10 Best Dart Cases – Secure and Versatile!

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Not all best-rated best dart cases are as functional as they are said to be. Assuming you know how the best dart cases look like, you could be mistaken. Your idea of what to look at in getting the dart cases could be far-fetched. The assumptions you are making can hardly be right. Surprisingly enough, they could end up misleading you even more.

You might end up getting the dart cases you never anticipated. Nonetheless, you have a reason to relax as you go through this in-depth article that will equip you with what it takes to get the best dart cases in the market. The market array is quite vast, but looking at specific features, including fuel type, BTUs, dimensions, and warranty, this guide will help you get the dart case you need.


Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart CaseEditor’s Choice

  • Pockets: 12
  • Dart storage: 9 darts
  • Tube storage: 2
  • Total storage: 34
  • Material: tough aluminum
  • Size: 11 x 8 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 1.65 lbs.

More features: expanded storage; additional compartments; 90-day limited warranty; durable

Casemaster legion is a dart case that will meet your outing needs. The additional compartments it has provides extra space for protecting and storing your smaller accessories.

The model is richly embossed with an aluminum casing, durable, and secure for keeping your darts intact. It is rectangular shaped, allowing for more storage space. The case can hold three sets of darts with an additional 12 pockets for the flights and wrench. The interior is crafted using well-chosen materials to ensure durability over the years of usage. The dart inserts are essential in giving a tight grip to each dart; hence they remain intact. The case comes with 90 days warranty.

Also, the aluminum material ensures excellent strength and lightweight for the case hence making it easy to carry it around. The case is designed with high portability as well as durability. The dual-buckle keeps the case firmly closed until it is game time. By just flicking them up to open, you have access to your collection.

Why is it special?

  • Great design
  • Durable
  • Spacious
  • Value for money

What are the flaws?

  • The storage pockets are sewn too tight
  • Pockets: 15
  • Dart storage: 12 darts
  • Tube storage: 4
  • Total storage: 32
  • Material: nylon
  • Size: 11 x 9 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs.

More features: enhanced protection; lock darts into place; has extra room for accessories

The dart case is made of nylon, which boasts its durability. It also reduces the moisture content out of the roomy interior of the case. It is capable of holding four sets of darts with an additional 15 pockets for storing the darting accessories. It also has five storage tubes for keeping your accessories as well as foam-cushioned inserts. The grip handle at the top of the case will provide excellent support when you are traveling. The frame inside gives it a good shape while preventing it from bending.

It will offer you great experience noting it bears rugged exterior and functional zippers that function in a significant way. The contents remain intact held firmly during your movements. It comes with a 90-day limited warranty, although the design and quality guarantee lifetime use. It is best for soft-top dart cases.

Also, the Casemaster case is designed to be not only durable but also portable, the grip handle and the nylon straps work excellently during your movement.

The case also offers you strategic storage for four sets of darts with the case for great playing experience. You also have extra space for throwing your accessories for maximizing the gaming experience.

Why is it special?

  • Durable
  • Spacious

What are the flaws?

  • Not suitable for slim darts

CyeeLife Dart Carrying CaseBest Value

  • Pockets: none
  • Dart storage: 3
  • Tube storage: none
  • Total storage: 3
  • Material: plastic
  • Size: 6.9 x 3.35 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 0.11 lb.

More features: comes in different colors; can hold 3pcs darts; portable

Yet another handy dart carrying case won’t require you to dismantle the dart, but it keeps them safe from any damage. Once the game is over, you just place them in the holder and conveniently enjoy carrying them around without injuries.

The Bart case is firm, reliable, and significant to hold most of the darts in the world. If you are looking for an excellent dart case, this is the ideal choice to go for. Also, the varying colors give you different transparency with white color giving.

You can easily open the lid on top and access your darts anytime need be. The box is translucent, allowing you to see the overbearing darts held inside. It will not only bring you joy but also happiness. There are many colors to choose from on what you like. It will be a good assistant noting it is much portable making it a handy tool during your travels. Its high portability brings more convenience. It comes in different colors giving you the option to choose what works for you.

Why are we impressed?

  • Great is protecting your darts
  • Sturdy

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • No extra space for extra shafts

Casemaster Sentry Dart CaseSpacious

  • Pockets: 6
  • Dart storage: 6
  • Tube storage: none
  • Total storage: 12
  • Material: Tactech outer shell
  • Size: 9 x 4 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 3.52 oz

More features: firm hold; durable; comes in different colors

Casemaster Sentry Dart Case is ideal for the storage of your fully assembled darts while ensuring the safety of the open flights. Casemaster sentry dart case is suitable for your night outs since it is equipped with the slots you require to carry all the accessories you need.

The dart case is designed firmly with a capacity to hold up to 6 fully assembled darts safely. The outer shell is compact and durable to ensure the safety of your items over time. Additionally, the smooth design gives you a great sleek and professional design.

The tactech outer shell ensures the dart case is durable, and therefore you can be sure it will serve you for a number of years. The case has a textile feeling, and the great zipper is of high quality to work efficiently.

It is spacious to hold your extra flights safely. The zipper operates smoothly hence convenient. The varying colors to choose from gives you the option to go for what appeals to you.

What are its best features?

  • Has room for extra storage
  • Spacious to fit two sets of darts

What could be improved?

  • Standard flights too big to fit in the compartment

Casemaster Plazma ProStylish

  • Pockets: 19
  • Dart storage: 6
  • Tube storage: 2
  • Total storage: 28
  • Material: nylon
  • Size: 13.6 oz
  • Weight: not specified

More features: extra-wide profile; smooth design; textured surface grips; large zipper pockets; smartphone pocket; comes in different colors

The case is equipped with a huge space with six darts in the hard foam slots, without crushing them. The case is spacious enough to carry all the darting accessories you need during your day out for darts and extra space to store extra items, including your phones.

Besides, it has a smooth design looking sleek and professional carrying your items. The textures surface grips difficult or wet surfaces will minimize drops.

The dual accessory tube storage case comes with two storage tubes for the dart tips and other accessories.

With the 16 storage slots, you will be able to store flights, shafts, tips in a more convenient way. It is made up of nylon fibers woven around a hard resin shell to absorb the impact during travel hence keeping your dart and accessories secure and safe.

It is capable of holding six fully assembled darts up to 7 inches in length irrespective of whether they have soft or steel tip. The easy-glide zip glides smoothly without falling off the track.

Why is it special?

  • Spacious to fit two sets of dart
  • Sturdy construction
  • High-quality case

What are the flaws?

  • Tight for bigger phones

COSMO DARTS Fit Flight CaseGreat Materials

  • Pockets: one
  • Dart storage: 3
  • Tube storage: none
  • Total storage: not specified
  • Material: not specified
  • Size: 170 x 90 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 5.6 oz

More features: comes in different colors; has pockets for dart points

Cosmo is an ideal dart case for you for fit shafts soft top points and the entire dart set to ensure you handle them safely. The pockets for dart points ensure the dart tools won’t get damaged.

The case is significant for accommodating a set of darts, eight tips or shifts, and a player card. Also, it is equipped with a carabiner clip, which enables you to change the case anywhere.

It will perfectly help you carry either tell or soft tip dart player. It is a high-quality case that will allow you to store assembled dart sets safely. It is suitable for you if you use molded dart flight setup such as fit flight, L- style.

It is an excellent dart case that is best in terms of quality and convenience. It is comfortable and well made to guarantee the safety of your dart tools. The fantastic colors allow you to go for what appeals to your eyes. The perfect size will enable you to carry it in your pocket comfortably.

Why is it special?

  • Sturdy construction
  • Great quality

What are the flaws?

  • Pockets inside aren't spacious
  • Pockets: 6
  • Dart storage: 3 darts
  • Tube storage: 1
  • Total storage: 10
  • Material: nylon and hard resin interior
  • Size: 7.2 x 4.5 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 12 oz

More features: solid foam insert locks; additional plastic tubes; durable

The case is constructed from a nylon and equipped with a hard resin interior ensuring protection for your darts. It has enough space to store six darts. Besides, it has ample additional space to store all that you need during your dart outing- it has six pockets to offer you extra space for flights.

The solid foam insert will lock your darts securely, preventing them from making unnecessary movement that would cause damage. The extra plastic tubes equipped with individual tubes give extra protection and protection and organization to your smaller accessories, such as the extra soft tips.

The strong interior is made using fiber, which is woven to withstand use over the years firmly. Besides, the nylon is scratch-resistant, giving a high performance during your travel and storage while guaranteeing your durability. Also, the dart case is durable and portable. The security zipper will keep your case sealed until you are ready for your game.

The strategic storage allows you to store two sets of darts, giving you an opportunity for a competitive play. You switch to your current dart set and accessories to take your gaming experience a notch higher.

Why are we impressed?

  • Dual-purpose case
  • Durable construction

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • The foam inserts aren’t strong

Casemaster Sport Dart CaseMost Durable

  • Pockets: 2
  • Dart storage: 3 darts
  • Tube storage: none
  • Total storage: not specified
  • Material: EVA form insert; Tactic outer shelf
  • Size: 7.2 x 3.9 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 4. 8 oz

More features: comes in different colors; durable; textured surface grips; smooth design

It is firmly made to hold three soft or steel tip darts. The additional flighty form profile protects the open flights from damage. It is equipped with ideal pockets to store the accessories you need for a night out. It is a durable and rigidly made shell to protect your items from damage. Besides, the additional smooth design gives it a sleek and professional look. The textures surface grips difficult surfaces to minimize drops.

Although it is a bit smaller, it is a perfect size that fits your pocket. The flights get loose in the foam hole. With it, you have to use the cover foam over the flights to ensure they don’t fall. Also, the dart pockets are too near to each other hence making it tricky for you to take or place the flights without harming them. Even though the external measurements make it seem small, it will work efficiently for you. The different colors allow you go for your best choice.

What are its best features?

  • Perfect size
  • Smooth design makes it look sleek and professional
  • Durable

What could be improved?

  • The flights get loose into the foam hole
  • The dart pockets are too close to each other

Target Darts Takoma WalletBest Details

  • Pockets: 2
  • Dart storage: 3 darts
  • Tube storage: none
  • Total storage: 5
  • Material: EVA; inside the velvet layer
  • Size: 18 x 8.5 x 5 cm
  • Weight: 5 oz

More features: comes in different colors; double zip lock; elastic strap

It is made of a strong material that maintains rigidity and ensures protection for your darts and accessories. The inside part of the wallet is made up of a velvet layer designed to offer a soft feel and be scratch resistant. The set of the darts are held fully assembled using an elastic strap to prevent movement inside.

The wallet is spacious enough to ensure the flights don’t get crushed. Inside the case, there are two zip locked pockets designed to hold the spare accessories. The strong Eva material is strong to offer protection to the darts as well as the accessories inside. The inside is made of velvet to offer you a soft feel and is also scratch-resistant.

The thickness of the wallet gives a guarantee the flights won’t get crushed inside it. The extra zip locked pouches will hold your spare accessories, ensuring it is compact enough as you carry it around. The elastic strap makes it easy to carry it around.

What makes it stand out?

  • Sturdy
  • Perfect fit to keep your darts flight stems securely
  • Several spare pockets

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Difficult to get the flights and stems in and out

Casemaster Sentinel Dart CaseFirm Hold

  • Pockets: 6
  • Dart storage: 6 darts
  • Tube storage: none
  • Total storage: 12
  • Material: hard foam slots; EVA foam shell
  • Size: not specified
  • Weight: 3.52 oz

More features: extra-wide profile; smooth design; textured surface grips; comes in different colors

It is spacious enough to accommodate up to six darts in hard foam slots without crushing flights. This dart case is durable with a rigid outer shell that tends to protect your tools from drops and impacts. It is deep enough to hold your flights and shafts securely. The product can hold up to 6 darts without crushing the flights giving you a comfortable time during your dart night out.

The perfect slots and the pockets will carry all the accessories that you might need for a night out for darts. The rigid and durable outer shell will guarantee the protection of your items, protecting them from drops and impacts. Besides, the smooth design gives it a sleek and professional look. The extra-wide profile adds to its functionality. The textured surface grips difficult or wet surfaces minimize to minimize drops.

Why are we impressed?

  • Ample storage space for your accessories
  • Great workmanship
  • The foam is made up of stiff material and holds darts firmly

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Doesn’t hold the darts securely

Things to Consider

Your dart pack mean a lot to you. You have incurred a lot of cost and time to acquire them. Unfortunately, the flights and shafts are small and hence likely to get lost easily. Therefore, getting a handy dart case is the only sure way to ensure the protection of your dart tools and accessories. There are numerous dart cases in the market. However, this guide with equip you with the necessary insights you need to make the best buying decision.

Why do you need a dart case?

10 Best Dart Cases - Secure and Versatile!Like the wallet you have, they are well designed to keep your dart set in a safe place. They are also spacious enough to hold your equipment and other dart accessories, preventing them from damage and getting lost.

First, dart cases are essential in protecting your darts. Secondly, they make it easy for you to carry it around. Some manufacturers make dart cases that satisfy the two purposes. Besides, a dart case should be presentable to carry around. Dart case should provide adequate space for holding your flights and shafts, ensuring they don’t not get crushed. They also are durable and rigid to protect your items from impacts and drops. Therefore, it is worth buying the right dart case.

Dart cases hold your darts and accessories so that they don’t get torn apart. They have adequate space to hold flights and shafts to preventing them from any damage. Most of ta dart cases are durable with a compact outer shell to keep your dart tools secure.

Features to consider before you buy a dart case

You are likely to assume that all dart cases are the same, but they all vary wildly. Besides, the market is saturated with varying dart cases from various manufacturers. How do you choose the best one for you? Putting into account factors such as size, weight, material, and purpose, this guide will provide the information you need to decide the dart case that works for you.


The pockets need to be deep enough to hold the darts properly without bending or warping them. They should also protect the flights from falling out. Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case has 12 pockets giving you a useful space to store your dart tools and accessories.

Dart storage

It is vital to choose a case that allows you to fit the complete darts directly. Some cases require you to remove flights to fit the darts inside. If your flights are delicate, you will need to ensure they are safe. Casemaster Classic Nylon Dart Carrying Case has 12 darts storage making it a useful case for your dart storage due to the ample space.

Tube storage

The storage tube is ideal for storing the dart accessories and parts that can be easily lost due to their small size. The extra soft tips and shafts are supposed to be stored in a durable resin tube.

The removable lid gives you easy access to your tools.
The tube is ideal for extra soft tips and shafts. Casemaster Classic Nylon Dart Carrying Case has four tube storage suitable for small-sized dart accessories.


The material is important to consider since it determines the durability of the dart case. Also, the material used to make the dart case determines the safety of your darts. A metal case will give great protection to your darts and accessories, ensuring protection from damage by drops and impact. Even though the dart cases are the most expensive, they are very high quality. They have hard exterior casing but a soft interior to cushion your tools. They can absorb hard impacts keeping your darts secure. Some come equipped with a lock feature for further security. The only drawback comes with their heavyweight.

The plastic case is also secure and protective, although the preference will depend on your usage. Mostly, they’re ideal for players who want easy and cheap solutions. They are light in weight, but the degree of protection varies for your dart.
Although an inferior quality, unlike their metallic counterparts, they still offer a great job in securing your dart. CyeeLife Dart Carrying Case is made of plastic, which enhances its portability. Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case is made of sturdy aluminum. Aluminum dart cases are the strongest in the market, and they tend to last long and offer great strength to protect your darts.

Nylon dart cases are soft and easily portable since they are light in weight and also protect your darts. They also provide adequate space for all your accessories. Casemaster Classic Nylon Dart Carrying Case is made of nylon making it ideal for dart storage needs. The nylon dart case usually is soft and spongy, and they relate closely to plastic darts. The quality is inferior, unlike the metallic dart cases, but also gives adequate protection of darts. They always come with handy straps and additional pockets.


The size matters as well since you have to store your darts and the accessories in one place. Choosing the right size is important; however, it depends on your personal preferences. Casemaster Sport Dart Case measures 7.2 x 3.9 x 2 inches, making it ideal to fit your pocket. You might only need some pockets for your flights and shafts while someone else might require a three darts case for one set, or you may require large cases to carry out darts.

Experienced players might require more than one set of darts, which means a bigger dart case would be ideal. Also, they need spare shafts and additional flights. Hence, a dart case with sleeves for storing the spare and extra pockets will be suitable.


An ideal case needs to be light in weight to allow easy movement. Is the material you prefer lightweight? Most of the small, zippered cases are made of nylon. CyeeLife Dart Carrying Case weighs 0.11lb making it very portable. The material is lightweight, yet it offers the protection you need for your dart. Also, aluminum cases are light in weight that can offer protection to your darts. Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case is made of tough aluminum. With aluminum, you won’t have to worry about the weight. Weight is a vital factor, particularly if you travel frequently.


10 Best Dart Cases - Secure and Versatile!

The purpose of your dart case determines the type of case to but to suit your needs. As a dart player, you might need to protect your darts during the darting events or movements. Therefore, you might need to get a dart case that is portable, secure, and offers protection to your dart sets when traveling. Figuring out your priorities will help you determine the type of dart case that suits your needs best. If you love traveling, it would be reasonable to get a metallic dart case. Casemaster Legion is such a case designed to meet your traveling purposes while guaranteeing durability and safety during our movements.


If you need a dart case with enough space to store your dart tools and leave an extra space unoccupied for storing your accessories, this is the ideal dart case for you. It is undoubtedly the best in the market. It has ten mini sleeves, two accessory tubes, nine-dart slots, 12 pockets, and one large pocket with up to 34 storage methods. It is made of quality material that assures durability. It will give you an experience of a briefcase since it comes with two heavy-duty buckles and closes tight. The outer casing is sturdy to secure your dart tools. It also has an extra plastic compartment that can be used to store smaller accessories, including tips and flights. It is portable, making it easy for you to carry around and not forgetting its attractive appearance.

It is common to see darters use chalk or forms of gripping wax on their fingers. They do that to add grip on the dart and how the best way to do it is to clean them while ensuring your hands are grease-free. Put your crisp packet and wash your hands. You can also consider immersing your darts in your beach overnight – it works wonders in the removal of grime from your darts. You will need a strong soup such as shaving gel to get the job done. But how do you go about it? Get a small container that can hold the liquid and barrels. Add 25ml washing liquid to the container. Put the barrels into the liquid. Add about 100ml of warm water and leave it for some hours or overnight. You can use a toothbrush on the barrels after the period if need be. After removing the darts, rinse them with clean water and wipe them dry. You should not use this method for painted or golden darts. The result will be a clean dart.

Casemaster classic nylon dart gives a comprehensive storage system for your darts. It is made of tenacious nylon fibers. Therefore, it is a sturdy dart case. The strength of the material will guarantee safety for your dart while giving access for you to carry it around. It is equipped with six darts- two complete sets each. You can lock the darts using the solid foam to prevent damage when moving. It is spacious to give your flights enough space while ensuring an increased lifespan of the flight. It is designed to carry steel top or soft tip darts. The ample storage space is capable of holding many dart supplies. It has small pockets for your accessories and large pockets for holding bigger items. The design ensures protection and organization of smaller accessories like the extra soft tip darts.

Wrapping It Up

Playing darts is interesting and enjoyable; hence, the need to keep the arrows in good condition. Since the darts have sharp tips, they can easily cause harm; therefore, you need to purchase the best dart case to store your darts safely. Hopefully, this guide is suitable for helping you get the perfect dart case for you. Although as a player you know better what you want, taking into account the information given will guarantee you the best product in the market. Based on a thorough review, our editor’s choice is Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case since it is made of sturdy aluminum, which makes it durable. For the best value, we settled for CyeeLife Dart Carrying Case since it is portable and can hold three pieces of darts. The premium pick for the best dart case is Casemaster Classic Nylon Dart Carrying Case since it has enhanced protection features, locks the darts intact in place, and has extra room for accessories.

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