Mar 24, 2021

Tornado Sport Foosball Table Review

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9.7 Editor's Score

Foosball is one of the most popular games to enjoy at home with your friends or family. It’s an American classic, enjoyed in bars, arcades, and home game rooms far and wide, but there are many different models out there. It’s vital to shop around and do your research in order to find the right table for you. This Tornado Sport foosball review will help you learn more about one of the top tables on the market.

Tornado is among the top names in the American foosball table industry, leading the way with its strong, durable designs and smart features. It’s well-known for making some of the highest quality tables around and the Tornado Sport is a great example. It’s ranked by many as the best foosball table for beginners, offering a perfect introduction to the game and giving you all you need to get started.


Table dimensions (without rods) 56 x 30 x 36 inches
Table weight 205 pounds
Cabinet sides thickness 1 inch
Playfield thickness ¾ inches
Rods Steel, hollow
Handles SureGrip rubberized
Counterbalanced men No
Goalies 1 or 3
Ball return End
Adjustable legs Yes
Warranty 1 year
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Tornado Sport foosball table review

The Tornado Sport foosball table weighs in at just over 200 pounds and comes with hollow steel rods, SureGrip rubberized handles for comfort and convenience, and a simple ball return system. It’s got a lot of great features that make it highly appealing for both newbies to the game of foosball and more experienced players.

Table construction and playing surface

The first thing you’ll notice about the Tornado Sport foosball table is its beautiful Mahogany Melamine finish. The walls of the table measure up at an inch in thickness and have that attractive mahogany effect, creating a traditional and classy aesthetic that many users appreciate.

The surface, meanwhile, is a classic green, which adds to the traditional theme and look of this table. The table measures up at 56 x 30 x 36 inches, so it can really be a great centerpiece in your game room, and it’s been made by one of the best brands around, so you can rely on it to stay strong, sturdy, and stable for years to come.

Rods and handles

The rods on the Tornado Sport foosball table are made from steel, with a hollow design that makes them quite lightweight and comfortable to use. They’re easy to spin and highly maneuverable, creating a quality playing experience for all, especially for advanced players who like fast gameplay. Beginners might need to spend a little more time getting used to the rods.

The rubberized SureGrip handles fit nicely in the hands and give the player total control over the movement of their men. Every foosball player knows the importance of handles with good grip, so it’s good to see that Tornado took the time to add SureGrip handles onto this table.

Players and goalie configuration

The black and yellow players on the Tornado Sport foosball table are not counterbalanced. They’re attractive to look at and nicely designed, though, for positive play experiences.

The table comes with a classic three-man goalie design and the men feature Tornado’s patented design with sharp corners and smart weight distribution to provide more accurate passing and stronger levels of ball control too.

Weight, legs, and stability

The Tornado Sport foosball table weighs in at a total of 205 pounds. It’s one of the heaviest tables around, which can make installation a little difficult and you’ll definitely need a couple of people around to help set this table up in your game room.

Fortunately, Tornado has gone to good lengths to make installation a breeze with its height-adjustable legs. The thick, durable legs are equipped with boot levelers to make height adjustment very simple and straightforward. Plus, the heavy weight of this table helps to provide an even more stable playing surface for all your games and tournaments.

Ball returns

Tornado Sport Foosball Table Review

Many Tornado tables feature side ball return, but the Tornado Sport foosball table has end return. Each of the ends has a relatively small, rectangular hole where the ball will appear after goals are scored. This is a minor drawback of the Tornado Sport as a lot of modern players prefer the easy access of a side ball system.


When buying such a big and relatively expensive item like a foosball table, it’s vital to ensure that your purchase is covered by a strong warranty. This will guarantee that your product can be repaired if it encounters any technical issues or faults.

With the Tornado Sport foosball table, you’ll get a full 1-year warranty on your purchase, covering you for the whole first 12 months of your purchase. This isn’t the longest warranty out there when compared to offers from other manufacturers, but it’s still helpful to have a year of protection.


The Tornado Sport foosball table isn’t cheap, but if you want a quality table, you need to be prepared to spend a little more. When compared to high end tables from other big brands like Garlando, Warrior, KICK, and others, the price is actually very competitive and affordable.

Key features

  • One-inch thick cabinet walls with stylish Mahogany finish
  • End ball returns
  • Adjustable height with boot levelers
  • SureGrip handles
  • Lightweight hollow rods
  • Made in the USA
  • One-year warranty

  • Dual-fuel 5,500-watt generator
  • Excellent run time on gasoline
  • 120-volt/240-volt twist-lock outlet
  • Includes electric and backup recoil starters
  • Pneumatic, off-road capable wheels
  • Three-year residential warranty

  • Very noisy
  • Could use a second 120-volt duplex
  • Heavy
  • Only one-year warranty for commercial users

9.5 Total Score

Overall, the Tornado Sport foosball table has a lot of appeal for both beginners and experienced players alike. The big weight and durable finish of the Tornado Sport make it a table you can reliably use for years and years. It’s strong enough to handle aggressive play and has the features you need to enjoy fast-paced games with a lot of action and goals. The men have been nicely designed too in order to provide superior levels of ball control and passing that will appeal to players of all levels, and those SureGrip handles feel just right in the hands. The price of the table is also fair when compared to other big brands, so you can get a lot of value out of the Tornado Sport. In spite of the many positives around this table, it does have a few drawbacks. The warranty is a little on the short side and the presence of end ball returns is an inconvenience when compared to the simplicity of a side return system. Overall, our Tornado Sport foosball table review can end on a positive note and we can strongly recommend this table for players of all ability levels, especially those who enjoy a classic, fast-paced style of game.

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