How to Level a Pool Table?

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Do you want to know how to level the pool table? Maybe you have just started your session and have found out that the table isn’t level. Surely, this feels awful, and you are looking to enjoy your game sessions and have a good time! Almost everybody has dealt with this issue, and it is nothing new. The good news, however, leveling the pool table is neither time-consuming nor hard. With the right method, you will come about it and have fun when playing.

With that being said, you must know that you do not need to call on a professional to mount or level your pool table. Indeed, this can be done by you, providing that you use the right method. In this walkthrough, we will provide you with a step by step guide on how to do it on your own. Just must make sure that your carpet or floor is even to facilitate the leveling of your table.

Why your table might require leveling

Identifying the reasons why your pool table is unleveled or uneven can help you take the appropriate steps to adjust it and enjoy time alone or with friends. With that being said, one of these reasons is the nature of the surface on which the table pool is sitting. Most of the time, the floor on which you install or pose your table pool is itself unleveled. This difference of level does not necessarily cause you to stumble or fall, but it does affect the pool table’s stability or how it stands. It can cause its imbalance and its rolling.

You can check the evenness of your pool table by simply putting a carpenter level on it. This way, you will be sure that it is stable. There is also the option of downloading a level app on your smartphone. This way, you can use it to measure the levelness of your table pool and make sure that it is perfectly even.

Your table pool might also need leveling because it has an issue itself. Maybe you have handled it poorly or roughly, and as a result, it has developed some structural issues. It may also happen that you have put your body weight on the table by using this as a couch. Whatever the case, these issues affect the table and can cause hardware, bolts, or even screws become loose.

By discovering the issues, you can apply the best remedy. For example, ensuring that the table’s framing and bracing are in good shape can help you avoid such problems.

Another reason why you may need a pool table leveling kit is that the leg leveler of your table is not working properly.

Leveling tools

How to balance a pool table? Before going right into the subject, you must know that you need to have adequate pool table leveling tools. This equipment helps you provide the right balance. This way, you can enjoy your games and your time.

Also, whatever method you plan to use to level your 7-foot pool table or any other model, you must know that there are some basic instruments that are required to perform the task. One of those is the carpenter’s level. It comes in very handy, especially as it makes your job very much easier.

Shims are also very important. Whether they are metal or wooden, they help give your pool table the adequate balance and evenness it requires. Once you have worked out the level that you want, you can place them to keep your table from sliding around.

You will also need a screwdriver and a hammer to pin or insert tour shims where they are needed on your billiard table and to raise the slate.

You might also try one of the pool table leveling kits, like one offered by the DB Entertainment Company. This kit includes:

  • 14 Wood Sharp Point Wedges
  • 10 rubber Shims 3” Diameter
  • 1 Stick of 5 Ounce Joint Beeswax for pool table seams

Various leveling methods

How to level the pool table Trusted Source How to Level a Pool Table: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow A pool table must be level for the balls to roll evenly across the felt. An uneven pool table will prevent accuracy in players’ shots, and will allow the balls to roll to one side or area of the table. With a few items from a home…  in the fastest and easiest way? There are various methods from which you can choose when you want to balance your table pool.

Carpenter’s level

How to Level a Pool Table?

You can use the carpenter’s level method to check whether your pool table has an adequate level. This device will help you determine how parallel your billiards table is, as well as how it is perpendicular to other surfaces. This way, you will know if it has the proper balance or levelness.

To ensure your table’s levelness, you must use it on all 4 sides of your billiards table. This way, you will have the appropriate reading of the tool.

Smartphone level

If you don’t have the carpenter’s level at hand, you can also use the smartphone method. Nowadays, the evolution of technology has made it possible to use applications that possess an accelerometer to measure or provide the right level to your billiards table.

However, you must make sure that you have an adequate app for the task. It can be downloaded in your smartphone’s app store and installed on your phone. When running it, you must use it in all four corners of your table and its surface. The app will show the degree of deviation.

Ball technique

The ball technique is practical for people who have no special tool but wish to assess the quality of their billiards table. Actually, it is a timeless technique that can be easily used. The only requirement is that you must have well-trained eyes to precisely assess the ball’s movement.

How to balance a pool table using this method? The only thing you must do is roll your ball straight over the different sections of your table. You will have to watch the directions it takes in order to assess whether it is level or not. If the ball goes straight, then your table is perfectly balanced. On the contrary, it requires some supplementary leveling aid.

Marble method

The marble pool table leveling technique is one of the most used methods, and it has been so for a long time. It is also practical for people who don’t have leveling tools or kits.

To measure the quality of your billiards table’s balance via the marble ball, put a piece of glass at the center of your pool table. Then, roll a marble on the piece of glass.

If the marble does not move, then your table is perfectly balanced. On the contrary, if it rolls, then there is reason to believe that it is not perfectly level. Also, we recommend that you test different areas of your table to make sure that they are all okay.

If you are looking for a billiardtable that is easy to level, try portable models. One of these is the Costzon Billiard Table.

Adjusting the table

Now that we have seen the various methods that can be used to level the pool table, we can now discuss the subject profoundly.

Read the user manual

The first step in leveling your pool table is by consulting the user manual. If you don’t have it, you can probably find it online. Once you do, carefully read all the instructions provided in it concerning the leveling of the billiards table. Generally, most of these tables can be leveled or adjusted through their legs. To do that, you either have to raise the shortest leg or add shims under it. Either of these ways will help you gain proper balance and stability. Also, you will be able to enjoy a good game without your billiard table rolling in different directions.

Using shims

How to Level a Pool Table?

Metal or wood shims are great tools that can help you level your pool table in the fastest way possible. However, to use them, you must consider the design of your table. The shims are perfect for adjusting billiards tables that come without adjustable legs.

To use them, you will first have to lift your pool table. Do not hesitate to ask for help if it is heavy. Once the table is lifted, you can place the shims beneath. However, make sure that you check the shims’ sizes to ensure that they fit for your task. You must push them to an appropriate length. This is what provides the levelness of your table.

Once you are done putting the shims, test your pool table with one of the methods from above.

Adjusting legs through screws

If you have a table pool that comes with adjustable legs, then leveling it will be time-efficient and easier. To do that, you must simply make use of screw driver or your hand to either loosen or tighten the legs. Always test the level of your appliance before tightening or loosening the legs. This will help you achieve the best playable surface that suits your preferences.

Final thoughts

We hope this walkthrough of how to level the pool table has been helpful to you. Whether your billiards table has adjustable legs or not, you can fix it and enjoy the best of your time. Also, always remember to check and test for your table’s balance on a frequent basis. This will help you know when something is wrong and apply the best solution to resolve the issue. Do not hesitate to use the above methods that we have provided you!


How to Level a Pool Table: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
A pool table must be level for the balls to roll evenly across the felt. An uneven pool table will prevent accuracy in players’ shots, and will allow the balls to roll to one side or area of the table. With a few items from a home…
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