Top 5 Mini Air Hockey Tables: Bring the Fun with You Wherever You Go

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Air hockey is fast, frantic and fun. It is a game enjoyed by both adults and children all over the world, but it is unlikely that you will have room for a full sized air hockey table, which may be up to 8 feet in length. In this article, we’re looking at compact options and reviewing the best mini air hockey tables. These are often attached to existing tabletops and are far more lightweight, affordable, and portable than full-sized models.

Even though these are more suitable for a fun party game than they are for any sort of real competition, it is still worth buying a product which is good quality and is going to last. Our reviews consider the dimensions, scoring system (is it electronic or not), whether it includes accessories such as pucks and pushers and even the warranty on offer from the manufacturer. We have also looked at the setup in the case of portable models which attach to tabletops, and whether they are simple to put up and take down.

Our team has spent many hours and scoured multiple consumer reviews when creating this guide. We have also considered manufacturer information and specifications and first-hand experience of using the tables in order to put together this article and work out the very best products available. Research is presented as a table and mini air hockey table reviews of the top models, followed by an in-depth buying guide to help you to make the right decision when purchasing a mini air hockey table.

Top 5 Mini Air Hockey Tables Review 2024

  • Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 9 inches
  • Scoring system: electronic
  • Pucks and pushers: 2 mini pucks and 2 mini pushers
  • Warranty: not specified

Extra features: durable foam-padded legs to prevent scratching, CUL-certified AC-12V motor

For a fun party game style of mini air hockey table, the Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table is a fantastic choice. It is 40 inches long which is the standard size for mini tables.

The assembly takes around 15 minutes to do for the first time, and you will probably get quicker as time goes on, too. All you need to do is attach the goals and the padded legs and you will be ready to use your table.

As you are probably buying this as a fun set for parties or for the kids, it is important that everything you need in order to play is included. The 2 mini pucks and pushers mean you can get started as soon as you set up the table.

The 12V motor has a decent level of power for a small table, and only needs a standard plug socket to get going.

Construction of the table is pretty durable in spite of its small size. It is made from fiberwood and the legs are very dense and good quality. Once it is set up on the table it doesn’t move around too much and isn’t easily damaged in transit, either. The legs are padded with felt so that they won’t scratch your table if they do get knocked around.

The scoring system can either be electronic (you will require 2 AA batteries for this) or you can do it manually if you would prefer.

Why are we impressed?

  • Easy assembly in less than 15 minutes.
  • Electronic scoring system.
  • Padded legs don’t scratch surfaces.
  • Decent airflow for a mini model.
  • Comes with accessories.

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Legs don’t fold, so not as portable as some competing models.
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Harvil 40-Inch Tabletop Air Hockey TableBest Portable Mini Air Hockey Table

  • Dimensions: 40 x 19.6 x 8 inches
  • Scoring system: manual
  • Pucks and pushers: 2 pucks, 2 pushers
  • Warranty: 90-day limited

Extra features: CUL-certified AC-12V motor, manual slide scorer

The Harvil mini air hockey table is another option which sits on top of a table during use. It doesn’t have very long legs, and therefore doesn’t sit high above your table. This has been discussed by many reviewers as being a great air hockey table for kids due to the height and size. It also has some very cool graphics which kids tend to love.

This is a really lightweight table at under 15 lbs, and the fact that the legs are small make it more easy to transport from place to place.

Two paddles and pucks are included in the box so you can get started when this arrives and don’t have the extra expense of buying them separately.

The blower is 12V and CUL certified, and for a miniature table, the air flow is pretty reliable, allowing the puck to glide along the surface.

One of the reasons we rate this so highly is that it is one of the only mini air hockey tables which comes with a warranty. This is only 90 days but it does protect you against any defects or parts that break early into use. Not many other similar tables have any kind of warranty.

Why is it special?

  • Good, reliable airflow.
  • Great size for kids.
  • Lightweight and easily portable.

What are the flaws?

  • No specific padding to avoid damage on the surface you put the air hockey table on.
  • Manual scoring system.

Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air HockeyBest Mini Air Hockey Table for Kids

  • Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 8 inches
  • Scoring system: manual
  • Pucks and pushers: 2 pucks, 2 pushers
  • Warranty: 90-day limited

Extra features: CUL-approved 100 CFM air-powered motor

The Playcraft Sport mini air hockey table is a sturdy and fun tabletop option which is very good for kids. As well as being pretty low to the table and suitable for putting on coffee tables for younger kids (if the coffee table is big enough) it is well made out of MDF materials.

This comes with all you need to get started with two pushers and two pucks. The quick-return puck system allows for a fast-paced game. Setup is incredibly fast too. It is easy to put together for the first time, and as it doesn’t take up too much space, you will probably be able to store it without deconstructing or removing the legs.

The motor of the Playcraft option is an air-powered motor with 100 CFM. While not as powerful as some of the others, it provides plenty of airflow for a fun game for kids.

Another big plus point for this model is the price. This is one of the more affordable tabletop air hockey sets and though it isn’t the best option out there for adults, it can provide hours of entertainment for the kids!

What makes it special?

  • Great value for money.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Has a manufacturer warranty

What cons did we find?

  • Not quite as hard-wearing as some other options.
  • No electronic scoring option.

Sport Squad HX40 Easiest-to-Assemble Mini Air Hockey Table

  • Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 5 inches
  • Scoring system: manual
  • Pucks and pushers: 2 pucks, 2 pushers
  • Warranty: not specified

Extra features: AC-12V motor, non-marking rubber pads to prevent scratches

This is another mini air hockey table which is suitable for fun and games at home rather than anything too competitive. It is very portable and easy to set up, and is one of the only models on our list which doesn’t have specific legs, so you don’t need to attach anything other than the goals. The ideal way to play with this set is simply to set it up on top of a small coffee table. It is the perfect size for kids but as the product photos show, it is suitable to play sitting down for adults.

Setup takes just five minutes, and it is so lightweight that this is suitable for taking out and about, perhaps to a friend’s house for a game night. On top of this, the felt pads on the bottom ensure that even if it moves around during more rigorous play then it won’t scratch the surface it is on.

An abacus scoring system is in place and two pucks and two pushers are included in the box to get you started playing the game.

This isn’t the sturdiest product, but the fact it is so small and lightweight is appealing to many people. The motor is adequate and keeps the airflow high enough for the puck to keep moving.

What are our favorite features?

  • Lightweight and easy to store.
  • Fast setup.
  • Good value for money.

What could be better?

  • No on/off switch to control airflow, must be done from mains power.
  • Not overly sturdy.
  • Dimensions: 21 x 12 x 4 inches
  • Scoring system: manual
  • Pucks and pushers: 2 pucks, 2 pushers
  • Warranty: not specified

Extra features: compact size, 8.4 lbs. weight

The Kole Imports Air Hockey Table Top is the smallest product on this list. It is not really suitable for older children or adults due to the fact it is only 21 inches (you could probably easily reach the other end of the table, which makes it easy to cheat!).

If you need a hockey table for kids’ parties and a fun introduction to air hockey, then this affordable and compact product is great for younger kids, with many people in their reviews saying 3-6 year olds enjoyed this table most.

It comes with two pushers and two pucks (if your kids are mainly using this, the spare puck might come in handy).

It is pretty sturdy considering the small size and will hold up to a beating from kids if their games get feisty. It does require a small amount of assembly which some users have reported as being slightly awkward on such a small table, but this is just for the goals.

Though we wouldn’t recommend it for adults, this is a good cheap air hockey table for young people to play, if they enjoy it you can always upgrade to a larger model as they get older.

What makes it special?

  • Extremely compact and lightweight at under 9 lbs.
  • Comes with pucks and pushers.
  • Very cheap, a fraction of the price of some alternative models.

What cons did we find?

  • Not suitable for older children and adults.
  • Requires a small amount of assembly with the goals.

Things to Consider

A mini air hockey table is a purchase which involves considering a few different criteria. They all come in different sizes, have different scoring systems and are designed with different users and ages in mind.
How seriously you take your air hockey hobby is another aspect of your decision. Do you need something rugged which can stand up to loads of regular use, or will your air hockey table be used more occasionally for a bit of fun? In this case, something a little more affordable might be up your street.

Advantages of a top-quality mini air hockey table

Best Mini Air Hockey TableA quality mini air hockey table has a huge amount of advantages. They are a way for you to enjoy this fun and frantic game in the comfort of your own home without having to worry about the table taking up 8 feet in your home. Mini options can be portable and easily packed down and stored away for use whenever you fancy it, rather than having to have the table set up all the time and taking up valuable table space.

Lots of kids enjoy playing the game out at the arcades or even if they get the chance to play this at a friends house or at school. There is every chance that children might be asking for an air hockey table at home. Even if you have room in the garage or somewhere else in your home, kids can quickly lose interest in new hobbies, so a mini table can be a good choice for them to try our air hockey and see if this is the hobby for them.

Features to consider when choosing a mini air hockey table

There are a few different vital features for a reliable air hockey table, and this should always be considered. A poor quality mini air hockey table isn’t worth buying. If it is flimsy and will break quickly it is no use, if it is hard to keep score this can affect the fun you have playing, and if the puck is likely to go flying you’re not going to enjoy playing. A good table alleviates all these problems. You can get decent options, even on a budget – there are many fantastic air hockey tables under $500. If you’re willing to invest a little more, you can also find an air hockey table under $1000. However, for this article, we’ll be focusing more on features that are important for finding high-quality mini air hockey tables.


Best Mini Air Hockey TableConsider the dimensions of the mini air hockey table, and if it is a model which goes on a tabletop such as a coffee table or a dining room table, you will need to match up the measurements (at least roughly). A 40-inch air hockey table won’t sit on top of a small coffee table, and if you use a table which is too big to hold your air hockey table, it is likely that you will struggle to reach and play effectively.

The smaller models of tables are also very difficult for adults or older children to play. Air hockey needs to be a fair game, and if you can reach past the halfway point then this can be very easy to cheat. Plus, the game can go a bit too fast on a tiny table if you are an adult, and the pushers may be too small to use. Small tables are usually best suited to children.


Design doesn’t usually play a massive part in the decision, in terms of looks at least, but as these products are often aimed at younger people, a cool design can be a big bonus. Children tend to love a product with a lively and exciting design.

Consider whether the table has been designed with or without legs and whether these are foldable for extra convenience.

Scoring system

The scoring system can be either electronic or manual. An electronic system allows you to reset the score and it will then count automatically and allow you to play the game without having to use counters as you go. This can be more reliable and also means you won’t forget to track the score as you go through the game.

Some electronic scoring systems require additional batteries. The Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table is an example of this, though you can also keep score manually if you prefer.

Many of the smaller air hockey tables on the market have manual scoring, and an electronic scorer does tend to add to the overall price of the table.

Accessories: pucks and pushers

Without the pucks and pushers, you simply can’t play the game. This is always a consideration when you are buying an air hockey table, whether miniature or otherwise. Buying them at the same time means you can be playing within minutes of the table being set up.

The pucks and pushers are especially important with mini air hockey tables. While you don’t need ridiculously high-quality pushers and pucks on little home tables, you do need them to be the right size, and the best way to do so is to ensure you get pucks and pushers with the table when you purchase it.

Blowers and air flow

Best Mini Air Hockey TableThe air flow is very important when playing air hockey. If you’ve ever paid to use one in an amusement arcade and it did not have the right air flow you will see that the puck can stop dead and not be able to keep moving around the table as it should.

The motors on these mini products are usually only 12V and don’t have as high an air flow as the full-sized tables, but they don’t need to be as powerful on small tables. Mostly, the blowers are quite weak on small tables, but as long as they have enough to keep the puck moving then this shouldn’t be an issue.

Construction and stability

Mini products are usually not as sturdy – this is partially due to being lighter in weight – but as most mini air hockey models are tabletop air hockey tables, they should have plenty of stability. If they have legs, it is important that these connect firmly and are stable to keep the table straight.

Stability is also key when you consider things like the goals, which can be knocked off the table if they are not as good quality, rendering it pretty useless.

90 days is a generous warranty for a mini table, which means that your purchase isn’t protected for a huge amount of time, so ensuring the table is sturdy in the first place is key.


Weight is a big consideration when it comes to storing and putting up your table. Lightweight products are normally preferable, with the smallest on this list weighing just 8 lbs. Lighter tables can be easier to nudge and move around by accident during playing. Sturdiness shouldn’t be compromised for lighter weight.


As we’ve briefly alluded to, a lot of these products don’t have long warranties at all. This is due to the nature of the way they are used. They can be damaged in transit or while being played. However, some manufacturers offer 90-day warranty such as the Harvil 40-Inch Tabletop Air Hockey Table.


Construction should not take very long at all. The majority of mini tables are designed to be put up and taken down on demand, which means just a few minutes is enough for some tables. 15 minutes is the top estimated time to construct any of the tables on this list. The Sport Squad HX40 takes just five.

Rubber padding on the bottom of the legs or the surface can help with stability so that the playing surface doesn’t get nudged around and scratch the table. The larger the table, the more likely it usually is to stay stable.

Yes, in order to run the blower there will always be a power cord included with your mini air hockey table.

Our Verdict

The Rally and Roar Tabletop Air hockey table is the highest rated of the tables on this list. It has powerful blowers and a lot of stability, meaning it is one of the top mini air hockey tables for families and older children to play. The brilliant felt pads stop it from scratching the surface. It also has an electronic scoring system. We’ve given it a rating of 9.9.

A similarly sized product is the Harvil 40-Inch Tabletop Air Hockey Table, this is simple to set up and has a quirky design which appeals to kids. It is one of the best mini air hockey table options. It has a 90-day warranty which is quite generous compared to some of the competing models.

The Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey also has a 90-day warranty as well as being great value for money. The blowers aren’t quite as impressive as the models which are higher rated, but we’ve still rated it 8.9, which is excellent considering the price.

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