5 Best Hathaway Foosball Tables – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Foosball is an excellent way to unwind after a long day. It may be a source of bonding for you and your kids since they always seem to enjoy games. As such, you may be wondering which foosball table to get for your family game room. Hathaway foosball tables are a great place to start.

The best foosball table is a matter of preference, and what counts as the top pick for one individual may not be the same for another. Our editor’s choice, and therefore, our favorite foosball table is the Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table. Among the reasons why we rated this product so highly is because it has a lightweight frame, solid build, and damage-resistant player design. You will also find that it is compact enough to fit even in an apartment. Four other high-quality products are listed as well and will have their positive features. However, that list is only a fraction of the fifteen items we started with.

Our team has spent a great deal of time on the manufacturer’s website researching each of the items on the list. Also, we have been to Amazon and taken into account what previous users of the device have to say about their experiences. As far as ranking them goes, we have considered device weight, rods, handles, goalies the design of the pitch, as well as a few other features. We list the devices in a table below. After that, we provide in-depth reviews of individual products, and finally, there is a buying guide to impart valuable wisdom that will help you select the best foosball table.

Top 5 Hathaway Foosball Tables Review 2024


Hathaway Playoff Foosball TableEditor’s Choice

  • Dimensions: 48.5” x 24” x 32”
  • Playing field: 40” x 22.75”
  • Playfield thickness: 0.25”
  • Weight: 51 pounds
  • Goalies: 3
  • Rods: chrome-plated, tubular steel

Extra features: constructed from CARB certified MDF, telescopic rods, easy-grip ergonomic handles, abacus-style scoring system, reinforced legs with end panel supports, integrated leg levelers, screen-printed graphics, ABS-molded durable players, end ball return, includes two foosballs

This device weighs in at only 51 pounds, and hence will be easy to move should the need arise. Medium-density fiberboard is what makes up most of the body of the device. As such, it provides a hard but light dynamic, maintaining durability and weightlessness at the same time. However, other components make up the contraption. Among them are the steel rods that are accentuated by easy-grip handles. Of course, these are necessary to make gameplay easy.

Another positive you get from the purchase is the presence of reinforced legs. Since you will probably be putting a lot of weight on the device as your games progress, these legs come in handy to maintain its stability. This is coupled with leg levelers as well to ensure an even playing field. The abacus style scoring system will make it easier for users to count goals on the device.

You will also want to know about the making of the players attached to the rods. Their main construction component is ABS resin, which is shock resistant. It is thus harder for you to damage the product. However, as a precaution, you would do well not to leave it in direct sunlight for a while as that may distort the player’s shape.

Once you have scored a goal, you will want to return the ball to the table as soon as possible. The manufacturer knows this and has therefore included an end ball return feature as well as two balls. If, however, you feel that all these features do not satisfy you after receiving the product, you get a 180-day money-back guarantee as well.

What stands out?

  • Robust construction of the table, rods, and players
  • Lightweight
  • End ball return
  • Reinforced legs with levelers as well

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Directions for assembly of the device are not clear
  • Some people have complained that the ball return is too small for their hands to fit
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Hathaway 56-Inch Primo Foosball TableBest Adult Foosball Table

  • Dimensions: 56.5” x 29” x 34”
  • Playing field: 46.5” x 26.5” x 4.25”
  • Playfield thickness: 0.25”
  • Weight: 181 pounds
  • Goalies: 1
  • Rods: chrome-plated, solid steel

Extra features: constructed from MDF, wood grain melamine finish, solid wood handles, E-Z bearings, independent stabilizing leg levelers, abacus-style scoring system, vintage ABS counterbalanced players, side ball return, four built-in stainless steel drink holders

While the Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table had a three goalie system, this one only features one goalie. This makes it much harder to prevent goals from being scored. Some might say this adds an exciting dynamic to the whole game. If you look at the cost of both devices, this one comes at a significantly higher price. The body is as well more substantial since it weighs in at 181 pounds while the editor’s choice comes in at about a third of that weight.

An interesting dynamic is added to the device with the inclusion of beverage holders. As such, you and whoever you are playing with do not have to take extended breaks to get hydrated. You can pause the game for a bit, take a sip then go on playing. Also, with the excitement of the game, it may become harder to remember who scored the most goals. This is where the scoring units come in handy. You can easily tally the score points at the end of your session.

The wood grain melamine finish adds an aesthetic feel to the device as well. Other people may even appreciate this rather than bold graphics on the side. A common theme to the rods that you will notice since all these foosball tables are by the same manufacturer is the steel used to make them. However, there are tweaks as well here, depending on how much money you spend. This product, for instance, features solid steel rods with wood handles.

Leg levelers are also incorporated to prevent one player from having an unfair advantage due to the sloping of the table. Another exciting feature is the counterbalanced player design.

What makes it special?

  • Counterbalance players on the table
  • Aesthetic wooden finish
  • Cup holders
  • Score tally system
  • Side ball return
  • Money-back guarantee

What cons did we find?

  • The table is rather pricey
  • Assembly as well is a challenge for some users
  • Dimensions: 54” x 29” x 34”
  • Playing field: 46.25” x 26.75”
  • Playfield thickness: 1.125”
  • Weight: 90 pounds
  • Goalies: 3
  • Rods: chrome-plated, steel

Extra features: extra-thick, engineered wood cabinet; cherry melamine finish; EZ-Spin bearings; ergonomic handles; independent leg levelers; robot-style players; vintage, abacus-style manual scoring; end ball return

The Hathaway Metropolitan 54 in. Foosball Table, as well as the Hathaway 56-Inch Primo Foosball Table, are more or less geared towards the same market. This is evident in the similarities in design. The wooden finish, which is also extra thick, provides a durable and good looking design. This is one of the larger tables on the list, with only one other being more significant.

Each team on this device has thirteen players, with three of them being goalkeepers. There is one extra feature that sets this device apart from the rest stylistically, and that is how the players are configured in a robot outlook. You still maintain some of the positive features present in the other Hathaway foosball table models, such as the end ball return and chrome-plated steel rods.

What do we love it for?

  • Good-looking wooden finish
  • Solid construction
  • Ergonomic handles
  • 180-day warranty

What were we disappointed with?

  • Is hefty and may thus be difficult to move
  • Slightly higher priced than most other options on our list
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  • Dimensions: 38” x 20” x 28”
  • Playing field: 31” x 19” x 0.11”
  • Playfield thickness: 0.11”
  • Weight: 25.3 pounds
  • Goalies: 3
  • Rods: chrome-plated, steel

Extra features: engineered wood construction (MDF); poly-sealed, scratch-resistant, super-fast foosball play surface; L-shaped legs with cross-support bracing; independent leg levelers; nylon goal net; end ball return; reversible hockey and soccer graphics, kick a game-winning soccer goal

If the goal is to own a more versatile tool for your gaming room, this could the solution you’re looking for. The primary purpose of the table is, of course, to play foosball, and it has all the requisite properties to let you do that. These are the players on the table attached to steel rods. Also, engineered wood is used to make most parts of the device.

On the side of the table, there is a nylon goal net that your children can use for soccer practice. It also features a soccer theme to make things more interesting. The soccer ball is as well provided with the purchase. When your children get tired, you can switch it up for the hockey-themed net. As well the package will come with hockey sticks and two hockey balls.

A word of caution is that you should install this unit where there aren’t many fragile things. This is because the balls may fly off target a couple of times, and as such, you may find that a window or screen has been broken if you don’t take precautions.

What do we love it for?

  • 3-in 1 game setup
  • Scratch-resistant table
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Compact overall design

What were we disappointed with?

  • Adults will find it challenging to use the device due to its compact nature

Hathaway Avalanche Foosball TableBest Children’s Foosball Table

  • Dimensions: 48” x 24” x 31”
  • Playing field: 41” x 22.25” x 1.9”
  • Playfield thickness: 1.9”
  • Weight: 30.5 pounds
  • Goalies: 3
  • Rods: chrome-plated, tubular steel

Extra features: crafted from high-quality, CARB-certified, environmentally-safe materials; telescopic rods; ergonomic handles; ABS molded durable players; independent adjustable leg levelers; abacus-style scoring; end ball return

Size-wise, this device is almost on par with the Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table measuring 48” x 24” x 31”. However, these are the dimensions for the whole device, with the actual size of the playing surface being significantly smaller. The component materials for the device are environmentally safe and CARB-certified. For those looking to do as little damage to the environment as possible, this is the device to pick.

With the Hathaway Avalanche Foosball Table, you go back to the 3-goalie system that is present in the editor’s choice. However, different from the two models above, you have L-shaped legs on the device. This should not deter you from buying as they are still sturdy enough for most use scenarios. Under each leg, there is a stabilizer that you have to tweak for optimum balance manually.

As is the case with most other options on the list, the players are molded from ABS resin and so are unlikely to break even when you make use of the table every day. As a player, you won’t have to worry about your hands getting stiff the longer you play. The ergonomic rubber handles ensure maximum comfort so you can spend the whole day playing and not feel a thing. As well the abacus scoring system will be there at the end to help you determine who scored the most goals.

What makes it special?

  • Relatively light
  • Solid ABS construction of players
  • Stable legs
  • CARB-certified

What cons did we find?

  • Some users have complained about the shortness of the device which makes it challenging to use for tall people

Things to Consider

Making the decision to buy a foosball table and ordering one are two different things. The latter requires you to at least have done some research since these contraptions also cost money. As such, there are some benchmarks that each option has to satisfy to be considered purchase worthy. These are the conditions highlighted below so you can go through them before you make your decision.

Why Hathaway?

Hathaway is one of the leading manufacturers of foosball tables around. If you follow the links provided above to the product profiles on Amazon, you will notice that they feature a high approval rate. Most users have given these foosball tables a four-star rating or higher, and you could also join the fray.

Features to consider when choosing a Hathaway foosball table

5 Best Hathaway Foosball Tables - Reviews and Buying GuideThere are a few features that will determine whether the foosball table is the right purchase or not. These features are listed below so you can end up making the decision that’s best for you.

Table dimensions and weight

Foosball tables for kids will be smaller than those for adults. They will also be lighter. As such, any table that is below 48 inches in length is more suited to people with a smaller build. As well, adults will be more comfortable with tables that are 50 inches or larger.

Nevertheless, this depends on the body of the individual in question. Since only you know your height measurements and the intended use of the table, you are in a much better position to decide which model to order than anyone else. The weight will also determine how easy or hard it will be to move the device.

A rule of thumb is that better construction materials will tend to have more weight than their flimsier counterparts.


Various materials are used in the creation of these devices. Wood is prevalent on higher-end models, while there are less expensive models made of composite wood, which is a mix of wood and plastic. The former is likely more durable and, as such, will be more costly to purchase. It is also one of the better-looking finishes you can find on a foosball table for grownups.

Playing field

The playing field dimensions have also been mentioned for each product above. This is inclusive of the length, width, and thickness. You need to decide the size of the playing field that you want and then add this to the decision making process. A point to note is that a thicker board is stronger and hence harder to damage.

Playing rods

5 Best Hathaway Foosball Tables - Reviews and Buying GuideWith Hathaway foosball tables, the construction is more or less the same. They are all made of the same component materials, which are steel with a chrome-plated finish. Nevertheless, some of them are hollow on the inside, with others being solid blocks of the metal. The ones without space within will probably last longer.


Where goalies are concerned, there are two main options. These are either a single keeper or three of them.

You will note that with higher-end models that come with three keepers, you get an option to remove two of them. You can, therefore, change the goalie set up at any time.
You can as well select a one-goalie system, like the one featured by Hathaway 56-Inch Primo Foosball Table, and stick with it so long as you are comfortable.

Counter Weighted Men

Typically when you release the rod, the players revert to their vertical setup. As such, they may get in the way when you are trying to shoot into the goal. On the other hand, you have the counterweighted option. These remain horizontal after your release and will need your input to get vertical. This is a matter of individual preference for every individual looking to buy such a table. However, those with counterweighted players tend to be pricier.

5 Best Hathaway Foosball Tables - Reviews and Buying Guide

Table Levelers

There is also a requirement that the table remains level if the gameplay is going to be fair. Some factors such as the carpet may prevent this from happening in the gaming room; hence the inclusion of table levelers on the legs. All the Hathaway options mentioned thus far have table levelers as well.


The Hathaway foosball table doesn’t have a preferred demographic. Any person, whether young or old, can enjoy playing foosball and thus may benefit from having one of these tables in their home.

There are two main sizes when it comes to foosball tables. The first is the full-size table that is about 5 feet long with a width of two and a half feet. Others come in a 56 inch long by 30 inches wide package.

The most common setup incorporates 22 players with 11 on each side. Each team is set up with a midfield of five, three strikers, and two defenders. There is, of course, a goalie of each side as well. There is also a less common setup of twenty-six players. This is where there are three goalies on each end.

Wrapping It Up

The Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table takes the crown as the best because it sits snugly between adult and children territory. It is thus the most ideal for the family as people of all ages can use it. Most of its components are also reliable in addition to incorporating a three goalie system. As well all of these features are packed in a relatively affordable foosball table under $300.

The next two options the Hathaway 56-Inch Primo Foosball Table and the Hathaway Metropolitan 54 in. Foosball Table both have superior construction in comparison to the rest of the list. The wooden finish makes these devices robust which unfortunately also makes them heavy. With planning, you can position whichever device you choose in a place where you don’t have to move it. The worst qualities of these devices are the extravagant costs of buying them. Besides that, they offer more positives than downsides. As the potential buyer, the list provided above is for you to pick from, so utilize it well.

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