Pool Tables Installation Guide and Extra Tips

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Do you want to play pool at home but have no idea how to put together a billiard table? You have come to the right place! We have assembled (no pun intended) a pool table installation guide for billiard aficionados, even if you are not a DIY expert.

Most people think that pool table assembly is best left to professionals. Of course, professionals have more experience and the right tools to put together and level tables. But with a little effort, you can assemble a pool table within 2 to 4 hours and enjoy countless hours of play and practice.

Tools required for installation

Before you learn how to assemble a pool table, make sure you have the following tools handy:

  • Beeswax;
  • Billiard cloth;
  • Drill machine;
  • Leveler;
  • Measuring tape;
  • Paint scraper;
  • Propane blowtorch;
  • Screwdriver (Phillips and flat head);
  • Socket wrench;
  • Stapler.

Once you have procured these tools, keep them within arm’s reach as you start putting together the table.

Step-by-step guide

The fact that you know what the final product should look like makes pool table assembly all the easier. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Find space for the table

Before fitting the components together, you need to determine where to put the pool table in your game room or garage. This should be ideally done before you go out to purchase a pool table!

Once assembled, it is challenging to move around a pole table. And that is why you should take all the time in the world to find space and a position for the table. This will depend on the size of the pool table and the length of the cue you use. The general rule of thumb is to leave a space of at least 5 feet on all sides. This gives enough room for players to position and shoot.

Remove the package

Ok, now that you have prepared the crime scene, it is now time to remove the packaging. Once again, you should have all your tools in a convenient location so that you don’t have to find them during the assembly process.

Start removing all the parts from the packaging, and be especially careful with the smaller pieces like nuts and bolts. Losing even one of these can become a serious nuisance. And while this may seem burdensome, you should verify that you have all the pieces and parts required. Refer to the manual and immediately contact the manufacturer if you are missing any parts.

Assemble legs and frame

Pool Tables Installation Guide and Extra Tips

It is logical to start from the ground up. To accurately mark the location of the pool table and place the cabinet table upside down on the spot. Sometimes the frames come pre-assembled, but there is a chance that you might have to do this yourself as well. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and attach the side panels, edge panels, and other frame parts step by step.

Here is when tools will make their first appearance. Take the socket wrench and tighten all the nuts. Also, check if any leg mounting brackets need to be fixed on the corner of the table.

Next, attach all the leg support securely, and after that, proceed to attach each leg one at a time.

Once you are done with this, check if the legs shake or move when you touch them. Tighten some more if required, and then turn the cabinet right side up in the marked spot.

Balance the slate

At this stage of pool table assembly, you will be ready to place and balance the slates. Take the measuring tape and locate the center of the table. This is where you will place the center tile.

Once the central tile is in location, measure the open spaces next to it and ensure they are even. If you are using a three-piece slate table, put the other two slides into their respective places. The frame of the table should now be filled.

Don’t just count on your intuition. Use a leveler to check that the slates are evenly placed. If you notice imbalance, level the tiles with shims. You will now proceed to screw the slates. Use the propane torch to melt beeswax inside the spaces between the tiles.

Note: The wax should dry overnight, after which you can remove the access with the paint scraper.

Staple and glue the felt

Moving along our pool table assembly guide, you are now prepared to place the billiard cloth. Cut holes in the panels for the bolts and align the rails and pockets. Next, staple or screw the pockets to the underside of the table. How you do this will depend on the design of the table.

Start placing the felt from the head side and staple/glue/screw the cloth in the center. Next, staple the right and left sides for each side of the table. Do this slowly to avoid wrinkles. These can destroy the table’s smoothness. And use the leveler to measure the smoothness of the pool table.

Place the rails

Now that you’re done with felting, the next step is to install the rails. You may try to place the rail on one side, but it is best to follow the owner’s manual. If the wood is easy to settle, then you will have corners fixed nicely.

You may also use some of that beeswax to smoothen the edges once you put them in the rails. Fix them properly with screws and bolts. You may even use a drill machine to securely tighten the parts.

Don’t forget about pockets

The final step of the process is to fix the pockets. This is done at the end of the pool table assembly process. If you have followed the steps correctly, the pocket holes will already be cut (during the felting). Make sure the pockets are lined accurately and screw them in place.

That’s about it! Just check the level once again, and you are ready to play.

Final thoughts

This concludes the pool tables installation guide. As you can see, pool table installation is a fairly straightforward process that doesn’t require much technical expertise. You should, however, exercise patience and take your time with each step to avoid hurting yourself.

You can make your job easier by selecting a table that is easy to assemble. If you still haven’t purchased a table and are reading this guide to better prepare yourself, you may want to consider the Hathaway Mirage 7.5′ Pool Table. It comes with integrated leg levelers to ensure an even playing field.

Or you can simply go for a table like CHH Mini Folding Pool Table that requires no installation since it’s a portable model!

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