5 Best Bumper Pool Tables — Discover a New Way to Play Billiard!

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Chances are you’ve spent at least some part of your life around a pool table. And chances are that was not in your own home. Pool tables, while fun, are also large and bulky. But if you’re itching for a return to that nostalgia, the best bumper pool table is the way to go. Smaller in size but still fun in nature, this classic gaming furniture is the perfect fit in any rec room.

We have considered more than 15 bumper pool tables and chosen five the most remarkable ones. Among them, the Playcraft Hartford Slate Black Bumper Pool Table is our Editor’s Choice. With its rectangular size and vivid blue felt surface, this will inspire everyone in your family to take part. It is also affordable and has dimensions just perfect for hours of entertainment.

All five of the bumper pool tables we found have detailed product reviews with them. This will help you get to know all their pros and cons. We have also included a buying section where you can understand the features of bumper pool tables and take a peek at the most commonly asked questions. When you’re ready to bring the party to your house, investing in a bumper pool table is the way to go.

Top 5 Bumper Pool Tables Review 2023

  • Dimensions: 54 x 54 x 31.5 inches
  • Materials: Chestnut
  • Accessories included: 4 Chairs, Bumper Pool Accessories included
  • Weight: 398 Pounds
  • More features: Dining, Poker, Bumper Pool

This is a traditionally styled game table that looks distinctly American – perfect for any décor. This table’s top is reversible – one side can be a smooth dining surface while the other side has a special black vinyl poker top with 8 sets of cup and chip holders. Underneath the top level is a bumper pool playfield covered with black cloth. (Balls and accessories are included.)

For those who need a table and chairs set, this option not only has plenty of elegant and functional features, but it also saves you the hassle of having to buy two separate products. This one will fit in a tight space or bigger room!

This set includes 4 chairs which are designed to provide maximum comfort. The chairs have 360 swivel & the bases are sturdy. They also features black vinyl cushions for extra comfort. They rock too, which is sometimes the case with other game room chairs. The Bumper pool table isn’t made out of slate, so it might not be level.

What are our favorite features?

  • 2 Games
  • Dining Table
  • Classic Look
  • Comes with Chairs

What could be better?

  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Dimensions: 5 x 41.5 x 32 inches
  • Materials: MDF; wood grain laminate
  • Accessories included: a set of balls; 2 48-inch cues; 2 chalks; brush
  • Weight: 205 lbs.

More features: 5-inch square legs; 5- 7/8-inch top apron; 7-3/4-inch bottom apron

Bumper pool tables come in all sizes and prices. If you’re looking for the best value bumper pool table, it is definitely the Atomic Classic Bumper Pool Table. While this bumper pool table is not as stylish as others on our list, it is still serviceable and can provide hours of entertainment.

The Atomic Classic Bumper Pool Table is just over 4.5 feet in length and can fit a lot of spaces. You don’t need tons of room for this device, which is definitely part of its draw. The table is made from MDP and has a laminate overcoat. It’s not the most stylish, but it doesn’t look cheap. It has solid, 5-inch square legs for maximum sturdiness. It’s also only 205 pounds which means if you need to, you can move it to a different room with the help of just one other person.

The construction is quite nice, and there is an internal ball return that is really handy. Kids and adults of all ages can play quite nicely with this bumper pool table.

With your purchase, you receive two 28-inch cubes, one set of pool balls, chalk, and a felt brush. This is all you need to get started.

The Atomic Classic Bumper Pool Table comes unassembled, but it is quite simple to put together. The only issues were a few cases where the legs were delivered damaged. Unfortunately, this is a common side effect of online deliveries. Thankfully, the seller was very accommodating.

What are its best features?

  • Very easy to set up
  • Lightweight and movable
  • Nice and affordable

What could be improved?

  • Some issues of damage upon delivery
  • Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 33.5 inches
  • Materials: natural birch hardwood; oak finish
  • Accessories included: 2 cues; pool balls; brush; chalk
  • Weight: 426 lbs.

More features: comes with a set of 4 19-inch wide armchairs

If you want a stylish centerpiece and maybe make a few friends jealous, invest in the Hathaway Kingston 3-in-1 Poker Table. This product just screams luxury.

It serves not only as a bumper pool table but as a poker table, as well. The pool slab has a gorgeous, bright green felt on it, while the poker table has a deep, sophisticated green.

And, if you’re worried about space, the Hathaway Kingston 3-in-1 Poker Table actually has a solid wood table cover you can place over top. This means you can have friends over for dinner and then continue on for a game night, all in the same space.

Further complementing this table is the fact that also comes with four luxurious chairs. They are 19 inches wide and have armrests and padded leather cushions. There’s actually no need to head out anymore as you can stay at home and still revel in the luxury of any top-rated club.

The table features solid construction. It is made from solid birch and has an oak finish. The base of the table is crafted with a five-star base that is durable and stately. With your purchase, you also receive a table brush, two pool cues, and a set of pool balls. The table itself has cup holders that have rubber inserts to avoid any accidental damage.

If you’re looking for a flaw amongst all these details, it would be the price. Unfortunately, you do have to pay for luxury. Still, if it’s within budget, the Hathaway Kingston 3-in-1 Poker Table is worth considering.

What stands out?

  • Solid wood construction
  • Includes pool table and poker table
  • Oak-finish cover converts it to a dining table

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Very expensive
  • Dimensions: 54 x 39 x 31 inches
  • Materials: MDF; metal corners; ABS plastic
  • Accessories included: 2 48-inch cues; 10 balls; brush; chalk
  • Weight: 225 lbs.

More features: ¾-inch single slate playfield

Playcraft Hartford Slate Black Bumper Pool Table. It is a stylish table, perfect for people of all ages to enjoy. Measuring 4.5 feet by 3.25 feet, this rectangular design can fit rec rooms of all sizes. It is also relatively lightweight, at 225 pounds. Obviously, this does not make it portable, but it is still a lot easier to move around than other models on our list.

Included in your purchase is the table itself, two pool cues, ten balls, a brush, and chalk. The cues are 48 inches in length, which means you don’t have to have the standard five feet of space around your table. This is again much more convenient for smaller-sized rooms.

As for the design, the Playcraft Hartford Slate Black Bumper Pool Table has an elegant vivid blue felt. It is eye-catching and modern and will entice even the most lackadaisical teenager to emerge from their bedroom and become social again.

The construction of this bumper pool table is quite fine. It is made from MDF with a ¾ inch slate top. The top is solid and flat and provides excellent ball play.

This is a really nice, affordable bumper pool table. The only bad thing we could fine were a few reports of the felt tearing after some time. Still, the manufacturer quickly shipped new felt. However, do be careful if you plan on replacing felt as it can be a tedious process.

What do we love it for?

  • Affordable
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Bright, modern design

What were we disappointed with?

  • Some issues with felt tearing

Valley Tiger Cat Bumper Pool TableBest Home Bumper Pool Table

  • Dimensions: 54 x 41 x 31 inches
  • Materials: mahogany laminate; die-cast corners; aluminum trim
  • Accessories included: one set of balls
  • Weight: 325 lbs.

More features: ball return; ¾-inch slate bed covered with genuine green billiard cloth

Sometimes you just want to have more fun at home. In such cases, finding a game that is fun for the whole family is a must. The Valley Tiger Cat Bumper Pool Table is the perfect addition to any rec room. It is only 4.5 feet in length, so it doesn’t take up too much space. It also has adjustable leg pads, so you will always be playing on a flat surface.

As for construction, the Valley Tiger Cat Bumper Pool Table is affordable but still looks elegant. It has a deep green felt that is paired with a sophisticated mahogany laminate. The corners are also die-cast, and there is aluminum trim to finish. Altogether, this is a bumper pool table that will bring a sense of elegance to any room.

Because the construction of the Valley Tiger Cat Bumper Pool Table is so solid, this product weighs a whopping 325 pounds. That is heavy. Not only will you need help just moving the delivery boxes into your house, but you will want to find the perfect spot for it, so you don’t have to worry about moving it in the future.

Within the design is a ball return area for increased convenience. You get two pool cues, a set of balls, and chalk with your purchase. Assembly is also very easy, so you can get down to playing right away. If you’re looking for a great gaming piece to add to your home, the Valley Tiger Cat Bumper Pool Table is a sure win.

What makes it stand out?

  • Sophisticated presentation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Construction details add to positive experience

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Very heavy

Things to Consider

Even small spaces deserve to hold entertainment. A bumper pool table is the perfect solution to wanting to have fun in a small area. Before you decide on the perfect bumper pool table, have a look at what the features are and what the most commonly questions are. Chances are it will make you think more about how and where to place this awesome new purchase.

How’s a bumper pool table different from a traditional billiard table

5 Best Bumper Pool Tables — Discover a New Way to Play Billiard!

Traditional billiard tables measure 8 feet by 4 feet. Some are even as large as 9 feet by 4.5 feet. In contrast, bumper pool tables measure around 4.5 feet by 3 feet. Another size you might see with bumper pool tables is a hexagonal shape.

While the rules of the bumper pool still revolve around you hitting balls with a pool cue, they are slightly different because of the size and shape of the table.

What is the same between a bumper pool table and a traditional billiard table is that they both offer fun and entertainment.

Features to consider when choosing a bumper pool table

Even if you’ve played on a traditional pool table before, there is a lot to understand about a bumper pool table. Therefore, take a solid look at the features to expect to know just how this new game will fit in your life and your home.

If it’s a bumper pool table only or a multifunctional unit

Bumper pool tables can be expensive. If it comes with a second playing surface then it can make the price so much more feasible. On our list, two items have a three in one feature. Both the Hathaway Kingston 3-in-1 Poker Table and the Fairview Game Rooms Combination 3-in-1 Game/Dining Table can quickly alternate between a pool surface and a poker surface. And, if you’re short on table space, they even come with a wooden top to convert to a dining room table.


Bumper pool tables are a nice option because they are so much smaller than regular pool tables. While regular pool tables usually measure 8 feet by 4 feet, bumper pool tables are almost half the size. The largest rectangular table on our list measures 57.5 x 41.5.

5 Best Bumper Pool Tables — Discover a New Way to Play Billiard!

You can also find bumper pool tables in the shape of a hexagon. Measurements for these can vary. The Fairview Game Rooms Combination 3-in-1 Game/Dining Table has 54-inch sides while the Hathaway Kingston 3-in-1 Poker Table has 48-inch sides.

Don’t forget to measure where you want to place your new bumper pool table and remember to include at least 5 feet of space around the table itself for gameplay.

Materials used for the construction

Most bumper pool tables, even high-end ones, will start with MDF as part of its base. More sophisticated bumper tables will then add solid wood, such as mahogany. More inexpensive bumper pool tables will instead use a laminate cover made to look like wood.

Just remember that while solid wood does look very nice, it comes with a very hefty price tag.

Accessories included

You can expect a standard set of accessories with any bumper pool table. This includes two pool cues, a set of balls, and chalk. Hopefully, it will also come with a brush to keep the felt cover nice and smooth.

In the case of three-in-one tables, such as the Fairview Game Rooms Combination 3-in-1 Game/Dining Table, you may also receive poker cards and poker chips.


Bumper pool tables are heavy. You will want to keep this in mind for both setup and placement. When your bumper pool table arrives, it will most likely be in a few pieces; usually the table legs and tabletop. Even when separated these pieces can still be quite heavy so it’s best to have someone on hand to help you move the boxes inside.

Then, think about where you want your bumper pool table to reside. Find a place where you won’t have to move it. The heaviest bumper pool table on our list is the Hathaway Kingston 3-in-1 Poker Table, which comes in at 426 pounds. Even the lightest bumper pool table, the Atomic Classic Bumper Pool Table weighs 205 pounds. These are not portable so find the perfect spot for your new past time and make sure that’s where it can stay for quite some time.


While not a technical apparatus, bumper pool tables are still exposed to a lot of wear and tear. A proper warranty can really help you. Expect a standard one-year warranty with these types of tables. And remember to inspect your purchase immediately upon delivery. As well-packaged as they may be, you never know what kind of scratches or damage could be found.

Other features

If you’re lucky, the bumper pool table you fall in love with will have extra features. The Valley Tiger Cat Bumper Pool Table has leg levelers so you can never cry foul if your opponent always makes those tricky shots. The Hathaway Kingston 3-in-1 Poker Table has a gorgeous design and even comes with chairs to help you keep your poker face.

Game rules

5 Best Bumper Pool Tables — Discover a New Way to Play Billiard!

Bumper pool has its own set of rules, as it is played on a different sized table.

  • Start with either two players or two teams of two.
  • Each team has either 5 white balls or 5 red balls.
  • The object of the game is to sink all of your balls first.


Felt on a pool table can quickly become worn, especially if you regularly play the game. Fortunately, you can replace the felt instead of purchasing an entirely new pool table. First, remove the felted part of the table. If the felt is stapled, you can use a staple remover. If it is glued, you can simply pull the felt off. Be sure to clean the slate so that the surface is as smooth as possible. Then, measure and place a new piece of felt. You can either staple the sides or glue it: just be sure to stretch out the fabric, so it is as flat and even for the best playing experience.

Pool shots require space. Leave at least 5 feet of space around the entire pool table. If you are larger, you might want to leave even more space.

Full-size pool tables are too large to fit through doorways, so do not usually come fully assembled. You will have to attach the table legs to the top of the table. Fortunately, this isn’t usually too difficult.

Wrapping It Up

Ready for a fun new gaming experience right in your home? Our Editor’s Choice for the best bumper pool table is the Playcraft Hartford Slate Black Bumper Pool Table. This is a stylish but affordable choice that will encourage everyone to start playing.

If you want a more sophisticated choice, try the Fairview Game Rooms Combination 3-in-1 Game/Dining Table. The hexagon-shaped table allows you to play both pool and poker, and its solid wood construction will be the envy of everyone.

Finally, if your budget is a bit lower, our pick for the best inexpensive bumper pool table is the Atomic Classic Bumper Pool Table. It still looks good and plays well all while leaving you room for a snack-and-beverage budget. The best bumper pool table is out there. Now go ahead and have fun!

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