How to Measure a Pool Table?

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Learning how to measure a pool table is very important for your set-up. But not many players know how to go about it. While some simply use a measuring tape to determine the size, others take more time to find out how much free space they need around the pool table.

In this article, we will take you through the different steps to measuring a pool table.

Typical Pool Table Sizes

How to Measure a Pool Table?

First things first – you need to understand that there are different sizes of pool tables. These sizes can be anywhere between 7 inches and 9 inches.

In case you are wondering about your pool table dimensions, below are the standard measurements for the tables.

Bar Size

This is the first and least size of pool tables. Also called the ‘7-Foot Table’, it measures 39” x 78” or 40” x 80”. In case you are looking to get a new 7-foot table, the Fat Cat Tucson MMXI is an impressive option with 84” x 5” x 31” size that features rubber bumpers and 6-inch rails.

Standard Size

The standard pool table is also called the ‘8-Foot Table’. It measures 44” x 88”.

Standard 8-Foot Antique Size

This pool table size is also called ‘Pro 8-Foot Table’. The measurement is 46” x 92”.

Tournament Size

Last but not least is the tournament size pool table, which is also the largest. It also goes by the name ‘9-Foot Table’, and measures 50” x 100”.

Worthy of mention is that a pool table is usually measured by using a measuring tape. If you can’t find it at home, you can purchase a decent one by CRAFTSMAN.

You check the dimensions rail to rail. Generally, a table’s length equals its width multiplied by 2, but it is always a good idea to check twice.

How Many Slates Does Your Pool Table Have?

Measuring your pool table helps you figure out the best way to move the table into your game room.

Likewise, it is pertinent to find out the number of slates the table has, because that also plays an important role in the moving of the table.

Besides, you need to know the number of slates on the table, especially if you have to move the table through stairs before getting it into the games room.

So, how do you figure out the number of slates on the pool table? It is simple! The number of slates on the table differs by year of manufacture.

For example, pool tables manufactured in the 1960s to the 1980s have a 1-piece slate. This isn’t just a standard because there are some other pool tables manufactured within those periods that have a 3-piece slate.

Here is a general overview of the number of slates on your pool table:
  • Some antique pool tables utilize a 4-piece slate
  • 1-piece slate beds are standard in 7-foot and 8-foot coin-operated pool tables.
  • Most of the time, 9-foot pool tables use a 1-piece slate except for the Diamond coin-operated pool tables.
  • Also, some of the oldest billiard/pool tables utilize either the 2-piece slate or the 4-piece slate.

Below are additional ways to find out the number of slates your pool table has:

  • Look underneath the railing on any side of the table’s side pocket.
  • 1-piece pool tables are easily identified because they don’t have a separation under the railing.
  • Pool tables with a 3-piece slate come with a separation underneath the railing.

Making More Room to Play

It is one thing to master how to measure the pool table. It is another thing to have enough room to play your game.

Thus, you want to take some time to check the available space in your game room to determine the size of the pool table that can be accommodated.

That being said – the dimensions below will go a long way to help you make more room to play on your pool table.

7-Foot Pool Table8-Foot Pool Table9-Foot Pool Table
1’3” x 14’6”11’9” x 15’4”12’3” x 16’4”
1’9” x 15’2”12’4” x 16”12’10” x 17”
12’9” x 16’1”13’3” x 16’10”13’9” x 17’11”

Final Thoughts

Now that you know different pool table sizes, there is one other thing you must do. And that is to create enough space in your game room so that you will have ample space to play your game without hitches.

If you need more guidelines or help in setting up your pool table, rest assured that we are here to help you every step of the way!

How do you measure a pool table? Feel free to share your tips so that other game lovers will learn from you!

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