Foosball Table Dimensions – Everything That You Always Wanted To Know

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One thing is to have the knowledge of foosball soccer rules; another is to have the ideas on other technical areas, such as foosball table dimensions. There are different types of foosball tables. There are also specific dimensions for different foosball table types.
It all depends on the purpose for which it is intended and the level of fun the player wants to derive from playing the game. No, doubt, knowing the dimensions are as essential as enjoying the game.
Let’s start with some of the types or styles of the most popular foosball tables we have around.

Types of foosball tables

Foosball Table Dimensions - Everything That You Always Wanted To KnowThere are 5 basic foosball tables types:

Italian table

The Italian foosball table is one of the best in the world. The rods of typical Italian foosball table are lighter; the table also comes with a glass playfield and tinier figurines. The Italian table is suitable for players of all ranking and skill levels. Examples of Italian foosball tables include Garlando, Roberto Sport, and FAS.

French foosball table

Popularly known as the ‘Babyfoot,’ the French foosball tables comes with light cork balls, elastic playfield, and are built with heavy aluminum figurines. Besides, players are in full control of their game while on a French foosball table. Made by craftsmen, the Babyfoot is considered as one of the most durable foosball tables in the world. Examples include Bonzini and Sulpie.

Spain foosball

The Spanish foosball tables come with their uniqueness. What is that? Spanish foosball tables often slant towards the middle in a “U” shape manner. You’ll come to know that when playing, the balls mostly penetrate around the midfield.
An opposing player or team needs to use the back pin to control the ball. This makes playing on the Spanish foosball table exciting but tough. Examples include RS Barcelona.

American tables

American ‘Tornado’ is built with wide-foot figurines. Great for players who prefer game-play with unmatched, slower, and composed liking, the American foosball table is the only table that boasts 13 figurines, as against the 11 figurines you find in other tables. Examples are Tornado and Shelti

German foosball tables

The “Carromco”, as it is otherwise popularly called, is a blend of American realism and European subtlety. While the German foosball table figurines look like the Americans, they come lighter. This gives players the freedom to pin easily, be in charge of their game while having a game-play that is consistent and moderately fast. Examples include Leonhart, Carromco, and Tecball.
Given that table dimensions are not cast in stone, there are variations. In the same way, you must put in place conditions to follow before measuring the dimensions of the foosball game table you want to build. These conditions are as fundamental as finding joy in playing the foosball game.

Making foosball table dimensions plans: What to Consider

Foosball Table Dimensions - Everything That You Always Wanted To KnowIf you plan to purchase a foosball table, we highly recommend to consider the following features first, rather than rushing into a purchase which won’t bring you any satisfaction.

Room size

The first thing to bear in mind when trying to make a standard foosball table dimension is the amount of room size or square footage you’ll need in your basement, game room, or bar. Knowing this will help you plan your space properly to make fit a foosball table.
It’s similar to planning to construct a football pitch or measure a space for a pool table. You’ll have to factor in enough space for people to actually play the game, and not jam themselves up.

Safety of Materials

Kids play around a lot, and they may get injured in the process if the right type of materials are not used to make this tabletop game. When making a foosball table, it’s important to make sure that the rods don’t jut out that they hit the kids once they move close.
Besides, use standard solid steel rods or hollow steel rods. Pricing and affordability come to mind, but both materials are good and used by advanced players for the foosball table game.

Tabletop foosball tables

Instead of building a full-size foosball table, you can go for a tabletop foosball table instead. The tabletop foosball table occupies small space because it’s not made with the full-leg features. Also, you can easily fold and store it.


Most times, your budget will determine how much you invest, and on what, too. Your budget will tell the quality of the type of materials to choose as well as the size of the foosball table you’ll make.

Playing space for players

Can the table fit the designated space it is made for? Is there enough space for players and those watching? If no, then, you’ve chosen the wrong location. The given dimensions of the foosball game table are as essential as the space the players will have to play. It’s also important that you don’t place the table near areas that are vulnerable to accidents or breakable items.

Foosball table dimensions

Now that we have all the first-step factors to consider before constructing a foosball game table of desired dimensions, we shall now take a look at the specifications of each of the foosball table dimensions.
Do not forget too that your foosball table has to be physically strong, with high resistance to harsh weather conditions, including direct sunlight, windstorm, extreme dew, or heavy rain.

Full-size regulation foosball table dimensions

Foosball Table Dimensions - Everything That You Always Wanted To KnowThe full-size regulation size foosball tables are 30 x 56 x 36 inches (9 x 9 ½ feet) in width, length and height, respectively. The American tornado foosball table dimensions come as a full-size regulation foosball table. Because they are tournament foosball table dimensions, they require the best standard foosball table dimensions you can imagine.
Meanwhile, the width measurement does not include the size of the rod. The rods alone can fall between 12 and 18 inches in width. The weight of a full size regulation foosball table varies from type to type. Some weigh 100lbs; others come with 400lbs weight.
The implication of the dimension of the full size regulation table is that it requires a larger room within which the end of the table can be moved around, and players can also retrieve the balls. You need a minimum of approximately 9 x 9 ½ feet to set a standard full size regulation foosball table.
• Dimensions: 30’’ x 56’’ x 36’’ (9 x 9½ feet) Standard: Tournament-bound
• Example: American tornado
• Room Need: Large
• Pricing: fairly costly

Standard foosball table dimensions

There are professional foosball table dimensions used to make the most standard international foosball table games. Most of the standard full-size foosball tables have dimensions of 60 x 30 x 36 inches (2½ x 5 feet) in length, width and height, respectively.
If you’re looking for foosball table standard dimensions used in tournaments, then the standard-size foosball tables are the best options. You can think of the East Point Newcastle Foosball Table. It is for self-use because it is ideal for personal foosball game room.
Made for four persons, this table has to be sturdy with top-quality solid legs and oversized leg levelers for stability. Typically, the rods are made from steel while the handles come with wood to ensure traction.
• Dimensions: 60 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 36 inches tall.
• Standard: Tournament-bound
• Example: EastPoint Newcastle Foosball Table
• Fit: for foursome
• Typical materials: steel rod and wooden handle
• Pricing: fairly expensive

Tabletop foosball table dimensions

Foosball Table Dimensions - Everything That You Always Wanted To KnowThe other foosball game table dimensions are the ones for the tabletop foosball tables. This is the best table if your room doesn’t have enough space for the requirements for the full size foosball table. Typical tabletop foosball table dimensions are 40” in length, 20” in width and 10” in height.
Also known as the ‘mini’ tables, the tabletop foosball tables are a great option when you want a portable, space-economical, and fun-filled table. It’s the perfect table for kids. If you’re presented with the full size and tabletop foosball tables, the latter is a better alternative.
What’s more, any table surface is suitable for this foosball table, and you can think of your coffee table immediately. The length and width of a tabletop foosball table are close to what you have for the dimensions for all non-regulation standing tables. It allows you to realistically play on your knees and threaten your opponents at ease.
• Edge: portable and space-economical
• Pricing: affordable
• Suitable for any table surface
• Convenience: played on knees
• Standard: average foosball table dimensions
• Dimensions: 40 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 10 inches tall

Foldable size foosball table dimensions

The most convenient foosball table is the foldable size foosball game table. It has a dimension of 51.57” x 33.86” x 27.95” in length, width and height, in that order, for open measurement. The close measurement has a dimension of length 12.99”, width 27.95”, and height 66.93”.
Considered as one of the most convenient, affordable average foosball table dimensions that can be easily manipulated in small spaces.
The foldable size foosball table dimensions is ideal for persons who want to be in their living room and play foosball game.
Made with standard foosball table dimensions, the foldable foosball table is designed to economize space, giving the option to fold the table and put it in one corner in your apartment.
• Edge: convenient, foldable,
• Pricing: affordable
• Convenience: space-friendly
• Dimensions: 51.57 inches in length, 33.86 inches in width, and 27.95 inches in height.
• Standard: Personal use

Full-size football table dimensions

Foosball Table Dimensions - Everything That You Always Wanted To KnowIf you want prestige to your foosball game room, then acquire a full-size foosball table. This table comes with specific measurements, considering the dimensions of a full-size foosball table. The full-size foosball table dimensions are 2 ½ feet of width and 5 feet of long, equivalent to 30’’ wide and 60’’ long.
When planning your full-size foosball table dimensions, take into account the dimensions of the rods sticking and space energetic foosball adult and teenage players. Examples of a full-size foosball are Harvard- Mid Fielder, Shelti Pro Foos 11, Harvil, etc.
• Dimensions:30 inches wide and 60 inches long (2½ ft width and 5 ft length)
• Example: Shelti Pro Foos 11, Harvil, etc.
• Standard: Tournament-bound.
• Fit: Energetic adult and teenage players
• Edge: Prestige
• Pricing: fairly expensive

Final verdict

There are other professional foosball table dimensions, including the 52″ Foosball Table, with measurements 52 Inches long, 20 inches wide, and 28 inches tall and the 48’’ foosball table dimensions of 48 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 31 inches tall.
When making your foosball table dimensions plans, you now understand what factors to consider. In the same vein, you have an idea of what to put in and what not to appear in your plans.
Purchasing a foosball table depends on what reason you are setting it for. Is it for tournament, workout, or it is meant for personal excitement-driving stuff? Playing foosball could also be for recreation and rehab. Your answers to these questions will determine the perfect dimensions of your foosball table.

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