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Last updated: October 22, 2023

Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset Review – A Virtual Indoor Gaming Equipment

Rec Room Pick is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Reviewed by
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Last updated: October 22, 2023
Rec Room Pick is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Who is Oculus For
  • It is ideal for all ages
  • Gaming in less space
  • Play real world games in virtual reality
  • Interact with anyone in the world
Main features:
  • Comes in 128 and 256 GB
  • Play Games
  • Watch 3D Movies
  • Exercise
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Rec Room Pick is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

The Oculus allows you to interact with a 3D virtual environment. Although Facebook launched this platform and the device back in 2016, it is recently gaining momentum and becoming popular. 

You can use this device and run all kinds of apps and games on it. Watch your favorite Netflix movies and play your favorite games all with your friends. You will need to be in a small cabin with a play area of 6.5 x 6.5 feet. And that is it; you will not even have to leave your home to have fun with it. Enjoy everything in 3D and VR.

There are two different versions of this Oculus VR device. One is 128 GB, and the other one is 256 GB. The 128 GB version might be cheaper, but it does support all the games and features that the 256 GB version supports. Plus, it runs all Oculus Quest games. 

On the other hand, the 256 GB model has more room for games and extra media storage space.

Let us further explore how you can integrate Oculus into your recreation room. So, scroll down to read further.


191.5mm x 102mm x 142.5mm
Fast Switch LCD 1832x1920 resolution
Soft and adjustable
Hand controls
2-touch controllers
Guardian tracking
USB storage support
Wifi support
Storage space
128GB / 256GB

For Your Recreation Room

There are so many features that the Oculus has to offer to be the perfect entertainment equipment in your recreation room. So, let us explore them one by one in the following text:

Space required

Oculus is the perfect choice for your recreation room because you will only need limited space to move your hands and arms (6.5×6.5 feet). Your recreation room needs to have this much play area if you want to enjoy Oculus VR fully. 

Just wear the headset, take the controllers in your hand, and start having fun with everyone on Facebook. This screen is there for others so they can see what you see in your Oculus. That is the only piece of equipment that you will need apart from your VR headset. 

Charging duration

Another thing that makes it a fun device for your recreation room is that you will only need 2.5 hours to charge your Oculus. Using your device for long hours will drain the battery, but you can recharge it in no time.


One of the significant features of this Oculus device is that it is highly versatile. You can use your Oculus for, 

  • Doing social interactions.
  • Playing games.
  • Watching movies, Netflix and YouTube. 
  • Enjoying live concerts.
  • Working out and yoga
  • Interacting and playing games with your family and friends.

Thus, it is an excellent way for social interactions and indulging yourself in some physical activity or exercise without leaving your home. Apart from that, you can even use this device to collaborate with your workgroups.

Minimal equipment 

Apart from space, you do not need to work with a lot of equipment here either. You will only be wearing your VR headset and holding two controllers in your hands, and that is all. Wearing and using them is pretty simple too. So, even if you are new to this virtual reality thing, Oculus will make life much easier.

The simplicity in design of this headset makes it very easy to use by anyone. So, whether you are a tech-savvy person who loves using new technologies or are a novice, Oculus is just the right tool to have that anyone can use.

Suitable for all ages

Oculus is not just for one age group. It works well for all age groups. Your kids can have fun with it. Your old grandma can wear and play games using it. Oculus allows you to do anything and everything in a fun way. Following are some of the games that you can enjoy with your kids, and anyone can participate in,

There are so many other options available. It is not only whether you love technology or not, regardless of your age group, but you can also use Oculus. This device is suitable for everyone over 13. You can use it for work, play games, watch movies, visit places and so much more. These are activities that anyone can perform with this VR headset regardless of age.

Games / Activities for Recreation Room

The most popular use of these VR headsets is playing games. And that is what makes Oculus an integral part of your recreational room. With Oculus, you can play VR games as your real game alternatives. You are no longer restricted to space with these headsets. 

In this section, we will explore some of those options because there are many. 


Darts is a popular rec room game or activity, and you can play it on your Oculus. Just download the game Pub Darts from the platform (App Lab) and start hitting the bull’s eye. 

Board Games 

There are various other board games that you have in your rec room. Keeping real board games can be irksome because they have multiple small game pieces. You can sort this thing out with your Oculus, as you will only have your VR headset and your controllers. 

You can try out immersive board games available on Oculus as an alternative to real board games. There are some other board games available on this platform too. 


If you play chess tournaments regularly, the Oculus can help you out with that. You can participate in international tournaments from different players across the globe.

You can download Chess Club and have an immersive playing experience, the one you never had before. 


There are different types of card games available too. Oculus makes it much easier for you to try out different card games like Power Solitaire, Texas Holdem Poker, etc. You can play them with your friends or players from across the globe.

Ping Pong

Ping Pong tables are very large, and they do need a lot of storage space due to their large size.  But if you do not have enough space and do not want to get into those maintenance jobs, then bring in Oculus. With Oculus, you can go for Eleven Table Tennis or Racket Fury and make all the curves you want.


Foosball is an essential part of your rec room. But with Oculus, you do not need to have that soccer table in your room. If you don’t have enough space, you can play Foosball on Oculus. You can download Foosball VR and play it using your Oculus. Or you can go to Foosball Arcade for your Oculus Go.


Pool is another must-have in a recreation room. But it does take up a lot of space. But don’t worry, Oculus has got you covered, and you can download your game and play it on the VR platform. So, download the game Black Hole Pool and start enjoying it virtually with easy and precise controls. 

Air Hockey

Fancy owning an air hockey table but having limited space in your rec room? Don’t worry; Oculus can help you out with that. Download the Air Hockey Arcade and get the game from App Lab. Save space and have all the fun you want.

Oculus Other Uses

If you are thinking that you can only use Oculus for playing games, then think again. There is so much you can do with this VR device. And that is why it is gaining so much popularity, especially when people are more restricted to their homes. 

Watch YouTube

You can bring life to your YouTube videos and link your Oculus with Youtube VR. So, enjoy YouTube with an immersive experience, the way you have never seen it before. For example, you can play the video of flying over the Grand Canyon or watch a snowboarding video or mountain biking video. The videos will be much clearer and will become more interactive too. 

You can watch these videos with an enchanting experience as if you are living them with an enchanting experience. It just brings the screen to life right in front of your eyes. It is not just limited to YouTube. You can watch any other videos, even your personal and home videos, using your Oculus and relive those moments. 

Watch Netflix with Friends

With the help of your Oculus, you can also watch Netflix with an authentic, immersive experience. It would be even better when Netflix brings VR movies. The best thing is to watch these movies with your friends while staying connected with them on Facebook. A good example is Oculus Netflix VR.

Though Netflix still does not have any VR movies in its offerings, you can enhance your viewing experience with the Oculus. Even more than that is you can share this experience with your family and friends. 


There are different kinds of exercises you can do using your Oculus too. Apps like FitXR and Supernatural can help you out with all that. These apps have different workout regimes daily. You will have access to new environments with new movement sequences and music.

There are various other apps you can try out too. You can even change the environments and time of the day according to your preferences. For instance, work out in a gym environment, or do yoga at the beach with the sound and views of the sea to the horizon. 

For example, if you like to view those beautiful sunsets, you can select the video and play it. Your Oculus will display that view, and you can enjoy it in a unique way that is not possible otherwise.  

Learn to Dance

With the help of your Oculus, you can download a variety of different apps that can help you learn to dance. And not just one type of dance, you can learn any dance without leaving the comfort of your home. 

For example, Dance Central is a good option for an immersive dance club experience. For dance competitions with international players, you can go for Dance Collider. Another option you can try out is Beat Saber but with music packs from your favorite artists. There are other artists and bands that you can choose from like Billie Eilish, Skrillex, Interscope, Linkin Park. 

You will need a room and a large screen, and that is all. You can even show off your dance moves to your friends and family using the platform. 

Work with colleagues

Facebook has recently launched Workplace that has different work tools, and you can use it for collaborating with your colleagues in a virtual environment. With the work-from-home trend rampant these days, using Oculus will allow you to effectively stay in touch with your colleagues and even collaborate and stay in the loop. 

Plus, it will allow you to deter the cost of travel, in-person training, and so much more. With the restrictions in place, you can use Oculus to work with your team without being present in person. Train and learn anything and everything with this helpful VR device.  

Attend Concerts

You can even attend different concerts and other similar public events. For example, many different artists and bands have provided an opportunity to present their work to a global audience. And for an immersive experience, they can go to a live concert.  

You can even include your friends and family in the event too. Oculus Venues is the app that you will have to download, and you will have access to all such events as soon as they are available to the public. Not only that, but you can also attend different sporting events with your family and friends. 

If you have been waiting for your favorite artist or band to perform, but cannot attend the concert or event in person, be there with your Oculus and enjoy your heart out. It is not just limited to concerts. No matter what event it is, you can attend it with your VR headset. 

The good thing is that more and more such events are taking place to garner more audiences throughout the globe. Hence, it is an excellent little opportunity for you to explore. 

Painting and sculpting 

If you are interested in painting and sculpting, you can do that too with your Oculus. There are different apps that you can use for painting and sculpting in 3D environments. In addition, you can bring in your family and friends too. For example, you can go for Painting VR, dip your brush and different colors and create an artwork in a virtual environment. For sculpting, you can use SculptrVR.

You might have noticed that your creativity is halted mainly by the availability of tools. But this is not the case when you have your Oculus VR headset on. Your creativity is limitless, and you can do whatever your heart desires. 

Visit Far Away Places

There are so many places that you can visit virtually using your Oculus. So, whether you fancy touring the Atlantic or seeing the natural wonders of the world, all this is possible using your Oculus device. 

You can go for National Geographic VR to explore the planet earth or World Traveler VR to visit different places across the globe. Visit some historical places with MasterWorks and even see beneath the Antarctic Ocean. Google Earth VR is another good option.

Enjoy the nightlife in the largest metropolitans or see nature right from your home. And the best part is that you can average this tour with your family and friends using your Facebook account. The entire world is at your fingertips when you have your Oculus in your eyes. 

As we have mentioned earlier, you can work out in a location of your choice. You can also visit your favorite cities and countries across the globe and learn more about their culture and heritage. You will not have to book a flight to visit the place when you can experience it with your Oculus headset. 

Deal with your fears

If you want to face your fears, you can use your Oculus VR to deal with them. Don’t like darkness, or spiders, or afraid of heights? You can sort all that out here. Then, prepare for your job interview. Next time, speak confidently in public next time or watch that dreaded horror movie with your friends that you always wanted. 

For example, you can go for Face Your Fears to go through different experiences. Some of them will be terrifying, while others will be amazing. If you do not like roller coasters, then try Epic Roller Coasters. You can even deal with your fear of heights with Richie’s Plank Experience. Finally, practice your soft skills with Virtual Speech.

You can try out and prepare your mind before going for a real-life session with your friends and family. It will even allow you to decide whether you are ready for it just yet or not. It is not just limited to overcoming your fears. You can even improve your confidence and deal with different matters based on various scenarios. 

Why is it a Great Holiday Gift?

Oculus is all about entertainment, but it also guarantees better collaboration at work and even allows you to stay fit, learn new skills, and even helps you in dealing with your fears. Therefore, it’s an excellent gift to give to someone for the Holidays. 

And not just for Holidays, it is an ideal gift for any other occasion or event too. Apart from allowing you to communicate and collaborate, the Oculus VR headset has various other benefits that make it a perfect choice for a gift. These are as follows: 


One of the reasons why Oculus has become so accessible is its price tag. The 128 GB model will cost you $299, while the 256 GB variant will cost you $399. Being so innovative and highly productive, you are not paying too much for it. Considering its functionality, it can be a perfect gift for someone, and you won’t even have to break your wallet for it. 

Who is it for?

  • If you have gone through the text above, you can see that you can use these VR headsets for any purpose. For example, 
  • You can use it to collaborate with your colleagues at your workplace. 
  • You can use it to prepare for your job interviews.
  • Deal with other fears like fears of spiders, heights, etc.
  • You can use it to watch movies.
  • Attend live concerts and sporting events virtually.
  • Interact with your family and friends and play games or share your experiences with them. And so much more with them.


Oculus was one of the bestsellers on Amazon. Oculus is still the best seller in PC virtual reality headsets on Amazon. It is still on the best VR headsets list. It has received numerous positive reviews on the online retailer website. Therefore, it is a top choice to give away as a holiday present to your family and friends. 

Unlimited entertainment

During holidays you want to be with your family and friends. So, why not add a little bit of entertainment to make your holidays even more fun. Well, you can do just that with your Oculus headset. Play VR games, watch movies, and do tons of other stuff with your VR and share it with your loved ones. 

Accessories for Oculus

There are various accessories that you can use with your Oculus VR headset too. We are going to list them down for your convenience.

Best Case

Your VR headset is a precious piece of technology. Therefore, you need to keep it safe and secure at all times. Hence, you will need a good quality carrying case if you travel a lot. 

Even if you don’t travel much, you will need this case to keep your VR headset safe. It is a hard carrying case that will keep your VR headset safe from any impact and guarantee compact storage. 

Best Head Strap

A quality head strap is essential if you look for comfort while wearing your VR headset for long hours. You don’t want to continue adjusting and readjusting your VR headset on your head. At the same time, you are involved in your activity. That would be a disturbing experience. Hence, you need a quality head strap, and this is where you can buy one. 

Best Charging Station

Of course, you need the best charging station for your Oculus if you use it for long periods. It needs to charge your Oculus device optimally. It comes with smart charger features, so your device will not overcharge even if you leave it inside the dock. 

Apart from that, you can use these docks as a display stand. There are a couple of rechargeable batteries in its charging station, and it comes with its charging cable. 


Oculus is everything that you want it to be. It can be your entertainment partner and can help you out in your work. You can face your fears and train yourself to be better at handling them. Moreover, you can learn new skills using virtual reality. 

With your Oculus headset, you can stay in touch with your family and friends and visit different places virtually with an immersive experience. Of course, you can play games and watch movies with your virtual reality headset too. You can do so much with it, and you don’t even have to leave your home for that.

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