10 Shuffleboard Accessories to Complement Your Game Room

We've picked 10 best table shuffleboard accessories that will complement your game room and elevate your game.
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Shuffleboard has a history dating back 500 years. However, it’s fair to say that the useful lifespan of shuffleboard will largely depend on the materials used and the build quality. Regular maintenance is also important and you can extend the life of your shuffleboard significantly. The better the level of care the more resistant the shuffleboard will be to various forms of damage. This is where shuffleboard table accessories can help you in a number of ways. Shuffleboard accessories can improve and enhance the game play and offer options to keep the board in great shape. Let’s take a look at some fantastic shuffleboard accessories for your game room.

1. Shuffleboard official rules

10 Shuffleboard Accessories to Complement Your Game Room

The core of a shuffleboard game is pretty simple, you just knock the opponent’s puck off target and slide your puck closer to score points. If you’re skilled at the game you can use tactics to prevent your opponent from scoring any points. The shuffleboard rules are important if you want to compete in tournaments at any level. It’s a good idea to keep a copy of the official rules on hand to deal with in-game disputes and other tough calls. You can get a copy of the rules to frame and you can hang it near your shuffleboard table for easy reference.

2. Table cover

10 Shuffleboard Accessories to Complement Your Game Room

A good table cover, like the Hathaway, can help you to protect the surface of your shuffleboard table. The better tables are manufactured from high-quality woods and hardwoods that are designed to resist impacts and remain durable. But, they can be prone to general wear and tear over time. A good shuffleboard can be expensive, so it makes good sense to protect it when it’s not in use. These work much like a pool table cover, they fit the dimensions of your table and you can choose from a variety of materials and colors.

3. Scoreboard

10 Shuffleboard Accessories to Complement Your Game Room

One of the most interesting antique shuffleboard accessories is a scoreboard. But, even though Shuffleboard is a simple game, it’s easy to forget the score and even a modest scoreboard is a good investment.

If you’re playing on a shuffleboard in a bar or other busy location it’s advisable to have a scoreboard that’s easy to access. After all, people can easily get distracted during a game and the score adds some much needed structure to the match.
This is especially true if you want to run a tournament or league match at a venue you’re managing. There are a few options available, you could go with a classic circular design or purchase an up-to-date digital unit. One of the more atmospheric options is an abacus style scoreboard slider that gives you a satisfying click when you total up the scores.

4. Table maintenance products

10 Shuffleboard Accessories to Complement Your Game Room

A maintenance kit is an essential accessory for your shuffleboard table. Even if you have the best shuffleboard pucks you need the right powder to get the glide and control to a consistent level. Adopting a regular shuffleboard maintenance regimen with cleaning and polishing is advisable. You can clean the table with a very gently multi-purpose cleaning product and then polish with a soft cloth and table wax. To get the glide perfect for shuffleboard pucks you need to finish off the surface with a silicon spray product. Finally, apply a light coat of powder to get the perfect shuffleboard playing surface.

5. Drink holder

10 Shuffleboard Accessories to Complement Your Game Room

One of the strangest indoor or outdoor shuffleboard accessories is a drink holder. Although it isn’t essential to have a drink on hand when playing, it is traditional. Remember that shuffleboard started out as a tavern game in 15th Century England. However, drinks can be easily spilled and this can mess up even the best shuffleboard table surface. This is especially true when you have a busy game in progress and alcohol is being drunk. A drink holder can solve these problems, the beers are kept within reach and yet they are well out of the way when playing a match.

6. Shuffleboard artwork

10 Shuffleboard Accessories to Complement Your Game Room

When you invest money in a game room and you play shuffleboard there it’s nice to have some character. Shuffleboard artwork can add a great deal of ambiance when it’s framed and put near your table. Some players hang an original copy of the shuffleboard patent because it’s a good talking piece and it adds history to the game. Game rule artwork is both fun and functional and let’s face it, we can’t remember all the rules. This is especially true when you’re new to the game and you need some extra help. The larger pieces of shuffleboard artwork can fill an entire wall and it may come with a pre-installed hanger system to handle the considerable weight.

7. Shuffleboard powder

10 Shuffleboard Accessories to Complement Your Game Room

A good shuffleboard powder is a necessity rather than an optional accessory if you want to really enjoy your games. This powder is often referred to as a wax, but this isn’t the best description and the term goes back to the early origins of the game. You need powder to make the pucks slide in a smooth and predictable way along the length of your table. A player can’t make the most of their playing skills and techniques if they don’t have control and speed. This is especially true if you have a smaller beginner table or a longer table for more advanced league play. Most maintenance kits come with powders that have a silicone blend spray included. The type of powder that you choose will vary depending on the length of your table, humidity, playing style, and other factors. So, it’s not easy to recommend a one-size-fits-all product and you may have to try a few products before you find your favorite powder blend.

8. Shuffleboard brush

10 Shuffleboard Accessories to Complement Your Game Room

When you purchase a shuffleboard it should come supplied with a brush. This is essential for cleaning the table and removing any powder (wax) that may have adhered to the surface. The best shuffleboard brushes have a frame and handle made from hardwood and the hand should have a curved ergonomic shape for easier handling. At the business end, you need a wide brush of felt-like material that can keep the shuffleboard surface clean without creating scratches in the wood. The last thing you want is a cheap shuffleboard brush that scuffs and damages the surface ruining the finish. Aside from the damage to the aesthetic appeal, scuffs and scratches also ruin the shuffleboard playing experience. However, the basic brush you get with your table may not suffice and you may find yourself looking for a higher quality brush sooner rather than later.

9. Extra pucks

10 Shuffleboard Accessories to Complement Your Game Room

When they consider shuffleboard table supplies many new owners seem to forget about the importance of pucks. This is understandable because most shuffleboards come from the supplier with a set of pucks included. These pucks help you to get playing quickly and let’s face it, in most game rooms it would be pretty hard to lose a puck for long. But, you may be surprised at how often they do seem to go missing and this is very common in a larger rec room, bar or another busy playing area. Another consideration is that you’re going to need at least eight pucks if you’re going to play a knock-off game with a few players. So, it makes good sense to invest in a few extra pucks and if you have the budget the better pucks are worth the extra cash. The shuffleboard pucks bundled with most tables tend to be on the cheap side and they are usually fine for casual play. But, if you really want to take your game to the next level you’re going to need better glide characteristics and more durability. This is especially true if you’re thinking about joining a league or entering a tournament in the future.

10. Light fixtures

10 Shuffleboard Accessories to Complement Your Game Room

If you want to see what you’re doing during a shuffleboard match you’re going to need some good lights. These are essential shuffleboard parts/accessories that you need to show off your table and play efficiently. In many cases, a single ceiling fixture or overhead light will supply sufficient illumination. But, some rooms have additional lighting which actually degrades the light for playing purposes. When there is too much ambient light it can diffuse the light to the point where you cannot see the entire length of the table. One of the coolest shuffleboard accessories is a vintage light fixture but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. When you’re playing it’s a good idea to designate a dedicated light for illumination and dim or turn off the other lights in the room.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are many Champion shuffleboard accessories to enhance your next match and make the essential maintenance easier. But, it’s important to shop around and try out a few shuffleboard accessories for yourself. The conditions can vary a great deal from home to home and this can affect how they perform. Shuffleboard is a fun and compelling game and you can play it on a very casual level and have a great time. But, if you’re interested in mastering the game you will need to invest in some shuffleboard accessories to help you unlock your skills.

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