Air Hockey Table Dimensions: All You Were Wondering

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Before buying a table to play air hockey, you should confirm that it will fit in the intended space and still leave sufficient clearance space around the table. The only way to do this is by comparing table sizes with your room.  In this article, we reviewed all the air hockey table dimensions that are available to provide you with multiple size and style options for your space and gaming needs. We also considered the weight of these tables and the amount of room you should set aside for set up.

What’s the standard air hockey table size?

For leagues and tournaments, the United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) and the Air Hockey Player Association (AHPA) approve and sanction standard air hockey tables with dimensions of 8 feet in length and 6 feet in width. This is also the most popular table size in pubs and other business premises where air hockey is played.

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What other air hockey table dimensions exist?

Apart from the regulation size air hockey table dimensions, you can also find a longer arcade air hockey table as well as miniature models with smaller dimensions for recreational play at home.

Small/tabletop size

Air Hockey Table Dimensions: All You Were Wondering

These are inexpensive, compact, and lightweight tables that are mainly designed for kids and amateurs. The Sportcraft air hockey table dimensions and its weight of 44 pounds make it a good starter model for players who are just getting into the game. It also comes with 3 pucks and 2 mallets.

Small models feature miniature versions of the features included in full-size air hockey tables and would, therefore, be the best way to introduce your little one to the game. You can place these mini models next to your air hockey table so that children can play alongside their parents. The small size also allows you to set them on tabletops and fold them away for storage.

The dimensions of air hockey tables in this category differ from one model to another, with the majority of them measuring 2 feet in length.

Average size

The dimensions of an average air hockey table range from 5 to 6 feet for height and 3 to 4 feet for width.

This is a fantastic table size that will provide your family with the fun and gaming experience of an arcade without taking up much space like full-sized tables.

The tables are sturdy and playable, and established air hockey brands like Dynamo which offers regulation size air hockey tables for tournaments also makes tables with those average dimensions. Their prices vary according to the table size and the type of materials used in construction.

Arcade air hockey table dimensions

With the length of 7 to 8 feet, arcade air hockey tables share close or same dimensions as regulation size air hockey tables, making them an ideal size for practice by current professional players and amateur air hockey players who plan to participate in official competitions in future.

In spite of the arcade air hockey table dimensions, they are not approved for tournaments because some of their features such as sound effects and flashing lights do not meet the official requirements.  In tournaments, such features would be considered a distraction. The USAA does not even allow tables with long overhead lights.

These tables are large in size and designed with durable materials that can put up with rough and extended play by multiple customers. They are quite expensive, which is why owners mainly acquire them for commercial purposes.

Professional air hockey table size

Air Hockey Table Dimensions: All You Were Wondering

The dimensions of air hockey tables used in official leagues and tournaments must meet the requirement of the United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) and the Air Hockey Player Association (AHPA). The sanctioned table size is 8 feet.  Brunswick, Dynamo Brown Top, and Gold Standard Games are the only brands with full size air hockey table dimensions that have been officially approved or sanctioned by USAA.

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How much do they weight?

Arcade air hockey table dimensions are close to those of regulation size and full-size tables because these types tend to be built with heavy-duty materials that are meant to put up with aggressive play without damage. They also feature thicker playing surfaces and powerful blower motors that supply pressurized air that is distributed across the playing surface to improve the performance of the pucks. Consequently, these factors along with the dimensions of these air hockey tables make them heavy with weight ranging from 160 to 350 pounds. This is why such models are mainly bought for professional and commercial use. For home use and recreational play, you should consider portable mini and tabletop models which can weigh as little as 5 to 30 pounds since some are made from plastic, or an average air hockey table that is available in a larger size for adult use.

How much space is needed in your rec room?

When factoring in the ideal space to set aside for your intended table, remember to leave enough room around the table because air hockey players move a lot when making shots or defending their goal. Apart from creating space that can accommodate the dimensions of the air hockey table, it is recommended to allow for 2 to 3 feet around the table for unrestricted movement. For instance, a full-size table would require approximately space measuring 10 by 7 feet, and a table measuring 8 by 6 feet would fit in a room of 12 by 8 feet. If you are going to have spectators and furniture in the same room, then space of 15 by 10 feet should be sufficient for most average size air hockey tables.

For people with limited space, a tabletop model would be ideal because you can place it on a table and other surfaces. Due to their table size, mini models are the most portable and take the least space since they can fit in closets, shelves and even under beds. Some are also foldable to reduce their footprint. An example of a budget-friendly model for kids is Sportcraft air hockey table with dimensions of a length of 54 inches, width of 27 inches and height of 31 inches. To add excitement to the game, this table features dual-spinning pucks and an overhead LED system that keeps track of the scores.

In conclusion

Air Hockey Table Dimensions: All You Were Wondering

Along with establishing whether the standard air hockey table dimensions would fit in your intended space and leave enough clearance for players to maneuver around the table, there are other factors that could influence the table size you choose.

If you are a beginner, you may want an inexpensive tabletop air hockey table that would introduce you to the game and then upgrade to a larger one as you advance your skills. However, aspiring professional players should always consider regulation size air hockey table dimensions for practice so they can be familiar with the table size and features approved by the USAA and other authorized bodies such as Air Hockey Player Association (AHPA).

For commercial enterprises, owners should opt for arcade air hockey table dimensions because these models are large, durable, and equipped with exciting features that would entertain and draw customers to your business. Arcade tables are the most abused but also the sturdiest because they have to endure several sessions of play. They are also the most expensive so you need to make sure your intended air hockey table size is a long-lasting and valuable investment.

You may also want to consider the power source to establish mobility if you would prefer a portable battery-powered air hockey table that you can take with you on vacations and trips. For a table that would be installed in one place, an electrical model would be preferable.

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