Pool Table Light Heights: Why Should You Have Proper Lighting?

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Do you have a pool table at home? It is one of the best ways to entertain yourself and spend some quality time with your friends and family. To enjoy your games, you must make sure that you have the correct pool table light height. Indeed, you will find it annoying if it hangs too low or too high. It affects the quality of lighting from which you can benefit on the surface of your table.

The right lighting for your billiards table is therefore crucial. It ensures that the shadows don’t distract you or make you lose focus from your table, pool balls, or your billiard stick. Thus, the right light makes it possible for you to view or see all the parts of your pool table. With everything said, this is what you should know about pool table light heights!

The importance of pool table lighting: effects of bad lighting

Are there pool table lighting requirements? What you need to know here is that how you set your light affects your game. Indeed, its primary objective is to light up the whole surface of your billiard table and provide you with an accurate view of its playing surface. In turn, this helps you to maneuver your game and shoot your pool balls accurately.

Generally, most fixtures have similar distances. They usually vary from 36 to 42 inches, from the bottom of the lamp up to above the playing surface. Do not hesitate to ask a second person’s help or advice. It provides you with objective feedback on the light’s effectiveness.

Another importance of pool table lighting is the fact that it helps eliminate shadows. Usually, it is not recommended to the lighting up the room in its entirety, but it should go below the ceiling and above the table. You will know if it isn’t right.

Furthermore, bad lighting also affects your gameplay and can make you lose focus. Whether it is too low or too high, it makes it hard for you to focus on your best abilities. You will always be trying to adjust your eyes to the lighting. Once your mind focuses on the lighting, you lose focus on the game.

Apart from the loss of focus, bad lighting also causes eye strain. In turn, it increases dryness and irritation of the eye. As a result, you can develop eye fatigue and difficulty perceiving things around you.

Find proper height

How to install a pool table light? Before doing it, you must know that billiards table’s lighting is not compulsory. However, we recommend it if you want to get rid of shadows and view your shots accurately. We usually recommend 31 to 33″ as the hanging height of pool tables. This measurement or distance comprises the bottom of the lampshade, as well as the billiards table’s bottom surface.

If you have not yet settled your table, you can measure from the floor and use 61 to 63 inches.

Additionally, to find the right light, you must take into consideration its dimensions and how it will shine on your table’s surface. If it is too big, do not hesitate to increase the height. On the contrary, if it is small, you can reduce it.

Different pool light types

Before going into hanging a pool light, you must choose the right light style that meets your preferences and satisfies your needs. Besides, there are various options from which you can choose.

  • Incandescent lamps – The incandescent model comes with light bulbs. Generally, they look like classic bulbs that you use at home. Although this type provides only white light, it is possible today to purchase compact fluorescent lamps. They are cost-efficient and energy-saving.
  • Halogen lamps– It is compact and uses less power. However, it provides only white light.
  • LED lamps – The LED light is the most used and most produced out of the three. Not only is it cheap, but it also provides color light. It allows you to generate different lighting, with up to 7 distinct programs. According to your preferences, you can also purchase white only LED lights if you want.

If you are looking for an excellent lighting option for your pool light lamps, our experts recommend the RAM Gameroom 44-Inch model. It has four bulbs and is available in different designs.

Consider the ceiling

Pool Table Light Heights: Why Should You Have Proper Lighting?

When trying to hang a pool table light, you must consider the ceiling height. If your ceiling is higher than the typical measurement, you have to conduct some adjustments. With a higher roof, your lights might be too far from the surface of your pool table. That is why you must make them come down to the right distance. This distance comprises the pool table and the ground. Like we previously mentioned, the measurements are 62 to 66″ if the table is not yet settled and 32 to 36″ if it is.

It might also happen that your ceiling is too low. When this is the case, you must take the lights a little bit higher. You can make it reach 32″ at least to light up your surface.

Tournament standards

What’s there to know about tournament standards? These are standards recommended by the World Pool-Billiard Association. The measurements we previously mentioned are recommended by the WPA.

If you are planning to precisely follow the tournament standards set by the organization, this is what you must do:
  • First, you must provide at least 520 lux of light to each of the rails of your pool table.
  • Make sure to choose an adjustable light fixture. It will help you modify the light settings as the need arises.
  • If you are using a fixed light fixture, it should, however, not be fixed below 65 inches from the table’s surface. This gives you enough lighting to facilitate your game.
  • The WPA also recommends that you use non-blinding lights. This helps you get accurate vision and focus on your game. Besides, correct lighting enables you to gain focus without being distracted by shadows.
  • Finally, the background and bleachers should not exceed 50 lux of light.

A luxurious pool table model is the Fat Cat by GLD Products Tucson MMXI. You will love it because it might fit any décor. Also, the table’s height makes it possible to adjust lights in a way that meets your needs.

What is the best style of pool light for you?

Whether you are a professional billiard player or you are just having fun, appropriate lighting goes a long way in helping you get the most out of your game. Not only is it essential to choose the best pool table, but you must also have adequate light settings. This simply means selecting the best style of lights that suits your needs.

Single shade light

Pool Table Light Heights: Why Should You Have Proper Lighting?

A single shade light is perfect for everyone. Whether you want to purchase a billiard table for your house or commercial purpose, this will be great. Also called hoods, single shade lights come in different designs and shapes. You can find them in circular and even rectangular shapes.

Their particularity is that they are heavy, and they should be safely and securely installed.

Multiple shade light

Pool Table Light Heights: Why Should You Have Proper Lighting?

Multiple shade lights also come in various shades: glass shades, polyresin, or single-colored. They come with different rods that help balance or level their weight. Their particularity is that they are cost-efficient and less expensive as compared to the previous ones.

They are, therefore, perfect for those who have a small budget.

Pool table lighting installation tips

If you are not sure how to hang a pool table light, here are the tips that will help you :

  • First, start by measuring the width and length of your billiard table and identifying its center. To do that, you can use a tape measure and tape the center.
  • The next step is to align the center of your pool table with the ceiling. How would you do that? Take a pencil and use it to mark the center of your pool table, up to the ceiling.
  • Then, measure the length of your table. You can start from your lighting system’s center to the sides of its chain and then to both sides of the point where you marked the ceiling with your pencil.
  • The next step consists of installing metal hooks on your model. Once that is done, screw them tightly so that they will be solid.
  • Then, you can proceed by attaching the chains to the hooks to make them hang. Make sure that they have the appropriate length.
  • Lastly, you must ensure that the chain links are equally kept. This will help the lighting balance in the best way.

Final thoughts

Now you know everything there is to know about pool table light heights. As you can see, they influence the quality of your games as well as your focus. Do not hesitate to choose the right lighting if you wish to profit from the best of your games. Also, follow the guidelines of the WPA if you want to adjust your lighting to tournament standards.

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