5 Best Outdoor Dartboards That Will Withstand All the Elements

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Playing a game of outdoor darts is a great way to get out of the house while spending time with family and friends. Unfortunately, not every dartboard is built to handle the elements or the repeated hits from a well-thrown dart. Luckily, we’ve done the necessary research, choosing the best outdoor dartboard models that are fun for the whole family and can be used in your backyard, on family picnics, or at a friend’s house.

When choosing the 5 dartboard sets for our reviews, we focused on some essential features. All of our selections needed to be suitable for outdoor use and possibly able to handle outdoor storage for short periods if necessary. Some of the sets include safe dart tips and dartboard construction for kids to enjoy, while others have professional-quality steel tips and tournament-sized dartboards for more experienced players. We even chose a couple of models that offer more than 1 game on a single board for a bit of variety in your gameplay. If you’re interested in the best outdoor dartboard, check out our detailed reviews and informative buying guide below.

Top 5 Outdoor Dartboards Review 2024


True Born Magnetic Dart BoardEditor’s Choice

  • Type: magnetic
  • Diameter: 16 inches
  • Darts: 6; neodymium magnetic; flat tips
  • Mounting: mounting hole at the back

More features: converts into a magnetic ring throw game

The True Born Magnetic Dart Board is more than just an outdoor dartboard. It is a 2-in-1 game, with a dartboard and ring toss all in one set. The pieces included are all well-made, so you’ll get years of enjoyment with this fantastic package.

The dartboard has a classic design, with large white numbers and well-drawn and colored spaces, including the bullseye, double, triple, and regular scored spaces. The darts are magnetic, with a flat end and traditionally shaped flights. They stick well to the board, with no bounce-outs to deal with. There are 3 red, and 3 green darts included with the set.

For those who want to try a game of ring toss, there are also 11 hooks included that you can attach to the board in any configuration you like. These hooks are also magnetic, so you can adjust them as needed as often as you want. There are 6 each of the black and red rubber rings for a 2-player or team game. A storage bag and instruction booklet are also included with this set.

What are our favorite features? The 2-in-1 game options with multiple accessories, including the magnetic dart tips, make this the best outdoor dartboard set available. It is also portable, so you can take it anywhere you go for some fun on the road.

What could be better? Though the magnets on the darts are quite strong, they may not stick if they are thrown at an angle, so be sure to throw as straight as possible.


ATDAWN Dart Board Game SetBest Waterproof Outdoor Dartboard

  • Type: pointed rubber
  • Diameter: 16.4 inches
  • Darts: 8; soft silicone needle tip
  • Mounting: mounting hole at the back

More features: metal bracket for tabletop play; entirely waterproof

The best waterproof dartboard won’t be damaged if you forget it outside in the rain, even if it’s out there for days at a time. The ATDAWN Dart Board Game Set is made of high-quality plastic that is durable enough to handle wet or hot weather, as well as frequent use for a ton of family fun.

This dartboard has a classic design, with double, triple, and bullseye sections, as well as large white numbers on the black edging, which makes them easy to read from a distance. This dartboard includes a reinforced nail hole that allows you to hang it on the wall and a metal bracket for standing it on a table, giving you several play options, depending on your indoor or outdoor layout.

Included with the dartboard are 8 darts, with 4 each of red and green. These darts have a soft silicone needle tip, which is soft to the touch and prevents injury, even when used by the smallest members of the family. There are also 4-sided plastic flights for a traditional look.

What makes it special? The ATDAWN Dart Board Game Set is made of quality materials, like the plastic dartboard and the soft silicone dart tips. All the pieces have a traditional design, and the board includes versatile installation options.

What cons did we find? Plastic dividers are separating the number, double, triple, and bullseye sections, which the darts could bounce off, requiring extra throws or missed shots.


Panshi Magnetic Dart Board SetBest Value

  • Type: magnetic
  • Diameter: 11.5; 13 inches
  • Darts: 6; magnetic; flat tips
  • Mounting: hanging string

More features: roll-up design; double-sided for amateur and professional play

Those on a budget need an outdoor dartboard set that is made of quality materials that will last for years, without the high-end cost of professional games. The Panshi Magnetic Dart Board Set fits these criteria, with a great low price for a set that is perfect for the whole family.

The dartboard is made of fabric, with a magnetic coating that is strong enough to hold tight to the darts that land on it. On each side of the fabric is a specific dartboard design, with a simple, amateur pattern for beginners on one side and a professional design, including double, triple, and bullseye spaces, on the other.

There is a bar on the top that you can use to roll the dartboard up when you’re finished with it for compact storage and easy travel. The string can be used to hang the board wherever you want it, so a permanent location isn’t needed.

There are two sets of darts, with 3 red and 3 yellow included. The tips are flat magnets, which are safe for little ones. It has traditional-looking flights for a more authentic look.

Why did it make our list? Though made with quality materials that will last for years, this model is quite cheap in terms of price. You can hang it anywhere, plus it is double-sided for both amateur and professional games.

What is not ideal about it? Some of the flights on the darts may be a bit sharp on the edges, though you may be able to file them a bit to make them safer for the whole family to use.

  • Type: sisal fiber
  • Diameter: 17.8 inches
  • Darts: 6; steel tips
  • Mounting: bracket kit (all hardware is included)

More features: comes with a darts oche tape in a leather cover; movable number ring; staple-free wire system

If you prefer a professional-style dartboard, the Ignatgames Professional Dart Board Set is a great one to check out. This model is professional-sized at 17.75 x 1.5 inches, which complies with the specifications of the WDF Tournament, so you feel like a pro right in your own backyard or basement.

The dartboard is made of high-grade Kenyan sisal fiber, which is self-healing, so the darts don’t leave permanent holes in the dartboard. There are thin wires between the scoring sections, expanding the scoring area by about 15% and reducing bounce-outs when compared to round wires.

Another handy feature on the dartboard is the movable number ring. This allows you to turn the ring off of the most-used sections, giving them a break and increasing the lifespan.

There are 6 training darts included with the set, with 3 of each flight color for 2-player games. The darts have steel tips that stick well in the sisal fabric for accurate scoring. A handy measuring tape and all the mounting hardware needed also come with the set.

What stands out? This dartboard set uses premium-grade Kenyan sisal with thin wires and a rotating number ring for fabric longevity. It also includes the entire mounting kit for easy installation.

What cons did we manage to find? This outdoor dartboard setup is a bit pricey. The darts included with the set are training darts, so will likely need to be replaced with high-quality pieces for more experienced players.


Doinkit Darts KidBest Kids Outdoor Dartboard

  • Type: magnetic
  • Diameter: 16 inches
  • Darts: 6; balanced neodymium magnetic; flat tips
  • Mounting: 2 mounting holes at the back

More features: for kids and adults aged 6 and above

Sharp-ended darts aren’t safe for small children that still need to work on their coordination and dexterity. For the little ones, the best outdoor dartboard includes darts that are safe to use without risking injury. The Doinkit Darts Kid set includes safe darts for the family, so everyone can play together.

There are 2 sets of 3 darts included with this set, all of which are have nice, bright colors that make telling them apart easy. These darts have balanced neodymium magnet tips that stick well to the dartboard every time you throw them. These magnetic tips are also durable, so you’ll never need to replace them. The flights are space-age mesh that is almost indestructible, yet lightweight, keeping the darts straight as they fly from your hand to the dartboard.

Despite the upgraded kid-friendly darts, the board has a classic design that still allows for traditional gameplay. The colors are appealing, with large, easy-to-read numbers for the kids. This board also includes hidden wall mounts that don’t ruin the aesthetic appeal of the hanging board.

What makes it special? We liked the kid-safe darts with the strong magnetic tips that are safe for kids of all ages. This set is also well-made, with hidden wall mounts for easy hanging.

What cons did we find? The board is rather light, so you need to hold it in place when removing the darts to prevent pulling it off the wall. The magnetic darts may also stick to each other instead of the board.

Things to Consider

The best outdoor darts and dartboard give you more options to get out of the house and off of those devices. These games can be played outside in your backyard, at a friend’s house, at large family gatherings, or even a picnic at the park. These models come with everything you need to get started, with sets designed for kids as well as some for advanced dart players, so you can easily find the perfect one for the players you have in mind. If you aren’t sure what to look for in an outdoor dartboard, the following sections will help you get started.

Features to consider when choosing an outdoor dartboard

5 Best Outdoor Dartboards That Will Withstand All the Elements

There are a few features to consider when choosing a new outdoor dartboard for your home and family. This will ensure you’re getting the right set for those who are playing the game to keep them safe without decreasing the enjoyment.

If it’s water-resistant/waterproof

Not every dartboard that you can use outside is made of waterproof or weather-resistant materials, so it may not be best to leave them out there permanently. For instance, the Ignatgames Professional Dart Board Set is made of sisal fibers, which can absorb the moisture when it rains. This moisture can damage those fibers, ruining the board. If you leave it outside permanently, the board won’t last long, and you’ll need to buy a replacement. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use this board for outdoor games, you just can’t leave it out there all the time.

Boards made of rubber or plastic are more resistant to water since these materials won’t absorb it. The ATDAWN Dart Board Game Set is one of these models, so you can leave it out in the rain without worrying about it ruining an otherwise great board. Of course, these materials don’t necessarily make these outdoor weatherproof dartboards since the sun can fade the color and deteriorate the plastic and rubber. So, even if a dartboard is waterproof or water-resistant, it may not be a good idea to leave them exposed to the elements all the time.


The type of dartboard you choose will likely depend on who’s going to be playing the game. Those with small children at home won’t want them playing with the sharp steel-tipped darts since little ones may not be as careful with them. This could lead to injuries if the darts are not used properly.

For these families, a magnetic dartboard may be a good option. Models like the Doinkit Darts Kid have a magnetic layer built into the board and flat magnet tips on the darts. When the dart hits the dartboard, the magnets hold strong, keeping the dart in place. The flat tip is safe for kids to use since even if they poke themselves with the tip or a dart bounces back instead of sticking to the board, they won’t be injured.

Boards like the ATDAWN Dart Board Game Set have pointed rubber in the game area, which has spaces between the rubber nodules that hold the dart in place when it hits the board. These dartboards need darts with soft pointed tips, so younger players can still use them. They do offer a bit more of a challenge and more realistic gameplay.

Another popular dartboard type is the sisal fiber used for the scoring sections. Sisal fiber is a high-quality material that can actually self-heal between games. This means that there won’t be any unsightly holes marring the look of the dartboard. Sisal dartboards usually include a rotating number ring on the outer edge of the board, which can be turned to shift the frequently used numbers to other playing sections. This helps maintain the integrity of the playing area for a longer-lasting dartboard. There are different types of sisal fiber, so be sure you’re getting a high-quality dartboard to ensure that the healing capability is living up to the claims. Sisal dartboards are a bit more expensive, but they are designed to last for years, so may be worth the extra cost.


5 Best Outdoor Dartboards That Will Withstand All the Elements

The size of the dartboard you choose may not seem like an issue unless you’re practicing for some type of dart tournament. These events use a specific tournament-sized board, so if you want to compete, it only makes sense to practice with a board that is the right size. The Darts Regulation Authority states that a regulation board needs to measure 17 ¾ inches in diameter and include 20 radial sections. Using a board with these specifications at home will ensure that you’re ready to compete when it’s time for the tournament you’re signed up for.

Those who are buying a dartboard for fun home games rather than competition preparation likely won’t be too concerned about the size of the dartboard they are buying. A smaller dartboard may also fit in the outdoor space you have available, making a better choice over the larger tournament-sized models. Smaller dartboards may also be a better choice for little ones since it is more their size in both the dartboard and the included darts. This makes it easier for them to learn how to play.

One thing to remember with the smaller boards is that the scoring sections will also be reduced in size. This may make it more difficult to hit the numbers you’re aiming for, so you’ll need to be more precise when throwing the darts.

How many darts are included?

The number of darts included may vary with the outdoor dartboard set you buy. Darts are played with a minimum of 2 players, with each person using 3 darts for each turn. Most of the dartboard sets in our reviews include 6 darts, with 3 of each color, allowing 2 player games or even team play, with the teams all sharing the same set of 3 darts.

There are also a few dartboards that include more darts, like the ATDAWN Dart Board Game Set. This set includes 8 darts, with 4 of each color. Though you would only use 3 darts for the game, this set gives you an extra in each color, which is handy for a few reasons. Though the darts you’re using should be well-made, they could break if mishandled. There is also the chance that one could get lost. In these situations, having an extra dart on hand will allow you to keep playing with the proper amount of darts. If there is no extra, then your games will need to be put on hold until you get a new dart or a new set of darts to replace broken or missing dart.

Many dart and dartboard manufacturers also have other styles of darts available for the board they are selling, so you can also keep a few extra sets on hand if you feel that the ones included may not last as long as you hope. This also gives you darts for extra players, so you can play with more than 2 people in each game. Some people also want a higher quality of dart than others, with lighter or heavier darts being more comfortable to throw, so extra darts give everyone the ones they like to use.

Dart tips

There are a few different options when it comes to dart tips. Magnetic dartboards won’t work with anything other than magnetic tips since they don’t have thick material for pointed darts to stick into. The magnetic darts are flat, so they are safe for even the youngest members of the family, allowing everyone to get into the game without risking injuries.

For the older members of the family, there are a few different options when it comes to pointed-tip darts. There are silicone or plastic needle tips, which are soft, so you don’t need to worry about them puncturing a wall if you miss the dartboard when you throw them. They also likely won’t hurt anyone if they bounce off and hit the players or spectators watching the game. Despite not causing injuries, the pointed tips still stick well into the dartboard they come with. These darts work best with electronic or soft tip dartboards, which usually include holes or plastic nubs for the playing sections. The soft tips fit in the spaces rather than creating their own hole in the dartboard material.

5 Best Outdoor Dartboards That Will Withstand All the Elements

The steel tip darts are the type used by advanced or professional dart players. These are more durable than the other dart types but are also a bit more dangerous if used improperly. Darts with steel tips are used with sisal fiber dartboards since the metal point is strong enough to make a deep hole that will hold it in place, plus the sisal self-heals to prevent those holes from becoming permanent marks in the dartboard.


Most dartboard sets include the dartboard and at least 6 darts. This is really all you need for a game, but some dartboards also include a few extra accessories that make the set a bit more worthwhile.

The mounting hardware is one thing to look for. Though some models can be hung on a simple nail or screw, this doesn’t necessarily ensure that it won’t be knocked off the wall when hit with a particularly hard dart throw. A set that includes a bracket and bolts is handy to have since it gives you everything you need to securely attach the dartboard to the wall.

A double-sided dartboard, like the Panshi Magnetic Dart Board Set, gives you 2 games, one on each side of the fabric. You can turn the dartboard over to play whichever game you’re interested in at the time, without using a bunch of extra space to hang up multiple dartboards.

Some games also add extra pieces that allow you to turn your normal dartboard into a second game. The True Born Magnetic Dart Board is 1 of these models, with 11 magnetic hooks included that you can stick to the dartboard in any configuration you want. It also comes with 6 red and 6 black rings, which work with the hooks to create a fun ring toss game without the need for a second playing surface. This game also has a handy storage bag for the hooks, so you can keep them organized when they aren’t being used.

Another handy accessory that isn’t always included with the dartboard set is a measuring tape. This allows you to measure the proper distance from the board to mark the throwing line on the ground. Though you may not need this for fun family games, those practicing for tournament play will likely want to get used to the proper throwing distance for the most accurate throws possible. This will help them prepare for the real thing.


5 Best Outdoor Dartboards That Will Withstand All the Elements

Mounting the dartboard on the wall isn’t as easy as you may think. It all depends on the type of dartboard you’re using. The Panshi Magnetic Dart Board Set has a simple string setup, so all you need to do is hook the string over a nail or hook in the wall you’re hanging it on. Of course, this simple setup isn’t common on the heavier, traditional dartboards.

Some dartboards have built-in reinforced nail holes, so you just need to hammer the nail into the wall and then hang the dartboard up. This is a simple setup that doesn’t require the need for brackets and other accessories to keep the dartboard where you hang it.

Some models also include the entire mounting kit, including brackets and bolts, which makes it easy to secure the entire piece to the wall wherever you need it. Hanging the dartboard this way is more permanent, though, so you can’t move the dartboard as easily as with some other methods.

Rather than mounting the dartboard on the wall, some models include an outdoor dartboard stand, which is attached to the back of the dartboard. This allows you to stand the dartboard on a table or shelf, plus makes it easy to move it whenever you like.


No, a sisal fiber dartboard shouldn’t be exposed to all weather elements. They are not waterproof, and any moisture that is absorbed can damage the material. Sunlight can also damage the sisal fibers. If using one of these dartboards outside, be sure to place it under an overhang or partial roof to protect it from the sun and rain. You can also use a bracket that allows you to remove the board and store it inside when you’re not using it.

A movable number ring can be rotated around the board, altering the numbered sections. This is handy since some numbers are aimed at more than others. For instance, the 20 will be used more often than the 2 sections. The rotating board shifts the position of the higher-used numbers, allowing the fabric of these areas to heal between or during games.

Wrapping It Up

An outdoor dartboard allows you to get out of the house and enjoy some time in your backyard with family and friends. Though all 5 of the dartboards in our reviews are great options, we do have a few favorites.

Our top choice is the True Born Magnetic Dart Board. This model is a 16-inch magnetic dartboard with 6 neodymium magnetic flat-tip darts. This set is also portable, with a traditional design, plus it includes a handy storage bag, 11 magnetic hooks, and 12 colored rings that turn this dartboard into a fun ring toss game.

The ATDAWN Dart Board Game Set includes a 16.5-inch pointed rubber dartboard with a classic design. This durable model is waterproof, with a reinforced mounting hole and a metal standing bracket for multiple playing areas. It also comes with 8 soft-tipped silicone darts.

The Panshi Magnetic Dart Board Set is a double-sided magnetic dartboard with an amateur board on one side and a professional-style playing area on the other. This model is lightweight, with a roll-up design for portability and compact storage. It also has a great low price.

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