4 Best Warrior Foosball Tables – The Brand You Can Trust!

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If you are looking for the best warrior foosball table then you may already know a little bit about the brand. They are a very reputable manufacturer and they specialize in foosball tables, with some very reliable models on the market. Warrior even run their very own tournaments, all of which use the official tables they produce. They have multiple tables in different configurations, and we’ve considered the very best of them in this article as we look to compare.

The Warrior Force 4 is our top rated foosball table, it has a professional feel to it and is quite heavy and durable at 200 lbs. It has some great features including LCD lighting and true to actual soccer, it has 11 players on both teams. It also has one goalkeeper on each team which is one of the authentic features that helps to keep the Force 4 one of the traditional foosball tables on the list. Some options are larger and have more unusual configurations. There are some fantastic options throughout the range made by Warrior as we’ve gone on to review in our article. Read on for more information.

When putting together our foosball table reviews we’ve considered the configuration (number of players) but also how sturdy and durable the table is, the size and the materials used in production. You can see our research as an overview table, before going on to individual reviews and then a full buying guide to help you to make your decision on which table is best for you.

Top 4 Warrior Foosball Tables Review 2023


Force 4Editor’s Choice

  • Dimensions: 56 x 30 x 36 inches
  • Weight: 225 lbs.
  • Legs: black melamine
  • Players: 11 red and 11 black

More features: variable LED light with remote control

The force 4 is top of our list as it is a fantastic all round option for someone looking for a foosball table. As we briefly mentioned in the intro, it has the configuration you would expect from a product like this, with 11 players on each team and one goalie on each team. This is what most people expect when they are talking about a foosball table.

It’s a very sturdy piece of kit, but isn’t ridiculously heavy. At 225 lbs it is not exactly portable, but the Warrior Force 4 isn’t impossible to move. It is so well built that it is very unlikely you will experience any problems with stability. The black melamine legs make sure of this.

Another feature we like is the fact it has a variable LED light, which even has a remote control so you can change the mood of the lighting whenever you want.

Split bearings are used in the design, this is to make it smoother when you are controlling the players via the rods. Also, the Warrior Rod Guard system is in place too, designed to protect players from getting hurt by the rods.

This is a great all round table that is great for use in a bar but also in a home rec room.

What makes it stand out?

  • Comes with rod guard system.
  • 11 a side configuration.
  • Not too heavy, but very sturdy.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Paintwork can get easily chipped and damaged on the legs and body.

Force 8Best for 8 Players

  • Dimensions: 102 x 36 x 30 inches
  • Weight: 450 lbs.
  • Legs: black melamine, levelers
  • Players: 21 red and 21 blue

More features: Splits in half for easier transport, 2 sound activated laser lights

The Force 8 is sometimes described as the “Warrior Table Soccer 8 Man Foosball Table”. Yes, you read that right, up to 8 people can play on this table! It is huge. Instead of being configured with 11 a side, there are 21 players on each, which may not give an accurate representation of football, but it is certainly great fun, and makes this table great for a big group.

Obviously, one of the downsides of such a big table is the weight, at 450 lbs, but the table does split in half to make it a bit more portable.

Like many of the products Warrior manufacture it has the rod guard system to stop you from getting hurt by the rods, and this also has some brilliant extra features to enhance play.

Sound activated lights make this an even more exciting game to play for kids and adults alike. Not many tables can accommodate 8 people playing at once! It has a scoreboard on it too to keep easy track of how your team is doing.

This is a huge table but it is quite manageable, it has a leg leveler so you can make sure the table is leveled, as it could be a nightmare if not.

This is good for parties and big gatherings, but you need 8 of you to play, it’s really impossible with only a few players.

What makes it special?

  • Comes with leg levelers.
  • Rod safe system included.
  • Splits in half for transporting.

What cons did we find?

  • Not suitable for just a few players.
  • Very heavy.

Custom PlayfieldBest Custom Table

  • Dimensions: 56 x 36 x 32 inches
  • Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Legs: black melamine, levelers
  • Players: customer’s choice

More features: personalized design

The Custom Playfield is such a cool idea. The table is a decent size, and suitable for four players or even six, and the weight of 200 lbs is petty manageable. This is designed to be a promotional item or even to be customizable. That means you can choose the number of players and also the way it looks. For instance, if you run a business and plan to put a foosball table in your staff rec room you can get the branding of your company included on the design.

Alternatively, if you run a bar and plan to put a foosball table in for people to play, you can brand it with your own logo!

Like a lot of the other products on the list it is made largely of black melamine. It also has a configuration of 11 vs 11 men as standard, but you can ask for changes.

The customization can be done with the help of staff from Warrior, who can work on the design with you. Alternatively, supply your own design and the manufacturers will turn it into a table (or multiple tables). The price isn’t too bad either, considering all that work in customizing.

Why is it special?

  • Customize the table or brand to you own company preference.
  • 11 a side sturdy table with all the features you’d expect from a Warrior table.

What are the flaws?

  • Costs a bit more due to the customization.
  • No lighting included as standard in the design.

Soccer Pro Foosball Table 2020Budget Pick

  • Dimensions: 56 x 32 x 36 inches
  • Weight: 205 lbs.
  • Legs: black melamine
  • Players: 11 red and 11 black

More features: Rod Guard System, tournament certified, integrated leg levelers

Most brands offer some sort of budget choice. It can sometimes lack the quality of the rest of their products, but in the case of Warrior’s budget option, plenty of great features are still on offer. The Soccer Pro Foosball Table 2020 is very similar to the customizable table above, just without any sort of branding.

Like most Warrior tables the legs are made out of sturdy melamine, and they have leg levelers included which means that you can make them perfectly line up so you don’t have a wobbly table, even if the surface you put it on isn’t perfectly level.

Lots of the Warrior products are tournament suitable, and this is no exception even though it is on the cheap end of the market. You can use it to participate in official tournaments.

The limited construction you are expected to do when you buy this product is pretty simple to do, so it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. A Rod Guard system is in place to protect you and anyone else who you allow to use your foosball table.

This is the budget pick on the Warrior brand and there is a huge level of quality we’ve come to expect from Warrior.

What do we love it for?

  • Good price for a pro Warrior foosball table.
  • Protective system on the rods.

What were we disappointed with?

  • Some users find the ball collection system a little bit awkward.

Things to Consider

It’s not the sort of purchase you make once a week in your weekly shopping trip! Buying a foosball table can be confusing if you don’t know a lot about them. You might be looking to buy a gift, or a foosball table for an office, and not knowing the specifics of what features to look for can lead to making bad decisions. Our buying guide has been written to help with this. We’ll talk about the benefits of a foosball table and the top features to look out for. Also, what is best for one person may not be best for another, so we help you to work out what features are the most vitally important for your needs.

Why invest in a Warrior foosball table

Why buy a foosball table anyway? Well, they’re great fun for gatherings and more and more people are starting to play foosball. There are even tournaments out there! As Warrior run a lot of the foosball tournaments, their tables are made to be the right standard for competitive play. Warrior may not be the cheapest brand in foosball tables in comparison with Hathaway or Carrom Signature foosbal tables, but they have a lot of quality and pretty much all of their tables are exceptionally sturdy.

Features to consider when choosing a Warrior foosball table

What are the top features you should think about when it is time to buy a foosball table? What differentiates one warrior table from another? We’ve explained the top features you need to consider. Sometimes there is no single “best” foosball table, instead you should think about what you need from the table and match up your purchase.

These are the key features to consider. You may not need to prioritize all of them, but they certainly need to be thought about in detail.

Dimensions and weight

The size and dimensions of the table are key. You need to make sure that you have enough space within the room in question to fit your table. Also, you need space around the table. Ideally, at least a few feet either side, to allow you to move around freely behind the table ready to play the game. Nobody wants to be cramped up while playing.

The weight of the table is usually pretty high when buying from the Warrior brand as they are very sturdy tables. Most are over 200 lbs. This is manageable, but pretty heavy. The only really heavy model on our list is Force 8, but that is the price you have to pay when you want to have fun as a big company.

Materials used for construction

Most of the tables on this list contain melamine. This is a compound material, the resin used to create it is durable, fire resistant and is pretty much impossible to break! This being used in a lot of the different tables can guarantee a high level of durability. Some other brands make their tables out of wood, and sometimes the wood is more susceptible to damage.

Legs features

The main leg feature to look out for is whether or not the table has levelers. If you are looking to put your foosball table on a surface you aren’t sure is perfectly flat then levelers can be vital. They can help you to make sure the table sits at a perfectly level angle so the ball doesn’t roll in any unwanted directions.

Number of players

Most models of foosball table can handle four players and sometimes six. However,

Force 8 by Warrior has been designed for bigger parties and gatherings. Eight players can enjoy the match at one time. There is some disadvantage to this as you might not always have enough friends around to play!

4 Best Warrior Foosball Tables - The Brand You Can Trust!

Playing rods and handles

How many playing rods and handles are there? This will dictate how many people can play at once. Also, consider the safety features. Most of the Warrior tables come with a rod safety system that prevents injuries and sudden jerking movements that can hurt people playing.

Goalie configuration

Foosball is based on soccer, and in soccer, each team has one goalie. Sometimes, the tables include multiple goalies as the last line of defense. If you want a table that is true to the original soccer game, go for just one goalie on each side. If you aren’t fussed, this won’t be one of your priorities.


Most Warrior tables come with a one-year warranty as standard. This is a limited warranty but covers you against manufacturer errors, for instance. You can also buy an extended warranty from the brand if you wish.

Extra features

Some Warrior foosball tables include extra features to give a little something extra to the experience of playing. LED lighting can be one of the key features, adding some excitement to the playing process but also making it easier to see what is going on. Check out our article on best LED foosball tables for more details. Scoreboards are also often included as an extra feature.

One added extra that foosball tables made by Warrior can include is a customized design. The Custom Playfield model allows you to get your own logo or corporate branding on your foosball table.


We don’t recommend using Warrior foosball tables outdoors. The legs and much of the structure can handle the outdoor use, but some of the smaller components cannot, especially if the weather conditions are bad. Even with leg levelers, using outdoors would still be likely to mean an uneven surface, too.

No, the width measurement does not usually include the rods, so keep in mind the fact that these jut out from the table itself. You need to make sure you have plenty of room around the table in order to play it.

Most of the Warrior foosball tables come with a little bit of assembly needed, but not much. The legs should all be in place, you may just have to assemble some of the players and put these in place. It depends on which model you buy.

Wrapping It Up

The Force 4 is our top rated Warrior foosball table. It has a great set of features for all-rounders. It doesn’t way a huge amount and is suited for using in a bar or in a rec room just as easily. We’ve given it a rating of 9.9/10. We also love the lighting used in this product.

The Force 8 is in second place with a rating of 9.8/10. It is the best Warrior foosball table if you are looking to play in big groups as up to 8 players can get involved at once. This makes it perfect for big parties. It also splits in two for easier transport and storage.

The Custom playfield is next on our list with a rating of 9.5/10. It’s not quite as well made as some of the other options in terms of durability, but it offers the bonus of being brandable. You can talk to the folks at Warrior who will even let you put your own company branding or design on the table, and alter its configuration to your needs.

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