simplicity of the 5+ range, while still limiting the complexity and maturity of the storylines to better fit with the developmental level of the players. These games are also fun family activities, especially if you have older youngsters that can play more independently.
  • 10+ – If you have a child that is ready for tons of complex rules, but not for more mature storylines, then this is the range for you. These games will allow for lots of independent thought and strategy while keeping the game lighter in tone.
  • 14+ – Games in this age range are the most complex of all. They will have lots of rules and will allow players to independently plan their moves and how they play. They might also have more complex storylines that are more difficult for younger players to follow, which makes them appropriate for teenagers or adults.

6 Most Incredible Star Wars Board Games — May the Fun Be with You

Number of players

Another key aspect of finding the right Star Wars board game is how many players you want to play it with. All of the different games that we found are perfect for varying levels of players, but all of them can be played with just two people, which is always a plus. From there, each game either falls into one or another category. Some games can be played with two or more players, while others can only be used with 2 or 4 players. This is an important distinction to keep in mind, as some games on our list, such as Star Wars R2-D2 is in Trouble or Star Wars The Black Series Risk fall into the 2 or 4 players model. These games can only be used with an even number of players, so bear that in mind before you make your final decision.

On the other hand, games like Star Wars: Imperial Assault or Monopoly: Star Wars Complete Saga Edition works perfectly with two or more players. These games can even be played if you have an odd number of people, which might make them a bit easier to get started since you can play without making sure you have a magic number.

Gameplay time

Something else that you really need to think of very carefully is just how long you want a typical game to take. The gameplay time can vary wildly from game to game, so it is good to know what you are getting into before you get started. Some games will only take a very short amount of time to play, especially if they are designed for younger children. Star Wars R2-D2 is in Trouble is a great example of this type of game. It is designed to only last between 15-30 minutes of game time, making it perfect for young players that have much shorter attention spans.

On the other end of the gaming spectrum are the much more advanced strategy games. While the playing time limits that the companies set usually span 2-6 hours, it wouldn’t be unheard of for a game like Star Wars: Rebellion to last more than one day, especially if you are playing with extremely strategic friends. No matter what, it is always best to try and figure out who you will be playing these games with before you make your final purchase. That way, you can figure out how long it might take you to play through the games until they are completed.

6 Most Incredible Star Wars Board Games — May the Fun Be with You

What’s included

Finally, after you have checked into everything else regarding your gaming choice, you need to think of what type of setup you are going to have to go through in order to play the game. Some games are quite basic, while others are incredibly involved. Regardless of the game you select, you can rest assured that everything that you need will come with any game on our list, so you don’t need to worry about buying anything extra.

If you are into a shorter setup for each game, then you will want to make sure you go for a game, like Clue Game: Star Wars Edition. While this game can get a bit longer, there is not a ton of setup. In fact, all it comes with are the different clue cards and a few figurines. This limited number of figures helps to make setup that much easier.

Of course, if you are into intricately designed strategy games, then the more figures, the better. If this is the case for you, then you should totally check into games like Star Wars: Imperial Assault, which has individually sculpted figurines. These detailed pieces can help to really make you feel like you have been transported into the Star Wars Universe, which will lead to a much more immersive gaming experience.


If you are in the market for the best Start Wars board game to play with your kids, the best thing to do is carefully consider their age. If you are looking for something for younger players, then Star Wars R2-D2 is in Trouble is a good bet. Its simple directions and fast gameplay make an excellent option for the younger fans out there.

If you have an older kiddo that wants to play a Star Wars board game, then the game Monopoly: Star Wars Complete Saga Edition is an excellent choice. While this game does take a while to get through, its rules are easy to follow for older children.

The number of replays that each game will afford you will depend on who you are playing with. The game Star Wars: Rebellion is an excellent option if you and your friends want to keep playing and playing a game over and over again. Due to the extensive figurine collection that this game comes with, there are endless possibilities of how each iteration will play out. This makes it that much easier to keep the game feeling fresh and new, even after you have played it over and over again.

Of all the different games that we looked over for our list, the one that we found was the fastest to play has got the be Star Wars R2-D2 is in Trouble. This shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise. After all, this game is designed to be played by very young children, which means that it cannot last too terribly long. If it did, then odds are the kids wouldn’t like it all that much, since their attention span would not keep them on task long enough to finish the game. Since this game is over in a matter of minutes, rather than hours, this shouldn’t be the case.

Wrapping It Up

Star Wars: Imperial Assault is an awesome game for anyone that loves intricate missions full of difficult decisions and lots of strategy. It can be played in two different ways that will provide hours of fun, no matter if you choose to be on the dark or the light side of the Force. We highly recommend you check this game out if you are looking for a great Star Wars experience.

Star Wars: Rebellion is another great option if you want a highly detailed and immersive board game. It centers on the beginning of the Rebellion and will provide ample opportunity to see if you can either crush the resistance or topple the mighty Empire.

If you are looking for the best Star Wars board game, then it might make sense to look for a game you are familiar with that has a Star Wars twist. Star Wars: The Black Series Risk is a great option in this regard. It will provide you and a friend with a chance to either save or destroy the Death Star, which is sure to give you plenty of hours worth of fun.

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