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What is Rec Room Pick?

Thank you for visiting RecRoomPick! Our aim with this website is to give you all the info you could need on choosing the best outdoor and indoor entertainment and games. Our team is made up of game fanatics and experts. We’re firm believers that we should all strive to bring a little more joy and fun into our lives – and we hope to help you do just that. However, searching endlessly through tons of irrelevant specs and sifting through endless reviews can really take the excitement out of your purchase – so we do all of the boring stuff for you! Whether you’re after an air hockey table for your spare room or you want to take your games outdoors, we’ve found the best products for your particular needs, whatever they may be.


How do we get our info?

Our editorial team carries out very thorough research for each and every article. We start by analyzing consumer and professional reviews to determine the top-rated items worth testing out, weighing up their strengths and weaknesses. We also make a list of the key features we need to consider when we test and compare the products.

Our team of experts then trials these products to see how they perform in the game room – or on the playing court – to see if they truly live up to their reputation. Sometimes, a product can receive rave reviews, but its performance doesn’t live up to the hype, leaving consumers disappointed and out of pocket. This is why we spend hours, days or even weeks analyzing the items in order to identify all their advantages and disadvantages, saving you time, effort, and, of course, your hard-earned cash.

Shopping for games should be fun, so we do all the work for you – and we definitely enjoy the process! We’re firm believers that all work and no play really does make Jack a dull boy – so not only do we test and work with these products, but we regularly use our favorites for recreational purposes throughout the workday.


What products do we review?

Our articles cover everything to do with games and recreational activities. Whether you’re into foosball or in search of a ping pong table for your home or office, we’ll bring you the top products in each category!

All of the items we review have been funded by our team at RecRoomPick. We never promote, review or accept sponsored products directly from brands or manufacturers, so you can rely on us to provide unbiased reviews. All of the items that we write about score high in consumer and expert ratings, and we take care to select and review only the most reliable products, ones that we use ourselves and would readily recommend to our family and friends.


Amazon Affiliates Program

We are members of the Amazon Associates Program. When you make a purchase using one of our links to Amazon.com, we get a small commission from Amazon. This helps us keep the website up and running, and enables us to pay our talented team of writers.

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