5 Most Outstanding Shuffleboard Pucks Sets for Your Smooth Gaming Experience

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There are many pucks options available on the market for convenient replacement in case you lose or break the original ones your table came with. It can be difficult to filter through the countless models, but we have made the process easier with this review of the best shuffleboard pucks which will make a lot of difference to your overall game by improving your control, speed and accuracy.

To come up with our list of recommended models, we reviewed the most important features such as the material used in the pucks for the right feel, grip, weight, and durability. Next, we considered the diameter to analyze different sizes of pucks for both regular and tournament games. We also assessed the weight of the pucks for easy maneuvering and steady aim. Lastly, we looked at the number of pucks included in the package for convenient replacement in case you misplace or damage yours.

This resourceful review comprises of the best shuffleboard pucks that will suit every kind of player, regardless of their skill level. We have analyzed each model in detail, based on individual features and feedback from verified buyers, experts, and authoritative review sites, and ranked their overall performance in a comparison table. You will also find a comprehensive buying guide with an in-depth exploration of the key features. The review ends with a summary of our top three picks from the list of pucks below.

Top 5 Shuffleboard Pucks Reviews 2024


American 8 Shuffleboard PucksEditor’s Choice

  • Number of pucks: 8 (4 blue; 4 red)
  • Diameter: 2-5/16 inches
  • Weight: 12 oz.

More features: plastic screw on tops are replaceable

If you are looking for tournament-play pucks which can cruise along 14 to 22 feet shuffleboard tables without resistance and wax build-up, American 8 Shuffleboard Pucks has exactly what you need. The pucks have the regulation-sized diameter of 2-5/16 inches and weigh 12 ounces to provide the right balance between feel and control for comfort and accuracy in your throws.

Featuring heavy chrome-plated steel construction which is resistant to dents, scratches, and chipping, you are assured of hundreds of shuffleboard gaming sessions before you need to replace them. The caps made of plastic are easy to screw on or off for replacement. Shuffleboard caps provide a steady grip for more accurate shots and protection against dents and scratches when you knock off your competitor’s pucks. They also come in different colors for easy identification of teams. This set comes in a set of eight pucks: four blue and four red to differentiate between competing individuals and teams. Although it is slightly pricy, it is a durable investment which will be an asset to any professional shuffleboard player training for tournaments and newbies who wish to advance their skills to the next level.

What stands out?

  • Durable chrome plated steel
  • Replaceable screw-on caps
  • Balanced weight
  • Caps are pleasant to the touch

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Pricey

Zieglerworld Table Large Shuffleboard Puck WeightsMost Versatile Shuffleboard Pucks

  • Number of pucks: 4 (one of 21 colors available)
  • Diameter: 2-5/16 inches
  • Weight: 2 oz.

More features: made in the USA; screw on/off caps

ZieglerWorld Table Large Shuffleboard Weights feature caps that can be easily screwed on or off to change colors or add extra weight to the 11.2 ounces for a stronger aim.

They are available in 21 vibrant colors to personalize your game. The four pucks have a regulation-sized diameter of 2-5/16 inches which suits large shuffleboard tables and tournaments. The caps feature an ergonomic design with smooth grooves which are comfortable on your fingers to assist in adding spin to your throws, and three spoke label design which provides you with a visual reference to enable you to estimate the speed of spin you can expect from your pucks.

They are undoubtedly the best shuffleboard pucks for both amateurs, and professional players who are seeking for tournament approved pucks with high-quality materials and versatile colors for exciting gaming sessions. We also love the informative eight-page booklet included in the package because it features different Shuffleboard games, helpful rules and hints to give you an edge over your competitors, and tips on how to maintain your shuffleboard to keep it in top performance.

Unfortunately, you have to buy the Zieglerworld Table Shuffleboard Puck Weight Hard Case & Carrier separately.

What do we love it for?

  • 21 colors available
  • Screw-on/off caps
  • Spin gauge
  • Regulation-sized
  • Informative booklet

What were we disappointed with?

  • Case not included
  • Only four pucks in one pack

TORPSPORTS Shuffleboard PucksBudget Pick

  • Number of pucks: 8 (4 blue; 4 red)
  • Diameter: 2-1/8 inches
  • Weight: 5 oz.

More features: chrome-plated steel with ABS topped caps

Although they are the best cheapest shuffleboard pucks in terms of pricing, there is nothing cheap about the quality, performance and the packaging of this model. The pucks feature ABS topped caps which are resistant to chipping and scratches and a durable construction of heavy, chrome-plated steel with a decent heft of 9.5 ounces and beveled edges to give you more control when shooting for a flawless glide along the table.

TORPSPORTS Shuffleboard Pucks comes in a set of eight brightly-colored pucks to differentiate between competitors and improve visibility in dimly-lit environments. Each of the four blue and four red pucks, which are wrapped individually in a bubble to reduce friction-induced damage during shipping, bears the Topsports logo in the middle. The manufacturer expresses his appreciation to customers with a thank you card which is included in the box.

Customers have been content with the performance of these 2-1/8-inch diameter pucks on their 12-ft shuffleboard tables. They particularly love the smooth slide and the bounce when bumping off their opponents’ pucks.

What stands out?

  • Vibrant colors
  • Durable chrome-plated steel
  • Beveled edges for control
  • Excellent packaging
  • Budget-friendly

What cons did we manage to find?

  • The size might not fit tables of 16 feet and longer

Billiard Evolution Shuffleboard PucksBest Value Shuffleboard Pucks

  • Number of pucks: 8 (4 blue; 4 red)
  • Diameter: 2-5/16 inches
  • Weight: 48 oz.

More features: fast shipping via the US Postal Service

These are the best-rated shuffleboard pucks for players looking for regulation-sized pucks for casual or recreational use. They have been praised by restaurant owners, shuffleboard table makers and parents with teenagers for their sturdy construction and durable composition which withstands high traffic of players and resists the impact of bump-offs and any pressure exerted on them.

Billiard Evolution Shuffleboard Pucks comes in a set of four blue and four red pucks for improved visibility, and a regulation-sized diameter of 2-5/16 inches to bring tournament quality to your game.

Since they don’t have beveled edges, they may cause trails and slight accumulation of wax, but their weight of 12.48 ounces adds the strength required to control the shot and make them slide fast and smoothly along the table into the scoring areas.

These pucks have reasonable pricing which will provide you the best value for your money and a high-quality build which will serve you for a long time.

The shipping and replacement process for manufacturing defects are speedily facilitated via the US Postal Service for the timely delivery.

What makes it stand out?

  • Durable
  • High speed
  • Bright colors
  • Great price-performance ratio

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • No beveled edges
  • The caps are plastic and don’t look sturdy

Hathaway Shuffleboard PucksBest Shuffleboard Pucks for Beginners

  • Number of pucks: 8 (4 blue; 4 red)
  • Diameter: 2-1/8 inches
  • Weight: 5 oz.

More features: comes with a wooden case; each puck is dimpled and beveled

Hathaway Shuffleboard Pucks have a diameter of 2-1/8 inch diameter which is medium-sized for regular games with your family and peers. Several buyers rightfully dispute the manufacturer’s claim of these pucks being regulation-sized because they are much smaller. However, recreational players will enjoy the dimpled cap with a dented surface for a sturdy grip and the beveled edge which makes it easier to maneuver the pucks.

The package comes with four blue pucks and four red pucks which will make you stand out, as well as a sleek and sturdy wooden case which protects the pucks from dust and moisture when in storage.

Their medium size and weight of 9.5 ounces make them ideal for smaller shuffleboard tables which measure approximately 7 to 12 feet.

Buyers were pleased with the fast shipping and delivery, and the weight of these pucks which they say is worth every dime. They also loved the storage case and the compact size which suits their small 9 feet shuffleboard tables. However, a few complained that they snowplow the powder.

These may not be the best shuffleboard pucks for professional players or for shuffleboard tables that are 14 to 22 feet, but they are the best starter shuffleboard pucks that you will find to introduce you to the game and add competitive fun to social events before you upgrade to a more advanced model.

What are our favorite features?

  • Sturdy storage case
  • Multicolored
  • Beveled edge for control
  • Dimpled cap for grip
  • Best for beginners
  • Low pricing

What could be better?

  • Suits tables of up to 14 feet only
  • Snowplow powder

Things to Consider

In this shuffleboard pucks guide, you will learn more about the importance of acquiring proper pucks and the difference it makes to your overall performance and the fundamental features to factor in for the best set. The FAQ section offers insight into the ideal weight of pucks and explains why some models have screw-on caps.

Why it’s so important to choose a proper set of pucks

Pucks refer to the playing pieces slid across the shuffleboard table. They come in different sizes and weights to match different table sizes, game variations and techniques, and personal preferences. You need to take all these factors into account to identify the best shuffleboard packs that will be the most suitable for your needs. Otherwise, you will frequently experience weak and wayward shots, poor control, plowing of the powdered wax, and damaged pucks and tables.
5 Most Outstanding Shuffleboard Pucks Sets for Your Smooth Gaming ExperienceTable sizes: Larger tables which measure 14 to 22 inches in length use regulation-size pucks with a diameter of 2-5/16th inches while small and mid-size recreational tables with a length of 7 to 12 feet are best used with shuffleboard pucks that are 2-1/8 inches wide. There are larger pucks with a diameter of 2-7/8 which are used for shuffle arcade bowling.

Game variations: These include the popular Crazy Eight where each player starts with all the eight pucks, Tap & Draw which penalizes you if you bump off your opponent’s pucks, Horse Collar where the game ends when one puck remains in or near the scoring areas, and Three Strikes which only features individual players, not teams.

Weight: While 11 to 15 ounces is okay for recreational games, the recommended weight for official tournament pucks is 10.9 to 12.5 ounces.

Personal preferences: This refers to your individual design preferences, playing styles, grip comfort, and the spin and speed of your throws.

Features to consider while choosing shuffleboard pucks

These are the key features you need to put into consideration when choosing the best shuffleboard pucks for durability, stability, speed, and peak performance.

Number of pucks included

Shuffleboard pucks are mostly available in a set of eight, four for each team, with different colors to match each team for easy identification. Practically all the models in our recommended list of the best-rated shuffleboard pucks come with eight pucks so you can start playing right away.


Colors help to identify and differentiate between teams. Vibrant colors are used for quick identification of competing pucks and improved visibility when playing in dimly-lit environments.
5 Most Outstanding Shuffleboard Pucks Sets for Your Smooth Gaming Experience
Red and blue are the most common colors used in pucks, although you may find puck sets that are available in multiple colors. For instance, you can purchase the Zieglerworld Table Large Shuffleboard Puck Weights in 21 different colors; Belaire Green, Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Green, Desert Sand, Green, Hot Pink, Light Blue, Lime Green, Maroon, Metallic Gold, Navy Blue, Ocean Blue, Orange, Purple, Ruby Red, Silver, Teal, White, and Yellow Gold.


Pucks mainly come in two diameter sizes suited for either regular or tournament games. Our list comprises of both recreation and regulation sizes to suit every kind of player, regardless of their level of skill. Regular pucks like the TORPSPORTS Shuffleboard Pucks and Hathaway Shuffleboard Pucks have diameters of 2-1/8 inches for recreational play while the American 8 Shuffleboard Pucks and Billiard Evolution Shuffleboard Pucks have regulation-sized diameters of 2-5/16 inches for use in tournament games.

For the official tournament, pucks should be 0.75 inches in height without the cap. A margin of error of .05 inches is allowed for both height and width measurements.


The weight of shuffleboard pucks significantly affects the quality and accuracy of your shots. Light pucks will be easily knocked off by your competitor’s pucks, or fly off the table whereas heavy pucks will require more effort to slide to the scoring zones at the end of the table and will be harder to control the shots. The most suitable weight balances feel, speed and control to smoothly glide along the table and withstand impact from bump-offs.

According to the Table Shuffleboard Association’s rules and guidelines, each official tournament puck should have a minimum weight of 310 grams and a maximum of 355 grams with caps.  The American 8 Shuffleboard Pucks, Zieglerworld Table Large Shuffleboard Puck Weights and the Billiard Evolution Shuffleboard Pucks meet this weight requirement with pucks weighing 340.2, 317.5 and 353.8 grams respectively.

Shuffleboard pucks used in recreational games may weigh 11 to 15 ounces.

Extra features

Storage case: A storage case will protect your pucks from dust and moisture and prevent them from loss and misplacement. Some sets like the Hathaway Shuffleboard Pucks come with a sturdy wooden case for convenient transport and storage. Others like the Zieglerworld Table Large Shuffleboard Puck Weights have storage cases which can be bought separately.

Replaceable caps: The best shuffleboard pucks have caps which provide a steady grip for more accurate shots and protection against dents and scratches when you knock off your competitor’s pucks. They also come in different colors for quick identification of teams. Models like the American 8 Shuffleboard Pucks which have screw-on replaceable caps are convenient because it is easier to remove the caps to switch colors, add extra weight with aluminum caps for a stronger aim, or replace damaged caps.

Cap material: While pucks are usually made of metal, caps are made of plastic to slide smoothly on the table without damaging the table or plowing the wax. The grooves provide a steady grip for your fingers so you can control the intensity of the spin and throw of your shots. Caps made of aluminum are also available to add extra weight to your pucks.


A heavy set of pucks adds strength to your shots for greater accuracy and speed and longer throw distance. However, very heavy pucks may be more difficult to maneuver, resulting into wayward shots and less spinning which will not be sufficient to propel the pucks to the opposite end of the table where the scoring areas are located. For optimal weight and performance, go for the American 8 Shuffleboard Pucks whose weight balances both feel and control, or the Zieglerworld Table Large Shuffleboard Puck Weights with caps that can be easily screwed on or off to add extra weight for a stronger aim.

Wrapping It Up

Our top pick was the American 8 Shuffleboard Pucks because of the durable heavy chrome-plated steel construction which will withstand impact from bounce-offs against other pucks, table edges, and rails. A long lifespan is further assured by the shuffleboard caps which protect the pucks against dents, chipping and scratches in addition to providing a firm and steady grip for more accurate shots.

The Zieglerworld Table Large Shuffleboard Puck Weights was our choice for the most versatile shuffleboard packs, as reflected in the multiple 21 puck colors and the replaceable screw-on caps which allow you to swap colors quickly, switch to heavier caps for stronger throws, and replace damaged caps. The three-spoke label design of the caps allows you to visually gauge your spin.

The TORPSPORTS Shuffleboard Pucks is not only competitively priced, but is also among the best shuffleboard pucks for recreational play. The package includes four blue and four red individually-wrapped pucks and a thoughtful thank you card from the manufacturer. We also love the beveled edges which give you more control over your shots for a seamless glide which does not plow the wax.

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