How Much Does a Pool Table Weigh?

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Many people wonder how much a pool table weighs. The weight of a pool table largely depends on its type and size. Most pool tables are constructed with slate, a type of fine-grained and smoothed rock that usually weighs a lot. The weight of the slate used in a pool table determines its overall weight as well. Whether you own a bar, pub, or hotel that you need a pool table for or just want one for your basement for game nights, it is vital to get the correct pool table Trusted Source Different Kinds of Pool Tables There are DIFFERENT KINDS OF POOL TABLES and they are distinguishable by their APPEARANCE. Generally, its how the way these POOL TABLES ARE CONSTRUCTED that separates the way that they are used that suits your requirements well.

People consider the weight of a pool table before investing in one is because the weight usually tells them about the construction of the table itself, but more importantly, it tells you about the types of surfaces and floors the pool table can be placed and moved on.

Pool table size and weight correlation

How Much Does a Pool Table Weigh?As most pool enthusiasts will tell you, the size and weight of a pool table have an important correlation. According to the basic laws of physics, the size of anything directly impacts its weight, and it is no different with pool tables. Pool tables come in a variety of sizes depending on the type of table and usage.

Therefore, it is vital that you figure out exactly what purpose and space you need a pool table for because that will ultimately determine the ideal size of pool table you require. But generally, there are three types of pool tables to be taken into consideration.

  • Bar pool tables – Bar pool tables are of regulation size, i.e., 44 inches wide and 88 inches long, weighing from 250 to 700lbs.
  • Home pool tables –These pool tables are for domestic use and mostly best for casual pool playing. The size of home tables doesn’t have a strict standard size, but they usually range from 42 in. to 48 in. in width and 84 to 96 inches in length. The most popular type here is the 7-foot pool tables. These tables can weigh anything between 300 and 1,000 lbs., depending on their construction (materials) and size. You can also come across portable pool tables that cost and weigh less and help you save some space.
  • Tournament pool tables – Tournament pool tables are perhaps the largest, with dimensions of 54 in. by 108 in.. Naturally, the larger size translates into heavier weight. Tournament pool tables are specifically designed for professional playing. Therefore, they are constructed with at least three slate tops.
When it comes to the weight of tournament pool tables constructed with standard materials, the lightest models usually weigh up to 1,200 lbs. Standard construction pool tables lighter than these are unsuitable for tournament playing.

However, non-regulation pool tables that are the correct size for tournament playing may be lighter if they are made from materials like wood.

Several factors determine the weight of a pool table. These include the construction quality and materials of a pool table and the extra features, such as automatic features that add to the weight of the overall structure.

Slate, wood, and other materials

How Much Does a Pool Table Weigh?In most modern pool tables, it is a question of what time the construction was inspired from. Depending on this, there is a range of materials that pool tables can be made from. The materials used in the construction of a pool table impact the quality of experience a table offers. They also determine the weight and durability of a pool table.

The most common and popular material used in making pool tables is slate. This is a solid rock smoothed and polished for building pool tables. This is a heavy material, and the larger the size of a slate pool table, the heavier it will be. The size and thickness of the slate used in constructing a pool table also impact the overall durability and weight of the table.

Slate constructed pool tables are not just durable and heavy but also fancy. For people who have a relatively smaller budget, there are other options in terms of materials. The next most popular kinds of pool tables are the ones used in bars and for home interiors. These pool tables are made from wooden sheets stacked upon each other. Wood is readily available, therefore cheaper than slate, and comes in many tough types that make for durable pool tables.

Wooden pool tables don’t offer quite as great a pool playing experience as slate pool tables do. However, a good quality pool table, such as the Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Belmont, can make up for this drawback. Pool tables made from sturdy and heavy wood will not weigh as much as tables made from other materials.

Some wooden pool tables are built for convenience, like the CHH mini folding pool table, which is a compact and portable option that must be considered.

Another common material for constructing affordable pool tables is steel. Steel pool tables are lightweight and cheaper as compared to slate and wood. With features like foldable legs, collapsible counterparts, and portable features, these tables are convenient and easy to store and relocate.

What else can add extra weight?

How Much Does a Pool Table Weigh?Frequent pool players would know that pool is not just about an excellent table, but the  right pool accessories Trusted Source 10 Best Pool Table Accessories for Home (2020) | Get all the must-have pool table accessories right here, including billiards racks, balls, sticks, chalk, covers, brushes, and more.  can take your experience from mediocre to a whopping phenomenal one. There are a ton of pool table accessories that you can buy in order to make your pool experience even better. Some pool tables come with built-in or pre-attached accessories. However, the accessories attached to the pool table will add to the overall weight and end up making your pool table heavier.

One such accessory is the ball return that is perhaps the heaviest among them. A ball return feature comes in different types that follow varying methods to get the job done and consequently impact the weight of the pool table accordingly.

Ball return can add 50 lbs to 100 lbs to the overall weight of your pool table.

Will my floor handle the weight?

How Much Does a Pool Table Weigh?We successfully determined how heavy different types and sizes of pool tables weigh, but we are yet to decide what kinds of pool tables are suitable for your floor. You may wonder if they require floor reinforcement for the new pool table you just purchased.

Well, luckily, most flooring is rated tough enough to hold furniture heavier than a standard pool table. So, the good news is that most probably you will not have to reinforce your floor. People do not usually keep tournament pool tables for recreational usage in their home or in bars. Therefore, you must not worry about reinforcing your floor to hold the weight of your pool table.

An important tip you must always remember that the weight of the pool table is evenly distributed on all four legs of the table. If the legs of your pool table are uneven, there will ultimately be more weight on one of the legs that can possibly damage your floor. Larger tables are built with six legs to spread the weight evenly on all six legs to prevent floor damage.

This way, you won’t have to worry about reinforcing your floors. However, as a precaution, you must avoid placing pool tables on wooden floor planks because they are usually not tough enough to withstand the weight and pressure of a tournament-sized table, and they will cave in or collapse over time.

How to set-up and move the pool table

By now, we all are aware that pool tables are perhaps one of the heaviest pieces of furniture and even the smallest pool tables are considerably heavy. This calls for preparation and planning before you buy and accommodate a pool table in your home.

It is advisable to clear out space you intend to place the pool table in beforehand in order to prevent floor damage like scratches and scuffing. Other furniture can come in the way during setting up. This is why you must pick a spacious and open area to place your pool table in. This will also make movement and repositioning of the table easier.

An excellent tip to avoid floor damage is to install rubber lined pool table feet under the legs of your pool table. Some people like to place the pool table over a thick rug, which doesn’t only protect the floor from scratches and scruffs, but also adds to the aesthetic of your interior.

For relocating the position of the table in the same spot, you can lift the table with the help of some friends and move it. However, if you want to move the table to a different location entirely, perhaps a different room, it is advisable to disassemble the table before moving it and reassemble it where you want it placed. This is a time-consuming task. This ensures the safety of both your pool table and the floor. It will also be more manageable than lifting a table that weighs over 1,000 pounds.

Final thoughts

To wrap up, there are several factors that determine the overall weight of pool tables. More precisely, these include the type of pool table, the thickness of the slate used in slate pool tables, the size and overall dimensions of the tables themselves, as well as the structure and design of the pool table. The pool table weight is vital to consider before buying one because it also determines how big the table will be.

The weight and size largely depend on the materials used to construct the pool table, which significantly affects your experience. Moreover, the weight determines the overall convenience of a pool table, telling you how easy it will be to relocate, move and transport the table. Lightweight pool tables are not the best for playing professional pool. However, they are easier to set up, cheaper, and easily portable.


Different Kinds of Pool Tables
There are DIFFERENT KINDS OF POOL TABLES and they are distinguishable by their APPEARANCE. Generally, its how the way these POOL TABLES ARE CONSTRUCTED that separates the way that they are used
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Get all the must-have pool table accessories right here, including billiards racks, balls, sticks, chalk, covers, brushes, and more.
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