Top 5 Affordable Foosball Tables under $300 – Get the Most for Your Money

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You might have played foosball in a bar or arcade and wondered if there was any way to have one in your home game room. Luckily, there are plenty of compact, affordable options available so the fun doesn’t have to stop. To make sure you get the most for your money, we rounded up the best foosball tables under $300 to help you find the right one for you.

When choosing a foosball table, there are a few things you should consider which is what we focused on in our reviews. First, decide how you want to use your foosball table. Will you play casually or do you have regular game nights when it will get used a lot? Will it be used mostly by kids or will adults be getting in on the action, too? Once you know what you’re looking for, consider the dimensions and build quality. The better the materials, the more intense gameplay the table can handle. Dimensions are really important, too. Make sure you get the right size for your space and remember that shorter tables are better for children. Also, decide whether you want telescopic rods and if you have a preference for goalie configuration.

Top 5 Foosball Tables under $300 Review 2020

We spend a lot of time thoroughly researching product specs, building materials, and reviews from experts and people just like you who use these tables in their own homes to put together this review. The first thing you’ll see is a table where you can compare all our picks side by side. Next, you’ll find in-depth reviews of our favorite products so you get a better idea of what each one has to offer. Finally, we included a detailed buying guide to help you figure out how to choose the best foosball table under $300 for you.

Editor's Choice

This competition-sized table is great for kids and adults alike, is heavy, thus remaining stable during play, is well-crafted and can be configured with one or three goalies

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RecRoomScore is our patented scoring system which helps us evaluate each of the reviewed products, from 1 to 10. The score is based on the product’s individual features, its sales stats, and buyers’ feedback.
Best Warranty

This table from the renowned manufacturer features durable semi-solid rods with one or three goalie set up, and boasts a whopping lifetime warranty

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RecRoomScore is our patented scoring system which helps us evaluate each of the reviewed products, from 1 to 10. The score is based on the product’s individual features, its sales stats, and buyers’ feedback.
Best Styling

Best suited for kids and young adults, this table has a great realistic styling of the field and players, is compact and fits in smaller places

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RecRoomScore is our patented scoring system which helps us evaluate each of the reviewed products, from 1 to 10. The score is based on the product’s individual features, its sales stats, and buyers’ feedback.
Best for Telescopic Rods

This table is one of the easiest to set up and comes with telescopic rods, which make play safer, and players made of dense ABS, which increases performance

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RecRoomScore is our patented scoring system which helps us evaluate each of the reviewed products, from 1 to 10. The score is based on the product’s individual features, its sales stats, and buyers’ feedback.
Budget Pick

Affordable and compact, this table is great for starters, either kids or adults, and features built-in cup holders

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RecRoomScore is our patented scoring system which helps us evaluate each of the reviewed products, from 1 to 10. The score is based on the product’s individual features, its sales stats, and buyers’ feedback.

  • Type: indoor
  • Rods: hollow, steel
  • Goalies: 1 or 3
  • Dimensions: 54 x 34.5 x 29.5 inches
  • Weight: 76 pounds
  • Warranty: 90-day limited

The EastPoint Sports Newcastle Foosball Table is a great choice if you’re looking for an official competition-sized table. It’s large enough for two or four players, suitable for adults and school-aged children, and is a great way to spend long winters and rainy days indoors.

This table uses a special brushing system that allows the rods to spin around and slide with ease, which makes play more enjoyable. The steel rods control the simple black and white robo-style players with ease. It also comes with two foosballs to get you started and an easy-to-use score-keeping system that consists of metal beads sliding across a bar so you can keep track of how many goals you scored.

Oversized leg levelers make it easy to get a level playing surface no matter where your table is set up. Assembly is required and, though the instructions are pretty straightforward, it can be a bit tricky and takes a few hours. That said, it’s stable and durable once assembled, plus the luster finish resists wear and tear.

This foosball table is recommended for rooms 10 by 8 feet to make sure that there’s enough room to play around it. While this is sturdy enough for home use, the materials aren’t made to stand up to heavier use, like in a bar or arcade. It’s pretty stable but could shake a bit with heavy play.

  • Competition-sized table
  • Great for adults or kids
  • Includes two foosballs
  • Integrated scorekeeping system
  • Oversized leg levelers for easy set up
  • Easy assembly instructions
  • Sturdy and durable finish
  • Assembly can be long and difficult
  • Not made for heavy use in a commercial setting like a bar or arcade


KICK Glory Foosball TableBest Warranty

  • Type: indoor
  • Rods: 1/2-inch, semi-solid, stainless-steel, chrome-plated
  • Goalies: 1 or 3
  • Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 31 inches
  • Weight: 66 pounds
  • Warranty: lifetime

The best thing about the KICK Glory Foosball Table is that the company was founded by a 25-year veteran of the sport who was driven to make a foosball table that’s both high-quality and affordable. KICK set the new standard for what an affordable table could be. At only 31-inches tall, this is a great choice for young kids who might not be able to play effectively on a full-sized table.

These tables are pretty durable. They feature semi-solid steel rods with effective brushings and bearings that move back and forth smoothly for optimal play. Each end of the table has a ball return, and there are easy-to-use sliding scorekeepers mounted on the side of each table. You can also choose between a one or three goalie set up to change the difficulty of the game, and the teams are styled as people in red and blue shirts.

This table does require assembly. It can be done quickly, but some users found the instructions difficult to understand. Leg levelers make it easy to adjust to floors that aren’t perfectly straight so you can get a flat playing surface anywhere. While this table is made from MDF, it’s pretty durable. In fact, all KICK tables are covered by a lifetime warranty if you have any issues. Customer service is also pretty impressive. They’re dedicated to making sure you’re 100% satisfied.

  • Perfect height for kids
  • Ball returns on each end
  • Easy-to-use sliding scorekeepers on each side
  • One or three goalie set up
  • Red and blue players
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Responsive customer service
  • May be too short for adults
  • Assembly instructions might be difficult to understand


Hathaway Playoff Foosball TableBest Styling

  • Type: indoor
  • Rods: 1/2-inch, chrome plated, hollow, steel
  • Goalies: 3
  • Dimensions: 48.5 x 24 x 32 inches
  • Weight: 49 pounds
  • Warranty: 180-day limited

There’s a lot to love about Hathaway foosball tables and particularly about Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table. The bright, colorful decals show a soccer stadium filled with rabid fans and the molded players dressed in blue and green give them something to cheer about. The field even has a decal that looks like grass for a bit of a realistic look.

This is a great choice for a family. The 32-inch table height is low enough for little kids but not so short that adults can’t enjoy a game. It’s compact enough to fit comfortably in small spaces but gives you enough room to have two players on each side. Players are controlled using comfortable ergonomic handles and there are sliding numerical scorekeepers above each goal so everyone can easily see where their team stands, though one small downside is that you only have the option for a three-goalie set up.

The engineered wood construction is durable and stable and the sleek chrome-plated steel rods provide smooth movement and easy play, although the rods are a little thin and may bend over time. Assembly is easy and can be completed in less than an hour, although the instructions can be a little difficult to understand. Some users even reported that the holes for some of the screws didn’t line up properly.

Integrated leg levelers ensure a level playing field no matter where you set up and this table is covered by a 180-day manufacturer warranty. All pieces are designed and engineered in the US, and customer service is maintained by employees based in the US, too.

  • Realistic styling
  • 32-inch height ideal for children but comfortable for adults
  • Fits in small spaces
  • Can fit two players on each side
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Designed and engineered in the US
  • US-based customer service
  • Have to use a three-goalie set up
  • Steel rods are thin and may bend over time
  • Instructions can be difficult to understand


ANCHEER 48" Foosball Table Best for Telescopic Rods

  • Type: indoor
  • Rods: chrome plated, hollow, steel, telescopic
  • Goalies: 1
  • Dimensions: 47.75 x 24.13 x 31.10 inches
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year money back guarantee

The ANCHEER 48″ Foosball Table is made of medium density fiberboard and features block-style legs with steel crossbars for stability during intense play. The 31-inch table height is the perfect size for kids, but adults can play comfortably, too.

A great thing about this table is the telescopic chrome-finished steel rods. They don’t poke through the other side of the table during play which is a great safety feature. The rods move smoothly and the springs increase elasticity for speed. Each rod features an ergonomically designed grip for better control and a comfortable playing experience.

Integrated abacus-style scorekeepers are easy to move and let everyone see where their team stands. This is a nice sized table for two players but large enough for four when more people want in on the action. The red and blue-shirted players are made of dense ABS and deliver more force for better shots. There’s also a smooth, green playing surface with reinforced corners that keep the ball in play for continuous, fast-paced action.

Assembly is pretty easy, especially since most of the parts are pre-assembled. Some users complained that some of the pieces broke pretty easily though it does come with a one-year money back warranty. This is a pretty easy table to store so you can get it out of the way if you need the space. The legs come off quickly and easily, and you can slide the table under a bed or lean it against the wall.

  • Block-style legs with steel crossbars for stability and support
  • 31-inch height is great for kids but still comfortable for adults
  • Telescopic rods make play safer
  • Dense ABS used for players
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to store
  • Some of the pieces may break easily

  • Type: indoor
  • Rods: hollow
  • Goalies: 1
  • Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 33 inches
  • Weight: 42 pounds
  • Warranty: 60-day

For a great foosball on a budget, check out the Best Choice Products 48in Foosball Table. Its 33-inch height is perfect for kids and adults, and the competition-sized playing surface is perfect for any game room.

This table features eight rows of chrome-finished steel rods, four rows for the red players and four for white. Each rod has comfortable grips for better control, and the table itself comes with two balls to get the game started.

The composite wood finish is stylish, and durable and the smooth, friction-less surface lets the ball roll smoothly for faster free. There’s a ball return on each side of the table and an abacus-style scorekeeper above each goal.

One cool feature of this table is the built-in cup holders. They fold down when you want to keep a drink nearby because you can’t walk away from the game. Then, you can fold them back up so they’re out of the way when no longer in use.

Assembly is pretty straightforward, although some users commented that the instructions weren’t very straightforward and that it took a while to put together. Once it’s put together, though, it’s pretty sturdy, though it’s not suited for rough adult games. Some users did report that they were missing a few pieces and that some damage occurred during shipping.

  • 33-inch height is great for kids or adults
  • Composite wood finish
  • Two built-in cup holders
  • Assembly instructions a little unclear
  • Takes a while to put it together
  • Some users reported parts were missing

Buying Guide

There are a lot of things to think about when choosing the right foosball table for your home, including dimensions, materials, and set up. Let’s take a closer look at the key features you should consider.

A foosball table under $300: What you should and should not expect

It’s important to be realistic about your budget. For less than $300, you can get a good quality table that will be a lot of fun for your family. That said, these tables are smaller than what you might see in a bar or arcade or what you could find at a higher price. They’re not made of the same quality materials as more expensive options and may wobble a little during play. Adults can certainly play on these tables, but they’re not really designed for rough play.

These tables are perfect for kids and adults who aren’t playing too aggressively.

Take a good look at warranties, too, because they can vary a lot. While most of our picks are covered for a year or less, the KICK Glory comes with a lifetime guarantee. Although these tables aren’t the same quality as more expensive options, a good warranty can make all the difference in the long run.

How much space do you need for a foosball table?

Top 5 Affordable Foosball Tables under $300 – Get the Most for Your MoneyIt depends on the table, which is why it’s important to keep the dimensions in mind when you shop. Some of these tables, like the Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table, are pretty compact and won’t take up too much room. On the other hand, larger competition sized tables, like the EastPoint Sports Newcastle Foosball Table, require more space. Remember, in addition to the table itself, you also need to account for the room you need around it for the players and to allow the rods to extend during play.

If space is a concern, look for a compact option that won’t require as much room. Some tables, like the ANCHEER 48″ Foosball Table, can actually be easily stored. Just remove the legs and slide the table under a bed, leaned against a wall, or tucked away in a closet until game night comes around again.

Does foosball table weight matter?

Top 5 Affordable Foosball Tables under $300 – Get the Most for Your MoneyTypically, tables that weigh more are made out of sturdier materials so they shouldn’t wobble as much during play. The tables we chose range from our Editor’s Pick which weighs 76 pounds to lighter, budget items that weigh 50 pounds or less.

Plus, if you ever have to take the table apart to move it, the heavier tables will tolerate disassembly and reassembly a lot better than a table made of lower quality material.

What are foosball tables under $300 usually made of?

Common materials for foosball tables in this price range are MDF or composite wood while the rods are typically chrome-plated hollow steel. As a comparison, high-end options can have hardwood frames with aluminum rods, cast iron bases, and stone playing surfaces. Mid-range tables are commonly made of engineered wood with stainless steel or solid steel rods.

Playing rods and handles

1a598bfd-9591-4715-a8b3-e8138364c696_1.1fbd9ca51874cbf8e2696809019b2c74As we mentioned, these foosball tables use hollow semi-solid rods. While these will work great for regular home play, they can bend pretty easy and don’t compare to solid steel. This is another reason why these tables are a good choice for kids who aren’t going to be as rough on the rods as adults would.

Something else to consider is whether or not you prefer telescopic rods. Rather than going all the way through the opposite side and poking in and out while you play, telescopic rods stop at the opposite side. They collapse onto themselves as you move them back and forth and sometimes use springs to help them recoil back into shape.

Telescopic rods are a little safe since they don’t protrude from the opposite side during play.

Foosball men and goalie configuration


Most of our picks feature men that look like little soccer players wearing different color jerseys to tell which rod belongs to which team, though there are tables that use more abstract shapes with solid colors.

Goalie configuration varies a bit. A couple of our picks only give you the option of using one goalie while the others allow you to choose between one or three goalies. Using one goalie makes the game a little bit harder, since you only have one player to protect the goal. With a three-goalie set up, you have more coverage and a better defense.

Foosball table setting up

All of the tables we included on our list require assembly. Everything you need should be included and most of the directions are pretty straightforward. Keep in mind that the assembly could take a while. Even if the instructions are perfectly clear, it could still take some time to get everything put together. One of the most important things to pay attention to during assembly is the direction the players are facing. Make sure you have everyone playing for the right team.

Most of these tables have a leveling device built into the bottom of the legs. If you have an uneven floor, all you have to do is adjust each device until the tabletop is flat. A level playing surface is essential for foosball because it keeps the ball from unintentionally rolling around which makes gameplay a little unfair.


It depends on the design of the table. Some foosball tables have legs that simply screw on and are easy to remove. Others are put together a little more intricately and won’t work properly when disassembled. While this might seem like a great option, it might not be the best choice simply because these tables weren’t meant to be used as tabletop foosball tables. There are tabletop options available that were specifically designed for that purpose. If you do decide to remove the legs and use your table this way, make sure to put a towel or some other buffer beneath it. Because it’s not designed to be used this way, there’s nothing on the bottom to protect your real tabletop from scratches.

You actually need a pretty good amount of space around any foosball table to play properly. Consider the amount of room you need for players to comfortably move around the table without bumping into the wall or other pieces of furniture. Generally, it’s a good idea to leave about a foot at each end and three feet on either side, more if your table will be used by larger adults. If you’re concerned about space, go for a more compact option and look for one that can be stored when not in use.

Some tables give you the option of using one or three goalies. Generally, you would do this by removing the rod from the table, removing all three goalies and the rubber stoppers, then replacing one goalie in the center of the rod before inserting it back into the table. If your table isn’t set up to convert from one to three, you can get a kit that lets you add the extra two goalies.

Wrapping It Up

The EastPoint Sports Newcastle Foosball Table is our Editor’s Pick and the best choice if you’re looking for an official competition-sized table. The brushing system lets the rods move and spin with ease. It’s a very sturdy table overall and can handle intense play.

Next, we recommend the KICK Glory Foosball Table as a good table for kids, although adults will love it, too. The semi-solid steel rods are equipped with effective brushings and bearings for smooth gameplay. You can choose between a one or three goalie set up and it’s covered by a lifetime warranty.

Finally, we suggest the Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table. The bright, colorful decals make it look like a real soccer stadium, and the ergonomic handles are comfortable and easy to control. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a compact table that can fit in smaller spaces.

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