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Rules and tips
Rules and tips
Learn the rules of popular games and tricks to play like a pro
How to and DIY
How to and DIY
Step-by-step guides to creating your own games and accessories
Analysis of the greatest models out there to equip your rec room with
In-detail video reviews
In-detail video reviews
All-encompassing product reviews made by our experts
Maintenance tips
Maintenance tips
Advice on how to keep your equipment in top-notch condition
Help and feedback
Help and feedback
Answers to FAQs to help you enjoy your hobby to the fullest

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Ryan Stephens
Ryan knows everything when it comes to gaming, both online and offline. Since his early years he’s been in love with arcades, air hockey, and foosball. Finally, he’s given the opportunity to share his knowledge and opinion on the hobby of his life (and even get paid for it!).
Kellie Hager
Kellie is a promising fashion designer who runs her own small studio. In her free time, she creates for us as well, only using texts, photos, and videos as her materials.
Kimberly Weathers
Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics. Kimberly loves writing and dreams of publishing her first dystopian novel in the nearest future.
Evelyn Jansen
Apart from making everything look a bit better than it is using her camera, Evelyn also loves spending time with her two small kids – a girl and a boy – who often test our products without even knowing how much they help our writers and experts.