Foosball Table Setup: Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions

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Foosball tables are a fun way to enjoy the sport of soccer without leaving the comfort of your home. It may not be identical to the real game but it is still exciting and allows you to bond with friends and family in a challenging and entertaining way.

The downside is that foosball tables rarely arrive at your home fully assembled. Unless you decide to get some professional help, you will need to figure out the official foosball assembly setup for your particular table on your own.

Most tables include the same type of parts, so once you’ve put one together you can likely do it again with less difficulty but it does take time to learn the proper setup procedure. Having the right tools for the job and an extra set of hands to hold everything in place as you work is also a must, so be sure to gather everything you need before you get started.

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How to assemble a foosball table

Once you’ve purchased your foosball table and pulled all the parts out of the box, it is time to figure out how to set up your foosball table. If you have a mini foosball table that doesn’t have legs, you’ll be able to skip that step but everything else should be the same, no matter what type of foosball table you buy.

What you’ll need

Whether you choose a Hathaway foosball table or another popular brand, you’ll usually need similar tools to put the tables together. This includes:

  • screwdrivers
  • an Allen key (usually included with the foosball table)
  • a level
  • a hammer (for some tables)

As well as gathering the tools needed, you should lay out the parts of the table to make sure they are all there and within easy reach. Do this in the area you plan to keep the foosball table to avoid moving it when it is fully assembled.

1.     Study the included manual

Once you have all your tools and parts ready, locate the user manual included with the foosball table and read it over. You can also organize the parts as you’re doing this into the order you will need them for the foosball table configuration.

2.     Attach the base to the legs (bottom)

Once you have the foosball table layout all organized with the pieces sorted and the manual read, it is time to start putting it together. First, flip over the table base so it is upside-down and attach the legs. Once they are in place, flip the table back over so it is standing upright.

3.     Attach the playing surface

When the table is upright again, you can attach the playing surface to the top of the table. The playing surface is delicate, so be as careful as you can to avoid any dents or scratches that could affect the way the ball rolls when you start playing the game.

4.     Attach the sides

Once the table surface is securely in place, it is time to attach the sides of the foosball table. They may have a specific configuration to follow, so check out the manual again to be sure each side is in the right place.

5.     Secure the sides with corner pieces

Though there will be screws or bolts that hold the sides together, there will also be corner pieces that add a more secure hold. Slide these over the corners carefully, screwing them in place to be sure the sides don’t shift during a vigorous foosball game.

6.     Attach leg levelers and straighteners

When you’ve completed all the above sections and are sure everything is tightly in place, flip the table over again so that the legs are in the air. Attach one of the levelers to each of the legs. When they are all in place, secure the straighteners to the legs, making sure they are tight enough to keep the legs from shifting and wobbling while you play. Flip the table over so it is upright again.

7.     The player setup

Foosball Table Setup: Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions

Take the rods and insert them into the table. Once they are all in, you can work on the foosball player setup by attaching them to the rods. Be sure to face all of the players towards the opposing goal as you add them to the rods. You should also consider the goalie positioning since there are two options.

The European-style tables only include one goalie while the American style has three, so figure out which one you have to ensure the goalies are positioned correctly.

8.     Add handles and stoppers to the rods

When you have all the foosball men set up, it is time to add the stoppers on either side of the outer players. This keeps the rods from sliding out of the table during your games. When the rods are in place, add the handles to the ends of the rods. Be sure to place the handles on the right rod ends so that you can move your team’s players properly.

9.     Attach the goals, scorers, and serving holes

Place the goals on each end of the playing area. Then attach a scorer on each side above the goals. You’ll also need to fit the serving holes on either side, securing them in place.

10.  Use the lubricant

Once you have all of the pieces in place, use a decent lubricant, like the FoosJuice Foosball Rod Lubricant. Add it to all of the rods to keep them moving smoothly while you play. It also increases the lifespan of the rods, so is extra important.
Foosball Table Setup: Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions

Or order Amazon professional help

Though it isn’t impossible to assemble a foosball table by yourself or with a friend, not everyone is comfortable with these types of tasks. Luckily, Amazon offers professional foosball table assembly, so you can have someone else take care of the assembly process and the cleanup for you.

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Final thoughts

Assembling a foosball table isn’t the most difficult task there is, though it can seem daunting if you’ve never put one together before. It can be tricky to get the foosball table setup just right if it’s your first time doing it or if you’re trying to put it together on your own, so take it slow and get some extra help to get it done properly.

If you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, you can also seek professional help for your foosball table assembly, which will ensure that all the pieces are exactly where they should be and everything is in perfect working order. Either way, the right setup guarantees that your foosball table will give you years of enjoyment.

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